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Conversations about COPD
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CH January 28 at 11:51am
My doctor said I am stage four because I use oxygen. I only use Advair inhaler, rescue inhaler and breathing machine four times a day. Is there anything else that I should be using. Also have diabetes, high blood pressure and all so I take nine pills a day. BUT, no pills for COPD – are there any that I should be using. Oh, I also have a bad back and cannot walk far or my back cramps up. I am 70. I need to lose weight. Getting over my first exacerbation, slight cough.
Penny Butler January 30 at 5:48pm (01)

SJM January 30 at 5:48pm
CH why not try the above diet for a month and see if it helps

CH January 30 at 5:48pm
A person cannot recover from COPD or emphysema. If this were “true” it would be all over the news and medical journals. Please do not give people false hope.

SJM 5:50pm
if you do not try how can you say ,it is not false hope

Penny Butler 5:52pm
Please do not “Lose” hope CH. If your doctor is telling you nutrition is not important.. and you have diabetes.. your doctor is not doing your health any favours I have been “nearly dead”.. now I’m “normal”.. I’m not giving false hope, I actually believe I’m reversing this disease.. I already posted the reasons why (and the post was deleted (02) (03) but I know you read it cos you commented on it).. when your health starts improving, instead of degenerating, you will see it too, but not if you keep thinking that you are “doomed”

Penny Butler 5:53pm
and dont get your information from the tv, get it from the medical journals yourself.. you can do a google scholar search (04)on the latest medical research (you have to be a little careful if the research has been funded by a pharmaceutical company though) and you can do a google books search (05) on all the latest medical books.. i do, and it hasn’t “doomed” me, it’s given me the answers I need to understand how my body works on a cellular level, it’s given me the key to unlock the pathway to a future healthy life.. I do not fear this disease at all.. not at all, not one iota.

Penny Butler 5:54pm
noone couldve “told” me this when I was in the same mindset as you.. i had to research it myself to find the answers.. maybe thats what you need to do before you will try anything suggested outside of your doctors office.. be the expert yourself, research yourself – get updated yourself and you will find the answers you need to do it your way.. i know im not reaching you, (and i understand why cos i was in a similar headspace not so long ago).. when you lose hope, you just “give up” and believe only the negative death/dying things.. anything that will make you feel worse you seek when you are depressed or angry.. but i know you can find the answers yourself.. if you dont trust certain information that we are sharing, find the information that you ‘do’ trust, but dont rely on your “nutrition is not going to help you” doctor, i really hope you can open your mind.. 70 is too young to give up. If you start seeking answers & solutions, thats what you’ll find, if you seek doom, that’s what you’ll find.

CH 6:00pm
Do you still have COPD? Tell me this, or I should say, how many people on this board have been cured so far? Is your COPD all gone and your lungs went back to normal? Your lungs cannot go back to being normal if they have been destroyed.

SJM 6:01pm
CH like you I am stage 4,I am not on oxygen and found changing my diet has helped with my breathing and also my weight

CH 6:10pm
Sorry, didn’t mean to send that yet. Please tell me this, if what you believe in is true, why doesn’t the medical field publish this so everyone can reverse their COPD. My daughter is a doctor and she would be one of the first people to publish your food cure, but……… can you prove that it is true. Do you have a journal of people who have been cured or reversed. Where is the proof of what you say. No matter what you eat, it will not take away the “black” of destroyed lungs. I wish I could get you on the Dr. Oz show. Oh, and trust me, I know how the pharmaceutical companies work. They would hide the cure to make a buck. If you can reverse everyone’s COPD, you should be yelling and screaming this from the tallest building there is. Get on the news, make a statement. I will have Mike Watkiss come interview you. Are you up to this? He is the best of the best.

SJM 6:15pm
CH why are you so angry,if you do not believe it can be cured,trust that you can stop the progress,there are 6000 people in many countries who have reversed their COPD through diet,if nothing else it would help with your Diabetes,which I had and got rid of through diet, CH please try ,you owe it to yourself,it takes many years to do the damage we cannot expect to undo it quickly either,change something one day at a time….I wish you well.

CH 7:30pm
I want to see proof that 6000 people have had their COPD reversed. Then, I will believe.

SJM 7:35pm
CH read the post in the top right corner,by the Author and founder of this page

Penny Butler 30 Jan 7:42pm
Do you think that someone who believes there is a cure, will have a better chance and a faster success rate for reversing this disease than someone who believes there is no cure?

