Debt, Free Web Services, & the Ubuntu Lifestyle [Video]

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Work-drive Ramble. Need to Get rid of Debt. Offering Free Services, Ubuntu Lifestyle

How can I help you?

* Getting & setting up a website
* Issues/ideas for your existing WordPress website
* ‘Done for you’ website
* Webinars/Podcasts/YouTube
* Cheatsheets, scripts and processes (Training)
* Reaching people you are called to help
* Helping you to create a marketing blueprint – the bigger picture
* Automatic marketing (things you setup once that keep marketing for you forever)
* Writing / Self-publishing a book
* eBay/Gumtree
* Outsourcing & Shortcut marketing
* Natural Healing
* Dealing with Negative People / Raising your vibes
* Accountability partner, weekly challenges
* Or just talking about your big dreams away from the nay-sayers. :)

Especially interested in helping people who are helping people. Authentic people working from their heart. People intending or currently building a legacy. (Healers, personal growth, off-grid/sustainable living, world-changers, people that care)

Price: Pay what you can/want or barter is also an option (if the advice I provide helps you, help me)
We are here to learn & share & help each other be our best selves.

Via Skype, Google Hangouts or In-Person while I’m on my travels or while I’m still here (Western Suburbs of Melbourne)

I used to have an internet marketing business I’ve worked with multi-million dollar companies and local business sole-traders, & had over 100 websites myself. Much energy invested and many lessons learnt in the past decade lol, and I’ve created the ultimate marketing plan that focuses on what actually had the best results, and what is a complete waste of time & money.

I’m from a technical background but that was a past chapter in my life – one that I don’t wish to return to. I’m now a lot more heart-centred and more called to share the best/most effective things I learnt during that chapter, to inspire & encourage & provide knowledge to those who are here to make a difference.

PM me your thoughts and we’ll go from there.


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