Conversations about COPD (Baby Steps towards Health)

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Conversations about COPD

CH January 28 at 12:11pm
My doctor said that diet has nothing to do with COPD

Penny Butler January 28 at 5:13pm
Dr’s no longer get nutrition training in med school (2 hours I think if memory serves me)… (1) . it’s a shame because we trust too much in their ability to heal when they don’t really do that anymore, they just give us a bandaid for our symptoms, turning off our body’s internal warning systems, they can remove pain and allow us to breathe better, but they can’t actually “heal” us. The dr’s of the future will use nutrition-cleanups, mindset-cleanups, and environmental/lifestyle cleanups to do all the healing. Dr’s are great for healing broken bones and burns, etc. They are good at physical injuries, and bringing relief, helping us live a little bit longer, by temporarily masking the symptoms. They are not so good at cellular damage, curing, or healing. Nearly everything cellular can be fixed without them. I’m not saying to anyone to go off your meds.. you need to stay alive while you are working on a solution, but don’t “JUST” rely on your meds if you want to heal yourself.

I’m noticing a lot more that the doctors that get sick themselves.. the ones that become patients themselves.. with diseases like cancer & copd, etc. are the ones that are waking-up and starting to question what they have been taught – out of a desperation to live themselves or for their loved ones, they are starting to realize that nutrition and lifestyle has a huge importance on survival & vitality. More and more doctors are writing books after they have seen the light, and the errors of the medical institutions way of doing things… that they had themselves blindly followed for their entire careers until it was time to ‘test’ it on themselves.

For me it’s pretty overpoweringly obvious that we are damaging ourselves with our lifestyles and that a correction of lifestyle can reverse & cure damage. But I don’t understand sometimes when I come in here and see anyone with a anti-nutrition/anti-toxic-cleanup/anti-exercise/anti-lifestyle correction belief-system.. maybe their doctors are very convincing? Or their parents taught them to blindly trust in the government/medical system? Or maybe it is ‘wishful thinking’ that people think they can continue to damage themselves with polluted & toxic food, water, air, environments.. and stressful lives, thinking or hoping that they can just pop a “pill” and be able to miraculously continue to live in a toxic way.

I beg you to just Try it, just try changing your life for the sake of your health, if you want to live – see and feel the difference yourselves. You don’t need a prescription to clean-up your lifestyle. Once you start feeling energy and gaining your health back, once you stop thinking of death & dying, & start looking forward to a bright future, once you realize there is ‘hope’ to reverse what you did to yourself by correcting the “cause” of the damage, you will see why my heart aches for you to see that your healing is within your hands, that you are control of your own life.. and I sit here bursting with hope for you to see it.

Everytime I see anyone continue to live in a toxic environment (toxic food/toxic mindset/toxic air/toxic water, etc).. I’m waiting for the moment when the light comes on.. the moment they realize that we did it to ourselves and we can undo it. To stop blaming or relying upon others (the hardest part) and take back control. Nothing is incurable except death. Not when we can repair our cells with a correction of lifestyle.

Every baby-step you take towards health, is a baby-step away from disease. Start with something small and baby-step your way back to health, you will gain momentum as you begin to feel the results. You will inspire others around you to heal by being the example. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, “too hard” or impossible. You don’t have to live in bubble. Start small, start with what you can do today, in this moment. Then use that baby-step to reach the next baby-step.

You can start with adding a salad to your diet each day, or drinking more water, or take a little walk in the fresh air, or forgive someone that has hurt you, or reading an article on health, or thinking up an affirmation for healing, or butting out that cigarette you are holding. Or anything that YOU believe is achievable to do today. Something you can do now – that brings conscious-awareness to yourself that you are doing something towards “life”, towards “healing”, towards “curing”, towards feeling “happy”. Leave the harder stuff to later when you are ready for it, instead of using that as an excuse not to make any changes at all. Start now with what you ‘do’ have control over, what you ‘can’ do, what you ‘can’ afford’, what ‘is’ available to you, and especially start learning the things that you should’ve been taught in school and what our doctors should’ve been taught in school. Learn about your own biology – it’s fascinating, interesting, and it is eye-opening.

Doctors can give you relief and treat the symptoms, but they cannot heal you – only your body can heal you. And you need to do all you can with all the knowledge you can get, on how to do things that aid in your body’s own miraculous healing.

A few months ago, I was recording my death on videos.. I knew or thought I wouldn’t make it through the night. Several times I said goodbye to this world. I cannot believe that I am the same person that I once was. Please, please, please try it.. if you want to live, try and correct your lifestyle. I really hope that everyone in this group can live, can find life again, but if you keep thinking that you have zero control over your health, and that your lifestyle has nothing to do with how you ended up in this situation, then I don’t like the direction you are heading.

You need to start moving forward – towards health and healing.. that’s the direction you want to be going, but you can’t just take a pill and continue to damage yourself & hope to get through this… if your doctor is telling you that nutrition has nothing to do with the health of your cells, she/he’s 100% wrong. >>> 100% wrong <<<. Too many of us can account for the fact that a diet-cleanup has helped our healing immensely. Returned us to a state of health & given us hope for the future.

Doctors are trapped by bureaucracy – too reliant on the ‘system’, too scared to think differently because there are consequences for them if they dare suggest otherwise. There is too much money & legalities involved. But what they think doesn’t matter, what matters is your own health and thinking. If YOU know that a diet-cleanup can help you, then who cares what the doctors think, you’ll see it for yourself and that will be all the proof you need. At least give it a try before dismissing it, because I can tell you that you WILL notice the difference, and then you can come in here and start helping others cure themselves too – you will be the example that others will learn from as you start to move towards health and away from disease.

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