Conversations about COPD (Bronchitis every 2-3 months)

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Conversations about COPD
EY, April 25, 2014
Hi. Hope everyone is doing well today. I was hoping for some help.. I currently get bronchitis every 2-3 months. I start off sometimes with a throat ache and then spreads to my lungs. Other times it just comes without much warning. I can’t figure out what causes this to keep happening for over a decade. Does anyone else suffer from this or does anyone know of something that could help? I appreciate all the feedback.
Penny Butler April 26, 2014

How long does it last? (a day, a week, a month?) Is it only at night/day? Is it only when it’s hot/cold? Is it only when you eat certain foods? Is it only when certain flowers come out? Are you stressed at the time? Or Depressed? Getting enough sleep?

I think finding out the cause is the fun part (now.. never used to be because it was likely to be 101 things that I was doing).

As far as helping you get through it better/more long-term: aid your body with what it’s trying to do.. so when you get bronchitis symptoms, your body is trying to detox something out of your body.. love your body for doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing – don’t try and “stop” it (our ‘modern society’ natural instinct.. which keeps us sick ‘forever’) – if our body wants to remove something toxic, dead or harmful out of our cells, then that’s exactly what we want to happen.

Depending on what your instincts are saying are the cause, as to what you can do to aid the body to do exactly what it’s meant to do, but these things may help:

  • Olive Leaf Extract (I take this if I am starting to feel ‘run down’ or a bit chesty.. to aid my immune system.. belongs in the fridge.. have it 2-3x a day when you are unwell, then stop). Natural alternative is to add fresh olives to your daily diet.
  • Turmeric, Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper (should be in your regular diet)
  • Oregano Oil (You can take this in therapeutic doses when you are unwell, also to help aid the immune system.. this does not need to be added to your regular routine – belongs in the first-aid-kit rather than the kitchen bench) Buy it in capsules and “sandwich” it between food so that it’s not too harsh on the stomach. It’s very strong/powerful.
  • Nutrition, nutrition.. ramp up the nutrients.. if it’s hot weather, add green smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, and lots of plants.. green foods are nature’s detox remedy, if it’s cold weather, make nutritious soups or casseroles.. flood your body with nature’s vitamins, especially foods containing vitamin c, but without blood tests, you don’t know what your body is missing, so variety is safest… since the body generally only needs small amounts, even 1 floret of broccoli a day can prevent lung cancer & lower the risk of breast cancer, so it’s not like you have to eat bagfuls…buy “locally-grown” food, and eat within 2-3 days if possible, some foods travel for months and are deficient in minerals before it reaches the shops, if you can grow your own – perfect, if you have access to farmer’s markets – perfect, but if you only have access to the local grocer, buy the “in-season” ingredients (and check the tickets for “country of origin). Stuff in-season is usually the cheapest and freshest.
  • Vitamin C powder.. you can add this to food, but I just sip on it through the day.. just 1/2 tsp in a big 750ml filtered water.. sometimes I add MSM, sometimes I add bicarb, sometimes I add moringa.. but I’m always experimenting, trying to vary things, vitamin C powder can be purchased from your local health food shop in packets and it can last months because you only use small amounts.
  • While suffering with bronchitis (or any respiratory symptoms) lay off known inflammatory foods until your body has been restored… google for a full list of foods because I’m just going by memory here, but known inflammatory foods are dairy, 4-legged animal foods, bread/wheat, anything GMO corn, soy, most cereals that come ‘in a box’, sugar of course and anything processed, fast food of course and all the logical culprits “things we know that are bad but still eat because everyone else does or because it’s convenient”.
  • Add broccoli, brussels sprouts (detoxifies), rocket (arugula) for lung health, fresh coriander (clear congestion), fresh parsley (clear congestion) & cauliflower (disarms carcinogens) to your weekly shop. (Only eat the one’s that are fresh / in-season). Eat raw, lightly steamed for maximum nutrition absorption.

And if you’re not completely overwhelmed, I have a lot more suggestions on my website if you want the url, just pm me. (I feel like I’m being ‘intrusive’ when I post it on greg’s group when he is marketing his book here)

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