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A Daily Dose of Sanity

Daily Dose SanityNotes from the Philosophers notes version of: ‘A Daily Dose of Sanity – A Five-Minute Soul Recharge for Every Day of the Year’ by Alan Cohen.

Acts of genius are less a matter of doing, and more a matter of allowing. Less trying, more flowing. Less forcing, more being. You quit being the doer and you become the vessel.

If you are going to do something, really do it. Do not second-guess yourself. Either do it with a whole heart or do not do it.

Do not do anything to yourself that you would not wish on anyone else. Instead, do everything for yourself that you would do to make others happy … and the world will be a happier place for everyone.

  • Consider a question you are wondering about. If you knew the answer, what would it be?”
  • Choose to live, rather than study how to live.
  • Fire your inner critic and reinstate your inner fan club.
If you are trying to imitate someone else’s greatness, you have missed the point of greatness. The secret is to find your own unique style and talents and bring them forth. No one has ever attained mastery by replicating another. The truly great simply replicate themselves.

The next time you are angry, ask yourself, What am I afraid of?

Anger is fear under pressure. Behind every angry upset there is a fear. If you attempt to deal with anger at the level of anger alone (by either venting it or repressing it) you are manipulating the symptom without addressing the cause. If you can discover the fear behind the anger and dismantle it in the light of awareness, the anger dissipates.


 Psychic self-injury is neither heroic nor practical. You cannot say that you have mastered love until you include yourself in its embrace. If you make everyone in your life happy but yourself, you have missed the point of living and loving. Self-honouring is the beginning of true service. When you practice self-nurturing, others around you will catch the energy and you will create a wave of well-being that far supersedes the illusory benefits of self-sacrifice. 


‘A Daily Dose of Sanity – A Five-Minute Soul Recharge for Every Day of the Year’, Cohen, Alan, Hay House, 2010

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