I will never stop researching and doing the things towards cell-regenerating. I’m really surprised at the turn-around in me since I’ve even applied just a few different lifestyle changes.

I haven’t done everything I want to do yet because I can’t afford everything that I want to change. And I’m not on Greg’s diet that I posted to try and help you. He does his research, and I do mine. (06) I do my own research and try things for myself, sometimes I get it wrong, sometimes I’m amazed at the difference, that’s just how I work because I’m stubborn and like to test things out for myself and I’m not just interested in copd, but rather I keep moving in the direction of cellular repair since I first started my research. I fear no disease, none.

But there is much that Greg has in his diet that I am in alignment with and he has 4+ years of dedicating himself to this and has already helped copd sufferers reclaim their lives.

When you are asking the question “what else can I do?”.. and we answer.. “here you go.. this is working for a lot of copd sufferers.. try this”.. and you respond with.. “won’t work cos the tv didn’t tell me”.. I say stop getting your information from the “TV”. Turn that thing off and do your own research. Your negative “doomsday” view of the world is not going to help heal you, you need to start moving forward. It’s not “rah rah” thinking, it’s logic.

If you don’t change your ways and the things that are causing your cell damage, you will keep degenerating – that’s a given. It’s not rocket science and it’s not something “new and weird” and it’s not false hope.

(I’m sure that even Dr Oz and whoever you are watching on the tv will probably tell you the same thing – eat clean food, breathe clean air, detox, get exercise, get supplements for what your body is lacking) because it helps us on a cellular level, it’s not weird at all, nothing is weird about Greg’s diet, it’s a common sense diet. The junk and processed crap we are calling ‘food’ these days.. *THAT’s* the weird diet.)

(07) (08) (09) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37)

If you are doing anything in your life to ’cause’ your cells to malfunction, you will keep degenerating. You need to stop fast-tracking cell damage, and start the healing process, and you can do that through many different little adjustments to your lifestyle (including a mindset adjustment – you need “hope”, humans need “hope” to survive.. tell someone they are dying, and watch them die faster, you need to have a ‘will to live’ and a purpose, and I can’t possibly know how to give that to you, as we are each on a different journey with different hurdles & challenges to get through).

Every cell in our bodies are replaced over time and it’s up to us to make sure we are doing everything in our power to create healthy cells instead of damaged / malfunctioning cells.

I’m honestly trying to help you. Otherwise I wouldn’t of responded at all. You asked for help. I want you to live, I want everyone in here to live. I maybe just don’t know how to talk to you when you’re in the mindset that I used to be in, noone could’ve reached me then either, so maybe I shouldn’t of even tried because I get how it works (I can’t possibly see “medicine” as a cure anymore, cos my mindset has changed, so you are the same, but can’t possibly see “lifestyle change” as a cure – for you, they are completely conflicting belief systems, but for me they are not.. but hey, it’s much rosier on this side of the fence).

And I really get where you are at, and it especially makes a lot more sense if you have a dr in the family. It will be a lot harder for you to see nutrition as any kind of help if someone you love and trust more than anyone in the world is the one that is telling you that there is no hope for you. I’m guessing that the only way you will ever see a healthier version of yourself is if:
1.) you start to do your own research,
2.) you just try it for yourself, or
3.) if your daughter or other medical professional decides to do further research on your behalf
either in cellular healing research like I am doing, or in pathogen research like Greg is, or in something else that you end up researching (maybe you can research diabetes and come to the same conclusion that we did – that we are damaging ourselves and that it’s possible to improve, start to heal, actually heal, and then maybe reverse the damage with a lifestyle adjustment.)

They have studied that retinoic acic can cause mice to regenerate lung tissues, and they have already got stem-cell research regenerating certain body parts.. so why not natural as well, if all our cells are constantly being regenerated, why can’t we create healthy lung cells.. we can detox the black crap out of our lungs, and if my theory is correct, after we start to create healthy cells instead of damaged cells, we should also be able to regenerate our lungs.. now maybe my theory is too pie-in-the-sky for you and others, and even if I’m right, maybe it will take years to figure out how to do it.. and that’s ok, I am still in research mode..

