Covidian Web of Lies [South Australian Edition]

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A brilliantly produced video by a South Australian father and grandfather who is outraged by the deceit of our Governments handling of COVID 19 and and their response to it including the vaccine roll-out.

Rumble | BitChute | Covidian Web of Lies [South Australian Edition]

South Australia in Focus thanks the producer of this video very much for the over 100 hours dedicated to bring this video to South Australians and indeed the world.

The video covers the blatant lies regarding the severity of the disease, the flawed testing for it, the harmful measures put in place, the vaccine roll-out including evidence for the lack of safety and efficacy and the corruption behind those who produced them.

My Notes

(I’ll add the rest when time permits – currently still referencing the TGA / ATAGI letter, and working on the new HIV/AIDS narrative, and Remdesivir – so will publish this in meantime because they are taking far longer than I expected)

Living Document: First Published: March 24, 2022

Lord Jonathon Sumption – Former UK Supreme Court Judge

There are no circumstances in which I would accept it is legitimate for governments to lie, and in the category of lies, I would include distortions of the truth and exaggerations. I think there are circumstances mainly concerned with defence in which it is legitimate for governments not to disclose things, but the active falsification of facts is never forgivable.

Lord Jonathon Sumption

Sonic Weapons used in Canberra & Brutal Force used in Melbourne

The media is lying to you.

PCR Test Posts:

Media Fear-Mongering of Lethality of Covid-19

Images across the screen of Wuhan residents dropping dead, collapsing in the street and being locked in their homes, and the constant comparison of the Spanish Flu pandemic, touting that COVID-19 was worse.

Doherty Institute Modelling

“Professor Lockdown” – Neil Ferguson admitted he ‘oversimplified things’ with his doomsday Covid predictions. The modelling “coding” was a 13 year old computer code that was ‘totally unreliable’ and a ‘buggy mess’ according to scientists, and was intended to use as a feared influenza pandemic (rather than a Coronavirus).

The modelling was based on “worse-case scenarios” which the media and authorities used to scare the public into a panic. The inaccurate modelling drove the lockdowns, the social distancing rules, the mask-wearing, the border closures, the mass-testing of people with ‘no symptoms’, and worse, it drove out of mind, the hard-earned knowledge and advanced understanding how best to deal with respiratory infections. Politicians didn’t help quell the surge of irrational fears within the public by announcing it was a “nasty, terrible, deadly, insidious, disease” and encouraged people to “stay at home”.

Presumably trusting the modelling more than their eyes. Their language was an exaggeration of the evidence.

South Australia Covid-19 Lethality

Even early on in the pandemic, it was well-known that the virus was more harmful for the elderly, especially those with co-morbidities. Healthy, young-people had little to worry about.

As it stands in late February, 2022. Of the deaths in South Australia that have reportedly died with Covid-19, between 80-90% of them are defined as elderly. It is important to note that all but 4 of these deaths have occurred since the 27th December 2021 (just 2 months!) Another fact that needs to be highlighted is that nursing home residents represents a large number of these deaths (approx. 60%). Also, what’s surprising is that these deaths have happened at a time when the vaccination rate in South Australia is over 91% – with 2 or 3 doses.

It must be remembered that even the Common Cold can be the demise of someone with serious comorbidities, but especially elderly individuals.

Australia & World COVID-19 Lethality

Stanford University Professor, John Ionnidis, Epidemiologist, believes the actual lethality of COVID-19 has been grossly exaggerated by the authorities. He reported this as far back as early 2020, and qualified it in late 2020 after conducting a meta-analysis of over 60 studies from different countries for the World Health Organization.

Infection fatality rate of COVID-19 inferred from seroprevalence data.” 
Bulletin of the World Health Organization (01)

According to Ioannidis, the virus is less deadly than once thought, registering at a mere 0.15% fatality rate.

The exaggeration of the lethality of COVID-19 creates unnecessary distress, anxiety and fear within the community. It drives up the desire to be tested, which drives up the false-positive cases, which drives-up more fear, which drives-up the urgency for “any” solution, and drives up the justification to coerce people to be vaccinated. This distorted information is being used to manipulate public behaviour

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