Alternate Reality: Death Hypothesis [NDE]

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Alternate Reality: Death Hypothesis [NDE]

Something recently got me thinking, so I’m going to bring it up and bring some light to it.. to be.. a bit more ‘open’ to it.

My sister went to a funeral today and it made it even more real for me – a religious friend of hers said “Don’t worry – she’s in a ‘better place'”.

Her response: No, she’s not in a better place, her better place is here, living life with her children.

My thought process: Did I ever tell you the time that I died in a fire? Years ago in my house in Pleasant St, whilst working at Netconnect, I died in a house-fire. I remember dying, I remember burning, I remember “letting go” and accepting my death.. I remember that nothing mattered anymore – I was dead.  I clearly remember waking up and wondering what the hell happened… being so confused – the house was fine, no evidence of any fire.. nothing wrong with me.. just totally bewildered and confused that I was alive. So I got up, showered, and went to work – still confused and still expecting something to ‘explain’ – was this real? was this reality real? – but noone was acting different – yet for me – everything was different as in.. how come this was happening? I even told a few people about it, and they just said “it was a dream”.. of course.. it could’ve been, and I took it as a dream because no other explanation at the time seemed plausible.

But now… I’ve been listening to some interesting new things about alternative realities and parallel universes and holographic kinetics and aboriginal traditions and so on… and although I’m not “swaying” towards anything at the moment.. it does open up a new possible hypothesis…  when we die, do we just continue on in a different reality or different dimension or does something “similar” to this happen, where everything is the same, except sometimes we remember our deaths?

Who knows.. noone “KNOWS”, but it’s fascinating to think about.

So tonight I decided to look up people who have had similar experiences.. found a few different similar accounts:


Me and my family have had such events happen twice, one in which we lost two hours, one which was approx. 10 minutes. In the second one, we were on a plane, that started to have trouble coming onto landing. Everyone was panicking. Then “bloop” it was quiet and we were landing normally. My son and I (he was 17 at the time) looked at each other and asked each other if we dreamed what just happened? What DID just happen? When did the problems smooth out and everyone calm down? We didn’t see the transition, either of us.

When the plane came to a stop, he said, “Mom, I think we died.” And we began to explore the possibility that perhaps, we don’t ever experience dying! Perhaps our consciousness just steps out before a trauma and moves to an alternate universe or reality, so similar to the one we were in, we don’t know what happened. Even in an alternate reality, everyone we know could have “dopplegangers” that we continue our relations with – even if one version of them is crying for our loss in another!

The other time it happened, we drove into a sudden wall of fog, so it could have been possible we hit another car or something.



This does not only happen to celebs, That is just what captures most peoples attention. This same thing happened to by brother and I when our father died. We both remember him coming home after his funeral as if nothing had happened. This was weeks after he died. He could offer no explanation of how he got out of the grave and survived cremation and we went about the day just as usual. There were days and days of interaction and I kept thinking how can he be alive. My brother wont talk about it now and for me its just as if the memory actually happened. But did it? Was it a dream so real that I remember it as such? 



The concept of a time slip is when somebody may have somehow been shifted into an alternate timeline where everything is the same, they will not even realize they have been shifted. Everything is exactly the same on this timeline, however, for some reason one person that had died on the previous timeline is now alive in this new timeline. This is most likely from some kind of flaw in the design, an error of some sorts. Another explanation could also be that maybe the other timeline actually was different, yet when the person slipped into the new timeline, their memory of the old timeline was changed to reflect the new timeline, and the death of said person is just a lingering memory that slipped through from the old timeline.

See if a death is documented here and a person slips, the timeline they slip into with the person being alive is not going to have anything documented about it. Now, there can also be other explanations, such as that person not slipping, but perhaps something shifting on the timeline that they’re already a part of which altered memories and events that have occurred, but some people still have the old memory, or something of the sort. This would also cause any documentation of the event to disappear as well. There’s other angles to look at it, I just wanted to give you more of an idea of the concept.

You really have to believe in time slips or alternate parallel universes, etc. and understand how they work to fully grasp what may be going on in these instances. I can see if you don’t have any belief in those sorts of things, then stuff like this is just impossible to swallow, and it can be debated endlessly. But it just comes down to a matter of opinions and beliefs.



Another hypothesis: 

What if they were visions of an alternate outcome instead of a another reality? I don’t believe in many worlds interpretations but I do believe that it’s possible to see alternate outcomes of what if


Another hypothesis:

Everyone has a guardian angel, I was told as a child. But I do believe it to be true. There are forces, looking after us, if we can maintain the purity of our hearts that we were born with. If we falter, they will cause circumstance to expose us. Or if we have troubles, they will help us.
Perhaps, you would have gotten in an accident, and some divine force intervened, and you glimpsed their work in progress.
Perhaps, someone driving really fast could have killed you and your kid, and your guardian angel didn’t let that happen.

This idea is just as plausible as “time slips” and “alternate universes” and other pseudo scientific hypotheses.



What I seem to have come up with is a notion that time and space change in subtle ways, and most of the time we never notice it.

Have you ever awaken in the morning and somehow “feel” that “something” was different, but you couldn’t put you finger on it? I would suggest that possibly, you actually feel and know this at a sort of soul level, even though you may never see any real indications of any changes.

If everything truly is energy, and therefore a wavelength, and everything is in flux, then probably a partial explanation can come from that paradigm.

I tend to think as the people that seem to have a real grip on cosmic type spiritualism, that as our souls progress, we move forward into the parallel world where we already exist anyway. In such an instance, it sems that we would merge with our other self there and begin to live in that world, which seems alien and somewhat strange somehow, but we never realize what has happened.

In this other dimensional world that we slip into, all the other souls also have duplicates, so if Glenn Campbell died in the world that you are familiar with, and if in this “next world” he has not died, you would get this weird feeling that many of us get.

Let’s face it: we know NOTHING about life and the universe around us. We only know what the scientists can tell us, and they haven’t really clued in on this clearly yet.



According to physicist Fred Alan Wolf, NDEs can be explained using a holographic model where death is merely a shifting of a person’s consciousness from one dimension of the hologram to another



When you distance yourself from the source of suffering, when you name it as opposite to what you want to be, you lose a chance to change it. Because it continues to live inside you, as part of you, making you make many of your choices, but you refuse to recognize it, so you remain in ignorant bliss and you continue to suffer. Whenever something hurts you and you don’t accept it fully as a complete part of your history, you create a gap in your memory; a gap which, when the hurt is strong or repeated many times, becomes occupied by a spirit of trauma. When you conquer them, it brings profound healing, reverses unhappiness, and treats disease. Diseases are the means by which an organism tries to fight the traumas on its own. When you free yourself from trauma, you heal your ancestors and protect generations after you. When we go through life, the traumas we experience stay in us as painful knots, and are tightened by the Spirits of Trauma. If we don’t untie these knots during our lives, we are going to have this done after our physical deaths. It doesn’t matter if we believe in the afterlife or not.”
—Olga Kharitidi, M.D., Master of Lucid Dreams.


SUMMARY: Picture an alternate version of “you” who embodies what you wish to be.? Then use your imagination to “merge with” and identify with that imagined version of yourself. By doing this, you start to think and feel like the person you imagine. And when you think and feel a certain way… your words and actions follow.


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