.. my comment to you was just to let you know how “healthy” I feel now.. not that I’m cured, but that for the first time in my life, I am starting to refer to myself as “healthy”. And it only took a couple of months. I’m no longer gasping for air, I’m no longer depressed or tired, and I’ve no longer got some of the symptoms & ailments that used to be “my normal”. I’m no longer scared of death or any disease… whereas death, dying, hate, sad, unworthiness, revenge, wronged, anger, depression, overwhelming stress and all those kinds of thoughts used to be ‘me’).

If you meant “medical help” when you originally asked what else you can do, then just state that on your future posts so that I can skip past it because I don’t recommend drugs to people, only doctors are allowed to do that, and I try and keep away from medication and doomsday posts, because it doesn’t “heal me” and it’s not in alignment to my beliefs. Those kinds of posts make me cringe just as my posts probably makes you and others cringe.

JE 10:20pm
i certainly have been told it is irreversable. End of subject, but on the other hand, if we watch what we eat, take more care with what we do, watch out for viruses, and stay well, and out of the cold, you can certainly improve the way you live and breath, but no, you cannot rebuild your lungs that have gone but you must have a positive attitude, im on oxygen as well and bordering stage 4, as far as I am aware, and almost 52, and don’t intend to just give in just yet xx

Penny Butler 10:40pm
Doesn’t matter if I’m wrong or right with my crazy notion that we can regenerate our cells.. I hope I’m right and that’s what I keep researching… what really matters I guess in the context of this conversation.. is that we can all ‘feel better’ if we cleanup our lifestyles – feel healthier, less gasping for air, more happiness, less “other problems that we all have” .. we just need to get rid of the things that cause inflammation, and there are thousands of things we can do for better health and that no matter what, we should be striving ‘towards’ health instead of continuing to do the things that caused the damage in the first place & getting sucked into the darkness.

JE Jan 30 2014
sugar and cigarettes has been the most top priority that I have given up, and seen remarkable change, but when on the tests, still need oxygen when active, but used to it now. COPD comes in many different ways, we just got to find our trigger, and avoid it, and enjoy life, even if it means slowing down, but have been reading up on the diets.

PCP Jan 31 2014
Food has a big impact on COPD. Our doctors do tell us that. However, COPD is not reversible. If it was reversible, Sandra, you would no longer be a Stage 4. I don’t know why the two groups can not work together. The one that believe you only need to change your diet and the ones that believe in the doctors. Meds and a good diet are extremely important for COPD. Used together, the progression of COPD probably can be halted for a while. Unfortunately, when most of us die, our cause of death on our death certificates will read “COPD.” Unless, we die of a heart attack or cancer.

SJM Jan 31 2014
from personal experience my meds were harming me they were not working,changing my diet radically has helped,I have gone from sitting on the couch all day to being able to exercise,It is only a very short time that I have been trying alternative ways so it will be a long road to hopefully what will be recovery full or not I am grateful,I am happy with where I am today to a month ago,You probably do not believe in the use of many other ways people have found a way to turn around this goal is to be able go back to atleast partime work,trying reading about the lady who reversed her mothers copd using oils,or the man who turned himself and others around using Hydrogen Peroxide

PCP Jan 31 2014
We each do what we believe is the best for our health. I know from my own experience, I can not live without my medication. I tried…it did not work. I went from end-stage to Stage 3 using my meds. Yes, I do research for everything. It was part of my full-time job to do research. I don’t put anything in my body or on my body unless I research it first.

SJM Jan 31 2014
I have not at any point said I do not use meds,I have had pneumonia x2,not hospitalised,I had a punctured lung 2008,due to accident,currently I am on ventolin as a rescue and foster inhaler ,1 puff morning and night,I was on 6 inhalers and a nebulizer,my medication was masking other problems and also causing more problems due to side effects,my change of diet and other things have given me back a say in what I can do,It is good you research before you put into your body at the end of the day we all want to breathe better and stop this awful disease ,for myself i see positive change and I want this for everyone no matter how they get there.

DMHR Jan 31 2014
There is a place for meds in the healing process and there is also a place for natural oils, diet and exercise. When you absolutely need an antibiotic to assist your immune system in beating an infection then that is the proper place for meds. I do realize that man- made meds like steroids and blood pressure, cholesterol lowering statins and such are poisoning one system in your body to address another symptom you want to ” control” and by their very nature are meant to keep you hooked on them for the rest of your life. I want to HEAL my body and give my immune system what it needs to be strong enough to fight off any bugs that come along. I know that whatever I put into my body is either food or poison so I am trying to make sure that I eliminate the poisons and maximize the foods and healing vitamins, herbs and oils. For those of us who are making these changes, the results are showing up as improvements to our breathing and quality of life. Keep at it Sandra. I love hearing about your improvements and healing!

