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Conversations about COPD
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JC Feb 3 2014
Hi GM, I just went through your book and it makes so much sense. Unfortunately I am addicted to food that is very unhealthy. Also I live for carbs and dairy. I would have no idea how to change the way I eat. It is very scary that I eat EVERYTHING I am not suppose to. Where does one start? I don’t like veggies, or fish. I live for oatmeal, bread, cereal, junk food. . I don’t want this disease to progress but I feel I would have to change my whole life. It is scary Greg, I didn’t realize how scary COPD is. I didn’t think it could progress. I am so overwhelmed right now.

GM Feb 3 2014
The diet JC is eating will most likely cause additional illnesses. The diet in my book is also used by Dr. Hunter in his cancer research, Dr. Pescatore in his cure for asthma and allergies and by Dr. Fuhrman who is currently on PBS touting this diet as the cure for every disease. The most common illnesses and problems associated with the bad diet JC is eating are type II diabetes and obesity. Harvard Medical School states that, “You can affect chronic diseases by improving your diet.” The reason you don’t put sugar and garbage into your car’s gas tank is because it will no longer run if you do. The same goes for your body. If you don’t provide it with the fuel it needs to survive and thrive it will shut down and not run. The diet change is imperative whether you have COPD or not.

BH Feb 3 2014
I am 60 years old,i have had copd 10 years and i don’t follow any programme has regards food simply because no one told me,until only last week the chemist pulled me into his office on a questionnaire and informed me on eating fruit and veg,all the doctors and nurses i have seen over the years have never mentioned diets.I sometimes think they don’t know what my breathing problems are and the only way anyone knows is when you are on that slab and confirm cause of death,i am sorry to be so blunt but that is the reality of it all in my mind.

DB Feb 3 2014
Im just recovering from being deathly disk for the second time. I thought I was going to choke to death. I bought some good books to learn more about COPD. And knew I had to give up all dairy. I had hung on to butter, yogurt and cheese. All are gone now. I bought some more books. Ordered Yerba Santa oil & gum wood oil. Work best taken together in 8 oz. water. The mucus is so much less I can breathe so much better. It’s such a relief not to be choking. I did change my diet. Using coconut milk, coconut oil & coconut flour. Needless to say more books. The web has a wealth of info. Google it.

MD Feb 3 2014

Penny Butler Feb 3 2014

Hiya JC, 

many of us see all the changes we need to make and feel overwhelmed about needing to do “all of it”, and then use that as an excuse not to do “any of it”.

Start with what you “can” do. Start with the small, achievable things. What is one thing you can do today towards your health?

Maybe it’s cutting down one thing that you know causes mucus or breathing problems (less milk on your morning cereal, 1 piece of bread instead of 2, etc.)

Or maybe it’s adding one thing that you know is good for you (add a salad or add a vegetable to a meal, or a little 5 minute walk, or an extra 2 glasses of water to your day, etc).

If everything right now seems overwhelming, break it down into small, easy (for you), achievable steps. Do what you can and what you are ready for, and you will gain the momentum to make bigger changes after you start feeling a little success with the smaller changes.

There is a mental shift that needs to happen, a kind of ‘showing love for your body’ which is hard to do at first because we haven’t been taking care of ourselves… that mental shift can’t happen until the moment you start stepping ‘towards’ a healthier lifestyle.

Once you start doing “one” thing (no matter how tiny a step it is), a kind of ‘biochemistry’ change happens inside your own cells; by starting to consciously do something ‘towards’ health, there is a kind of “pride” thing that happens, a good feeling that you get, an inner-happiness is awakened, and that feeling is “addictive”, and helps you move onto the next achievable step easier.

Many people here didn’t give up everything at once, and I’ve still got lots of things that I need to get rid of (I still drink coffee with milk & sugar, I still smoke), but I am probably in a healthier state than a lot here because of all the other “little” changes I made, that cumulatively has made a huge difference to my health.

So my (hopefully helpful) suggestion is .. to leave what you consider the hardest “this is impossible” things until your mind is ready for them, and start small. Everyday choosing something “towards” health ‘as you are ready for it’ rather than use the enormity of the life-changes as an excuse not to take any action at all. x

DWB Feb 3 2014
Penny J Butler very well said ty. I also just found out what I have is copd and was felling scared and overwhelmed. and decided to take a small breath slow down and make small changes that will get bigger. ty

JC Feb 3 2014
Thank you everyone for your comments. You are right Penny J Butler, I need to slow down and start looking into positive changes. I have quit smoking so that is one hurdle I have overcome so far. My weight needs to be the next thing for sure. I have gained weight since quitting and I don’t feel good. I honestly believed that if i was a stage one for instance, that if i quit smoking, I would stay at a stage one. I had no idea it progressed and that has scared the life out of me.

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