Bucket List

Bucket List: (Things to do before I die)

I want to start a list of things that I want to do before I die. For 4 years now I’ve not really thought about what “I” want in total, because I had a partner that I had to consider too and therefore had to try to figure out how to align them with his somehow, and in the process they get ‘adjusted’ to fit our possible future. But while we are on a “break”, I want to use this time wisely to re-find myself discover what I really want to do again since your wants and needs changes as you do over time and since we only live once.

10 years ago, even 5 years ago.. my life experiences have “changed” me, have shaped me towards a different future, and what I would’ve put on my list back then, may very well be different than what I start putting on my list now, or who knows?

So here goes, I’ll start today and keep adding to it and adjusting the wording as I go:

Overseas Travel-Related Bucket List

  1. Travel SE Asia
  2. Learn to speak Indonesian fluently
  3. Live in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand or better
  4. Ride an Elephant
  5. Take a cooking class in Thailand
  6. Have a maid
  7. Volunteer in a 3rd world country
  8. Teach someone in a 3rd world entrepreneurs how to make money online
  9. Learn Arabic for my trip to the Middle East
  10. See the Pyramids in Egypt
  11. Float in the Dead Sea and visit Petra, Jordan
  12. Play in the fake snow in Dubai
  13. Ride a Camel
  14. Fly 1st Class
  15. Learn Chinese
  16. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  17. Visit the Forbidden City in Bejing, China
  18. See the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’An
  19. Visit Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan
  20. Visit the Taj Mahal, India
  21. Visit Sri Lanka
  22. Visit Cairns, Darwin, Perth
  23. Learn African
  24. Go on an African Safari
  25. Visit an African Orphanage
  26. See a Meerkat in their natural habitat in South Africa
  27. Go in a Hot Air Balloon
  28. Visit Kathmandu, Nepal
  29. Learn Spanish
  30. Ride a Gondola in Venice, Italy
  31. Travel to Aruba, Bahamas, Bermuda, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Belize
  32. Learn to speak a language fluently
  33. Play in the World Series of Poker

Things I can do locally

  1. Write a personal mission statement
  2. Find my Life Purpose
  3. Speak in front of an audience
  4. Get passionate about a cause and spend time helping it
  5. Leave a legacy
  6. Watch a movie at a drive-in theatre
  7. Sky Dive
  8. Get my singing voice back
  9. Go camping and sing around the campfire with a guitar
  10. Sleep outside watching the stars
  11. Learn to swim
  12. Go scuba-diving
  13. Swim with a dolphin
  14. Go Sailing
  15. Get a degree for a subject that I study for the enjoyment
  16. Get my body into optimal shape
  17. Be able to understand my tax
  18. Hold a Koala
  19. Be Part of a Flash Mob
  20. Attend or Host a Murder Mystery Dinne
  21. Take a mystery flight
  22. Change someone’s life for the better
  23. Participate in a flash mob
  24. Learn Guitar
  25. Understand Melbourne’s public transport system
  26. Attend an event at the Sydney Opera House
  27. Take my friends on a cruise
  28. Sleep in a Hammock
  29. Create my “Structured Signature Talk”
  30. Write a book
  31. Publish a Kindle
  32. Publish a Paperback
  33. Product a podcast show
  34. Create a course
  35. Create a webinar
  36. Sell off or get rid of the majority of my older Affiliate Domains & Websites
  37. Boost my Automatic Marketing Reviews site
  38. Fill up my Autoresponders with useful, interesting follow-up emails
  39. Convert my PennyButler.com mailing list into a proper email list instead of via Feedburner
  40. Improve my Public Speaking skills
  41. Become Financially Literate
  42. Write my autobiography
  43. Learn sign-language
  44. Find a home for an animal on death-row
  45. Learn a Yoga Routine

Health-Related Bucket List

  1. Re-learn CPR
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Fast for Three Days
  4. Learn Tai-Chi / Tae Kwon Do
  5. Get a colon cleanse
  6. Go on a Juice diet
  7. Get in great shape
  8. Create an optimal nutrition regume
  9. Get fit (be able to run without running out of breathe)
  10. Get strong (be able to climb walls)
  11. Research vitamins/nutrients to cure COPD
  12. Enjoy Exercise
  13. Try oil-pulling for 21 days in a row

Community-Related Bucket List

  1. Volunteer in my own country
  2. Help someone who is homeless
  3. Help out a random stranger
  4. Adopt a child
  5. Volunteer at a Food Kitchen

Family-Related Bucket List

  1. Ensure my family are financially secure
  2. Help Linda get onto the Deal or No Deal tv show
  3. Treat my sister and mum to a deluxe spa treatment
  4. Road-trip with friends
  5. Ride a bike with friends
  6. Create a 3-course meal for friends/family
  7. Write my Will and instructions to family on how to run my business

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