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Conversations about COPD
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JD January 6 at 6:07pm
I was diagnosed with emphysema in 2011. I currently take the combination of Symbicort, Spiriva and Ventolin medications to manage my disease. I am interested in learning more about how Greg Miller and Penny J Butler approach the challenge of dealing effectively with COPD. I find myself intrigued by their posts. Is this a possibility?
Penny Butler January 6 at 6:11pm
I’m still learning.. I found this group after purchasing Greg’s book.. I collect other people’s methods, ever-learning, ever researching.. I’ll never stop… and then use my own body as a scientific experiment for the things that are available, cheap (and that make logical sense to me), and I learn from you guys who try the things that are available and make logical sense to you

I will make a post in the future on the things that have worked really well for me, and that’s what I share on here the most.. (anything to do with cellular regeneration) but I don’t feel like I’ve done enough research yet to be like Greg and write a book or share a formula that works for everyone

JD January 6 at 6:15pm
Thanks so much, Penny. My prayer is that you are successful in your work to overcome this dreadful disease. I live alone and have a lot to learn about finding a practical approach to diet and nutrition.

Penny Butler January 6 at 6:19pm
My prayer is that we all do it together. When I was first diagnosed, I thought my life was over. I spent months in depression, not moving, not thinking, just a zombie.. I thought I was at the end of my life.. but something kicked in and made me get off my butt to do something about it.. I’m so glad that I’m on my journey to a better life x

JD January 6 at 6:22pm
I exercise, walk, and take vitamins/minerals. Trying to be as proactive as possible. Intuition leads me to believe that there is much much more that I can learn and do to live a more normal life and to deal more effectively with this challenge.

Penny Butler January 6 at 6:26pm
If you are seeking really awesome natural health information, i highly recommend you subscribe to this free podcast (I love it, and listen to at least 3 episodes a day) – its a bit “out there” if you are new to natural health but I think they are on the right track for giving all the various natural health solutions (its only extreme to those who are new to this information.. for those who follow it, its a normal and a logical way of living). (01) They are far more extreme than I am but that’s only because they have more money than me lol.. otherwise id be up there trying all these methods alongside them.

PB January 6 at 6:30pm
“adding” healthy foods is a lot easier than “stopping” bad foods.. when you add good foods into your system, you don’t have any room (or any cravings) for the bad stuff, and you can “taste” less-than-quality foods.. I cannot eat out of the pantry anymore, except for my oats & quinoa sometimes.. and thats mostly because i fill myself up on healthy salads and veggies.. and i would choose to eat at home rather than a restaurant now because my food is more delicious to me now than what a restaurant serves, especially after giving up salt

PB January 6 at 6:45pm
Yep I dont think we need to give up everything.. just be mindful.. aware.. that everything we put in our bodies is either helping us, or hurting us.. and being more deliberate about adding food in a conscious way – seeing them as vitamins & minerals .. nutrition.. and life-giving, rather than seeing it as something to fill the stomach, u know what I mean?

PB January 6 at 6:51pm
The thing that makes sense to me, and I don’t know if this will have the same effect on someone else learning this information.. but it’s the thing that gives me hope & drives my determination for reversing this disease (even though the doctors say it’s not possible) and that is realizing that we’re made of 100% cells.

We started out as 2 single cells.
We damaged our cells, and we continue to damage our cells.

Of course if we continue to regrow unhealthy, sick cells, we don’t have a chance of reversing.

But what if we were able to rebuild and regrow healthy cells? Scientists say we rebuild our complete bodies every 11months-2 years (depending upon which research you pursue).

So what if, I was able to help my body to regrow healthy cells instead of diseased cells? Healthy lung cells, healthy blood cells, healthy organ cells, etc.

That’s what gives me hope. That’s made it a “possibility” for me. And that’s all I needed to get me off my butt. If there is a “possibility” of reversing this disease through regrowing healthy cells and protecting my body as much as possible from the things that do cell damage, then I will do all I can to learn everything about it.

After months of research, I realized that I should stop focusing on the disease “COPD” and concentrate on cellular repair. And that idea has opened up a possibility of curing every disease (that we did to ourselves or any disease that is caused by cell sickness). It’s given my life new meaning, I look at my family through new eyes too as I learn more about cell regeneration.. I feel I can leave behind a legacy that will help them reverse their diseases and live a healthy, happy life.

LPD January 3 at 7:45am
No weight gain! Tired constantly, no appetite at all. Cannot sleep on my back ever. Diagnosed over 10 year ago but seem to stay on and off borderline. My worst symptoms are constantly coughing. Anyone the same?
Penny Butler January 5 at 12:12am
Re: constant coughing
Constant coughing was a “side effect” of spiriva for me.. I coughed 80% more when I was on it.. like every minute. Are you taking that? My coughing improved after I took myself off it and I rarely cough anymore after making further lifestyle changes (discuss with your doctor whether the medication you are taking has a nasty side-effect of more coughing.. research it yourself first so you armed with knowledge when you go in)

Re: Tired constantly, no appetite at all.
Have you ever looked at the Gerson Therapy? They give like 10-12 juices a day to their terminal patients (because they too, have no appetite). 10-12 is extreme (for extremely sick people) – I take 1 juice a day with a healthy, mostly plant-based diet. But they know how important it is to get nutrients into their systems to help rebuild their cells.
Is juicing an option for you? Or maybe a thin veggie soup? (or both?)
You need nutrients (and sleep) to get energy. So however you can flood your body with nutrients, you need to start thinking of ways to get quality nutrients into your sick cells, it will make a huge difference to your energy levels and start repairing your body.

Re: sleeping on back
Don’t worry about which position you sleep, your instincts will tell you what is safe, don’t force a certain position of sleeping – you need to live. As long as you aren’t suffocating yourself further by your sleep position, I would choose the safest, most comfortable sleeping position for you.

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