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Conversations about COPD
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PC January 29 at 1:00am
It never hurts to use a good diet plan. However, you do need your medications to open your airways, and to halt the progression of your disease. You still need to see a pulmonary doctor on a regular basis. Use both and see how you do with your health. It has already been proven that nitrates cause your breathing to become worse, and I am sure other foods do also.

PC January 29 at 1:00am
BJS posted in the group the improvement in her lung function after using her medications. This proves that medications help us also.

Penny Butler January 29 at 4:02am
Helps us, yes, but it won’t heal us (at least, what they have released to the public ‘thus far’). They can only ease our symptoms. Only our bodies have the ability to heal.. and it wants to heal, it is doing everything it can to heal. It’s an amazing self-healing machine.

It’s miraculous and it’s unbelievably ‘beyond our understanding’ the millions of things that our cells do completely on auto-pilot to help keep us alive. Each cell is like it’s own little universe. If certain cells are running low on a particular mineral, it will even extract it right from within our bones if it needs to, a beautiful concert from millions of cells working in harmony together to get what it needs to survive. It will even shut off systems if it needs to, it’s will & ability to keep us alive is so incredibly fascinating.

If we are in a toxic environment (air / food / toxins / stress / radiation / parasites / pathogens / or something specifc that your unique body-of-cells is reacting to) one way for the body to protect itself from whatever it thinks is poisonous/harmful to us, is to close our airways.

And the medication helps “open” our airways – which is great – because we get to breathe again.

But the body was trying to protect us from something.. there was a reason our cells closed our airways – it wasn’t ‘trying’ to kill us, it was trying to ‘protect’ itself from something. We still need to fix that “something” if we want to heal. We need to still find & eradicate the “cause” otherwise the “cause” will still continue to do damage to us.

Medication mixed with our own (modern society’s) ignorance helps keep us sick by shielding our symptoms and letting us forget/ignore the cause.

We feel “well” again, we can “breathe” again, and so we don’t do anything to fix the problems that is going to continue to keep us sick. The open airways are now going to let the parasites/pollutants/pathogens or whatever the “cause” was, into our bodies freely because now the medication has stopped our bodies natural protective system.

I’ve been sick my entire life because medication “helped” me keep living the way I was living. I ‘see the light’ now. Our symptoms & diseases are clues to our healing. And we turn off those clues with medication. I would never of kept smoking all those years if “ventolin” hadn’t of kept my airways open.

Being an asthmatic smoker, helped me progress easily to emphysema, because I was able to smoke far more than non-asthmatics and then just take a ‘puff’ of ventolin whenever my body said “enough!” and tried to shut down my airways. Sometimes I would take a ventolin just so that I could have another smoke. I was (& in so many ways still am) so stupid with the things I do to my body :(

I’m not anti-medication that can help open our airways up – I would be dead right now 1000 times over if medication didn’t exist. But I’m anti thinking that medication is the only answer. Medication is just the bandaid, it just buys you time – and thankyou doctor – I will definitely use the bandaid so that I’m comfortable and alive while trying to figure out the causes so that I can finally correct & change my lifestyle to stop damaging my cells and start healing. I will use the bandaids while I investigate & eradicate what my body is warning me about, and I will do what I should’ve been doing for my cells my entire life: Have a lifestyle-cleanup. Especially being a prem-baby, having no tonsils & a weak immune system. I should’ve done this from birth – we all should’ve. Helping our bodies function properly by giving it all it needs to grow healthy cells (which I also believe is our only real chance at reversing the cell damage caused by this disease).

I can’t do much fact-finding & soul-searching while struggling to breathe on my death-bed so I will gratefully accept medication that opens up my airways. But I will only take the medication that I need to keep me alive, not medications that will cause further cell damage, not medications that will suppress my immune system, not medications that give me more “side-effects” than benefits. I will use only what is required and at the very same time – be fully aware – completely conscious of any symptoms (warning signals) that my body is providing. I won’t ‘ignore’ them like I used to do while heavily medicated. I will use this “temporary” medication-time wisely while I correct my lifestyle step-by-step, rebuild my immune-system step-by-step, and rebuild my cells step-by-step.

Get meds to help you live if you are struggling to stay alive, but realize that an unchanged-lifestyle will be keeping you sick – even if you can’t “feel” it because you have turned off your body’s natural warning systems – if you ‘mask’ the symptoms with medications without also being “conscious” of what the causes are and are not actively doing anything about what caused the cell damage to begin with or are not actively working towards a healthy lifestyle, how can you expect to heal?

This point seems to be discarded by those that need to hear it the most, but I just don’t know how to share it in a way that gets anyone to that ‘break-through’ moment. Perhaps it’s just something people have to figure out for themselves (or perhaps I’m crazy which is possible lol)… but if you have any symptoms at all (breathing / pain / rash / lump / headache / fatigue, etc, etc.) you need to change something.

If you have a pathogen/parasite, and your medication just ‘opens the airways’.. you ‘still’ have the pathogen/parasite problem – you still have something that your body tried to stop – something that can cause further damage if ignored.

If you have toxic air, opening up the airways doesn’t “clean” the toxic air, it just allows your body to start breathing the toxic air that your body tried to stop.

If you have not been giving your body the nutrients it needs, it will still grab the nutrients from other cells in your body, perhaps shutting down organs or other bodily functions – it will do whatever it has to, in order to survive.

And if you really can’t give your body what it needs to function – it shuts down. Our cells get further damaged, starts to malfunction, and we die if we don’t wake up & change our toxic lifestyles.

Yeah 4am.. time to sleep.. I will figure out how to say it all properly one day lol .. I just have all this stuff inside me, and not a way to explain it in a way where it makes sense outside of my own head.. but I’ll keep trying, eventually it will come out right :) hopefully in time to save some lives.

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