Penny Butler Jan 31 2014
I’m not going to win any hearts by expressing this opinion here (might even get banned / deleted?) but I take back my recommendation for Greg’s menu plan for you (CH) because you have diabetes (is it type I or type II?). I don’t follow Greg’s meal plan and hadn’t reviewed the full ‘new menu’ until last night and now that I’ve seen all of it, I feel a better plan for your diabetes would be ‘Dr Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes’ or something similar to that.

Greg’s diet and Dr Neal’s are similar but very different on the main point of Dr Barnard’s (Greg’s new diet samples have a lot of meat, fish & eggs and I couldn’t find any meal sample in Greg’s that were meat or egg-free) and Neal’s plan is anti-animal products.

They both agree on the sugar / bread / oil / dairy / processed-foods thing (which will be in most healthy plans thesedays anyway), but the meal plans for Dr Barnard is a ‘mostly plant-based’ diet.

I don’t know if Type I can be reversed (I honestly don’t know anything about it), but his program has proven effective for Type II:

Dr Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes (in a nutshell)…

1.) No animal products
2.) Keep vegetable oils to a minimum
3.) Favour foods with a low glycemic index

* So no meat, fish, dairy products, or eggs – not even a little bit.
* Low fat – no ‘added oil’ and omit other fatty ingredients
* Low-GI foods – avoid sugar, white bread products, baking potatoes, cold cereals, processed foods, etc. (Foods that are especially low in GI are things like beans, legumes, green leafy vegetables, most fruits)
* No Dairy fat (no milk)

And I think you might like it because of what you said last night (your points about “show me the research”, and “if it worked, it should be all over the tv”):

1.) The study results of Dr Barnard’s program have been published in these journals:
* Diabetes Care
* The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
* The Journal of the American Dietetic Association

and cited in:
* American Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Recommendations
* Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


2.) he was featured on both Oprah and the Dr Oz show
(not sure about your other guy that you were referring to, never heard of him and don’t have time to look it up as I have to go to work)

I would adjust (and always keep adjusting) both diets based on my own research. I’m always added/removing things based on new things that I learn, but for a general guideline to follow while you are learning, I would choose Dr Barnard’s over Greg’s if I had diabetes. And I would tell my doctor about it, so that they could monitor the changes and adjust my insulin / medications accordingly.

I haven’t gone “meat-free” myself, I choose to eat it in moderation (1-2 times per week). I would never add it to every meal. And I’m not convinced that we should go completely meat-free, but I’m still open to change as I continue to learn and test things on my own body.

But also, if it were me, I’d be continually doing my own research if I had diabetes. And would never stop researching. Become aware of all the new study results that are published all the time. It pays to keep on top of the latest research and anything new we learn about our bodies and work out for ourselves which feels right for our bodies, and which ones we will not bother with.

My friend has diabetes (type II) and he is getting advice from a nutritionist (that his doctor sent him to), so maybe that is an option for you too if you are not sold on the idea of getting advice from randoms like us on the internet :)

DMHR – Jan 31 2014
CH you asked about folks who healed themselves; well I am one of them. I started on Greg’s diet and supplement regime in about November, 2012. At that time I was a Gold stage 3/ 4 severe and was gasping for breath when I had to walk 50 feet to the bathroom from my bed. I quit smoking in May, 2012. I went for my 1 year checkup two months ago and my FEV scores have gone from a 49 % to a 79%….which means my Gold Stage is now 1(mild). The real difference is that I have very few limitations and am down to only 1 daily medication for COPD ( I was on 4). The one med I still take is symbicort and hopefully by the end of 2014 I will have weaned myself off of that as well. I also have a son who is Chief of Medicine at a large hospital here in the states and he has admitted to me that doctors receive zero training in nutritional intervention or exercise for diseases…they are trained to diagnose the illness and prescribe the “appropriate” medication. Listen to these gals…Penny is a storehouse of information on COPD and Sandra is learning so fast she amazes me!

SJM Jan 31 2014
Thank you Diane,the will to live and improve daily is the incentive,also the belief I will beat this,thank you and Penny for your support it certainly has put me on the right road,I want to learn more and more.

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