Conversations about COPD (Lung Regeneration)

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Conversations about COPD
MDS February 12
I believe another area should be investigated is the right foods for alveoli. Alveoli collapse cause of the destruction of elastin fiber, rebuilt those fiber in particular elastin and collagen could a key point to a full recover. Daniel massaro believe retinoid acid promotes the regrowth of new healthy alveoli. Book: Life and Breath

MDS February 12
How to Increase Collagen By Eating the Right Foods – Article

Greg Miller February 12
@MDS It looks like a good reference book if you need to look up the definition for something.

MDS February 12
@GM Maybe the first link is too theoretical, but giving lungs the right food is not something new.

Greg Miller February 12
After 4 and a half years of research totaling more than 6500 hours I realized the progression of COPD must be caused by a pathogen that enters the lungs via smoking or second-hand smoke. I realized that this is why people quit smoking and are subsequently diagnosed years, even decades later with COPD or one of the diseases included in the COPD umbrella. I borrowed a restrictive diet that starves pathogens from Dr. Kenneth Hunter, a Microbiologist and Cancer Researcher who has been using this diet with cancer patients effectively for more than 15 years. If this pathogen is not killed, the disease will progress. I watched my mother show her first signs of permanent improvement using Dr. Hunter’s diet. I also found a similar diet used by Dr. Fred Pescatore, a practicing MD in New York City who wrote the book, “The Allergy and Asthma Cure.” I have never met one single doctor who has heard of Dr. Pescatore or realizes that there is a cure for allergies and asthma. They all prescribe daily medications for these illnesses and claim there is no cure yet one of their own has a proven method of curing both of these illnesses.

Greg Miller February 12
Here is a good article written by a D.O.Prescription Drugs Now Kill More People than Illegal Drugs

JM February 12
@MDS when I first got my disease I started hunting for cure and I read about to doctors finding a way to reverse emphysema in rats thru the use of retinoic acid ,that was 18yrs ago when I emailed them their response was it was a long way off from testing on humans never heard anymore

Penny Butler February 12
Penny J Butler @JM yep thats what I read too, great that you were able to follow up with them.. 18 years ago? I only saw the research paper for it last year.. 18 years, really? ouch
Penny Butler February 12
@MDS does that Life & Breath book offer research to regrow the elastin fibre or does it just introduce the retinoic acid (the rat study) concept as a possibility? (haven’t read that book yet)
Penny Butler February 12
@Greg or @anyone with an interest in research..
hey, do you have any additional research about how to regrow the damaged lungs?
Diet & Toxin/Parasite/Pathogen removal is definitely key to giving our cells the proper nutrients & support they need & helping us feel amazing, giving us our “breathe” & “vitality” back & is hopefully helping our alveoli to strengthen again (I know that I personally feel “cured” now, but I’d love to be able to give someone the research or image-proof of lungs that have regrown the damaged cells so that doctors can start using a better protocol to help patients who have complete loss of lung function and are dependent upon a breathing machine to keep them alive, or those who have had accidents that have taken out their lungs).

I want to go deeper and be able to give hope & proof to those with collapsed lungs or those born with under-developed lungs. I honestly believe we can regrow our entire bodies, all of our cells are already regenerating everyday, & the ability to ensure that those cells are regenerating healthily & thereby having the ability to repair past damage, (instead of continually duplicating sick/damaged cells caused by our modern lifestyle choices. I personally want to know what is happening with the DNA instructions… I think that’s where the research focus should continue.

The DNA studies in cancer patients has my interest since the DNA programming is being corrupted & causes the malfunctioning of the cells (presumably by the toxins & lack of essential nutrients that they need to function correctly.. or on a simplified level… ‘carcinogens’ and ‘lack of carcinogen fighters’). But what is very interesting to me, is the very idea that our cells own programming can even ‘get’ corrupted; that the instructions can ‘change’ at all, so that the cells are no longer programmed to kill themselves, and why they still know how to replicate out-of-control.

I’m not stopping at COPD & lungs because I think there is a bigger picture that we are missing. That the cells of the whole body is what is important because our cells all work together, and actually maybe even deeper than that, something beyond my current understanding.

The only body parts that my young mind thought might not be possible to regrow is those with limbs removed (but even stem cell research is turning that belief around – making me believe that anything is possible! If they can modify our own cells & re-implant them in our body which in turn, causes our bodies to then “regenerate” correctly.. what is going on at the programming-level.. how are they able to reprogram the cells, what can “we” do to help our cells function correctly.. how did those scientists ‘know’ what to do.. what exactly do they do to cause the cells to change their behaviour?)

What I would love to do is have all of us pool our research together about what has been done to repair & regrow damaged lung cells (or any cells) & to have many of us continually covering different areas of study in different languages to bring it all together. There is an overwhelming amount of research out there, the answers are probably already out there. Some of them are in different languages and never make it to “our” news. (Example: There are herb extracts that can cause apoptosis in just cancer cells whilst leaving healthy cells unharmed, but the research was done in German & French so the studies that have been available & practiced for 30 years in Europe, had to be “recreated” in English to bring it to the English-speaking countries.. which made it extremely difficult considering the researcher that did the original studies was dead).

I’m especially interested in understanding more about what the instructions in our individual DNA is programming the cells to do, & finding out which ones are responsible for repairing & reconstructing damaged areas, or not so much which cells… but what internal/external environment the cells require in order to be able to function correctly – to do what it is already capable of doing. Even going beyond diet & toxins (which is the first and most obvious step) – but there is so much more that needs to be investigated with an open-‘ever-curious’-mind. Even with the research on the mind itself & energy, we might even be able to reprogram our cells just by “thinking” about it. If we stay closed-minded as humans, we miss out on potential cures for all sorts of things including the possible meaning for our existence.

We humans believe we know so much about how the universe works but I think we are too young to understand or even comprehend it yet, although I really feel like that is changing lately, something in the last few years is changing the consciousness globally – maybe these are the times when we will learn more about why we are the only lifeforms on this planet with the ability to question our existence, to think consciously rather than just instinctively act. There’s gotta be something to the fact that human instinct is to seek answers, (or maybe there is nothing to it – who knows?) but it’s incredible nonetheless, that there does seem to be more to us than what we currently think there is, and personally it feels like there is some kind of change happening where we are about to discover more about the reality of our existence.

Or maybe we are just parasites ourselves.. a ‘human’ pathogen that is destroying this world. I think we know very little about whatever the “truth” is, and that our own minds might be preventing us from discovering the truth because we have these pre-programmed beliefs that have been passed on through the generations by people who were also clueless, but by people who were also seeking ‘truth’, but who along-the-way decided on some easy-to-comprehend beliefs because that’s what they were told & what made sense for them to believe or was easier to believe at the time due to our lack of understanding… it’s really fascinating. The more I learn, the more I realize that I have so much more to learn and so much to “un-learn”. It could take a lifetime. (And maybe that’s the point).

But getting back on topic, I think the retinoic acid is the most interesting research into COPD so far (aside from stem cells), since they effectively were able to regrow the lungs in rats using a natural-occurring ingredient. So “something” changed the DNA programming in the cells to cause the cells to work together to regenerate. And would that work in humans, and why specifically did it work in those rats, and what was it exactly that worked… was it the retinoic acid specifically, or was it something else about those rats – was it the intention behind the scientists maybe, or was it something else about the environment at the time of their studies. And how can we test it in us, maybe there is something naturally with vitamin A we can do. Retinoic acid affects change in our DNA & genes and helps other cellular damage too like acne, skin damage, cancer, and eyesight (and probably more if I researched it further which I haven’t done yet). Maybe it’s not retinoic acid at all that we need to focus on, maybe just vitamin A or on something else that supports the cellular function. There are so many questions. Not sure where to look next… If Jerry is saying that the study was done 18 years ago, then surely there has been many more studies since then – maybe they are in a different language. Or maybe it was a study funded by a potential pharmaceutical company and the results were just fabricated for some future medicine they are developing. We just don’t know until we find more research, and whether the research is trustworthy. But it definitely looks like a promising study to follow next.

So many questions, so much more to learn. Not enough time in the day lol

Really interested in any research you all have done so far on lung regeneration or cell regeneration.. if you can’t post it here, I really want you to reach out and send it to me anyway. I can’t read everything by myself, there is just not enough time in the day, so many books, so many papers, and so many studies in other languages that I can’t translate… I’m very, very interested in this research & hope we can all collaborate on discovering the answers.

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  1. Rajiv Lilhare says:

    What diet should be taken by emphysema patient for relief
    Please suggest the diet plan,so that the pathogens do not grow further, and what should be done to regenerate damaged lung cells .Please suggest the right diet plan.

    1. Penny says:

      I took notes on all the diet suggestions from around the web and what worked for me on this page:

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    I needs to spend a while studying much more or understanding more. Thanks for wonderful info I was on the lookout for this info for my mission.

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