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Just found this channel tonight and it’s full of awesome music to inspire you to question all the conspiracy theories, to open your mind, and to do your own research.

5G | No Amount of Evidence (will ever persuade an idiot)

No Amount of Evidence (will ever persuade an idiot)

YouTube | Rumble | Telegram

A truther song about all the dangers of 5g and new level of radiation & how idiots ignore all the evidence.


I tried to have a conversation
With a man about radiation
The hazardous biological affects
I tried to show him all the proofs
His ignorance was through the roof
The most deluded man I ever met

I showed him how the frequencies
Disorient and kill the bees
I showed him how the birds drop out the sky
I showed him all the many trees
Dying as they lose their leaves
And I showed him the antenna right near by

I showed him all the many places
With judges and the legal cases
People fighting this technology
And I showed him from my science buddies
A thousand scientific studies
But he just laughed and that’s when I could see that


No amount of evidence
Will ever persuade an idiot
No amount of evidence it seems
No amount of showing you
A hundred or a thousands proofs
Will ever get your blinded eyes to see
No amount of evidence
Will ever persuade an idiot
No amount of evidence it seems
How quickly with your condemnation
Without real investigation
Sounds like ignorance to me

I showed him doctors speak at public hearings
Protesters on the streets are jeering
They’ve done their research they know the facts
They’ve seen all the evidence
They know it’s a carcinogen
The W.H.O will tell you that

I showed him the all the scientists
That study and study this
And they’ve all been appalled at what they found
They petitioned the United Nations
Trying to stop this radiation
They know it’s bad and they don’t want it around

Technologically destroying cells
Affecting memory as well
Destroying your immune system it’s true
Interfering frequencies
Are a threat to the health of humanity
Just research a little a you’ll find proof

This new level of radiation
Of wireless communication
Has had no safety tests and that’s the truth
I told him to remember that
Coz that’s another damming fact
Will you listen when it comes to a street near you


And how bout this observation
You know this new 5th generation
Is using millimetre frequencies
According to the military guys
These sound waves can be weaponised
But you think that’s conspiracy theory

Well let me share this information
The military uses this radiation
As a weapon to diffuse an angry crowd
They blast out 95 Gigahertz
It fries the people and they disperse
He looked at me and then he laughed out loud

And you’re gonna need a funeral hearse
When you get to 60 GHz
Coz that will really take your breath away
Absorbing oxygen molecules
And they install this stuff near schools
Come on kids let’s go outside and play!


Television Watching News Believer!

Television Watching News Believer


Big Pharma Acoustic

Big Pharma Acoustic Live on


“I’m big pharma, I just want to help”… “my juice is free for you my friend”.. “because I know that you’ll be back again and again and again and again and again and again”

No Photographs of Earth!

No Photographs of Earth!

YouTube | Rumble | Telegram

A funny and eye opening exposé music video about the fact that there ain’t no photographs of earth

A friend of mine once told me
To do a search online
Search for photos of earth he said
This shit will blow your mind
So I opened up the Google
And looked for photos of earth
A lot of photos came up
He said…. click on the first

He said
That’s the famous blue marble
That everybody’s seen
We’ve seen this photo a thousand times
Upon our TV screen
But let me tell you something
About that famous shot
It’s not a photo at all man
It was made in Photoshop

There ain’t no photographs of earth
Somebody tell why
They’re all just photoshopped cartoons
They’re all just cgi
No photographic proof
of a globe, no none at all
Why the hell cant no one
Take a photo of this ball

Well he was god damn right
That shit did blow my mind
Coz I thought the blue marble
Was a photo all this time
Don’t you think that’s strange
He said suspiciously
The fact it ain’t a photo
Seems pretty weird to me

I mean
The most important photo
That man could ever take
This huge iconic image
Turns out to be a fake
I couldn’t quite believe it
I was pretty shocked
I needed further proof
That this photos photoshopped

He said look up Robert Simmon
He made that cartoon ball
He’s the guy you should research
He works for NASA and all
He openly admits
That it’s all just artistry
He said and I quote “It is photoshopped
because It has to be”


Yep every photo of the earth
Is artist trickery
All the photos on Google man
Are as fake as fake can be
Download all the photos
And put em side by side
Compare all the continents
They’re each a different size

Compare all the colours
Each globe a different shade
If all of these were photos
They should look the god dam same
Where’s the continuity Man
Theres none, no none at all
All that NASA gives us
Is a bunch of cartoon balls


Now we’re supposed to have this telescope
That’s flying past the stars
Taking beautiful photos
Of Jupiter and Mars
Well I’ve got a small suggestion NASA
Here’s something you could do
Point that thing at planet earth
And take a shot or two!

There should be god dam thousands
Of photos of where we live
But Hubble ain’t taken one
That’s suspicious don’t you think
We got all these fancy pictures
Of spinning galaxies
But not one god dam photo
Of the earth for us to see

Look Up!

“Look Up” 


Space is Fake!

Space is Fake!


A fantastic, funny and eye opening exposé music video about the fact that space is fake!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the greatest show on earth. Prepare to be amazed.
Please welcome your host for this evening.
Mr flat earth man

Thank you, thank you, listen up..

The whole worlds a stage and you’re the audience
And everything you see on the stage is fraudulent
Nothing you see before you is fact
Are you ready for the headline act
This act is truly one of a kind
They’ll dazzle you and play tricks on your mind
An illusionist with billions of fans
Please welcome NASA put together your hands

Good evening ladies and gentlemen
It’s so lovely to see you again
Tonight we have a very special show
There’s a few things we want you to know
Tonight we reveal some of our techniques
We’ll expose NASA like wiki leaks
Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
We’ll show you how we fool the world

And when we’re done exposing our lies
None of you are gonna realise
Even though were gonna tell you straight
It will be too hard to contemplate
A trick so huge you won’t believe
Impossible for you to conceive
That’s why we tell coz you’ll reject it
A lie so big you can’t accept it


There’s no such thing as outer space
We made it all up yeah space is fake
It’s the greatest lie that’s ever been told
The biggest trick you’ve ever been sold
We’ve been pushing this satanic lie
Space is a drug and everybody high
It’s only your imagination that’s been to space
Ladies and gentlemen space is fake!

See there’s a solid barrier we can’t get through
It’s called the firmament between me and you
Go check Werner Von Brauns headstone
He knew about that firmament dome
He left you all a little nod and a wink
For those of you still able to think
Psalm 19:1 chapter and verse
The firmament showeth his handy work

That’s why when our rockets leave the earth
They form a parabolic curve
We’ll then switch over to an animation
Then it’s over to your imagination
But I’m here to tell you that in reality
Our rockets end up in a graveyard in the sea
Our launch pads are on coastal regions
We build them there for a very good reason


Yeah rocket launches are occult rituals
There to brainwash the individuals
To make you think that space is real
And your money and your mind we can steal
It’s so easy to program your mind
Coz you guys watch tv like all of the time
And we control what you see on your tv
Coz we’re a branch of the military

We teamed up with those Disney guys
They help us propagate our lies
We make cartoons about space fantasies
And put em on tv for all the kids to see
We program you when you are really young
We make space travel so much fun
Then all the kids fall into our trap
And all grow up believing our crap!

(They’re called programmes man!)


(and now it’s over to our friends at fake x for a short message.
“you can tell it’s real because it looks so fake, honestly”
Ha ha! Thanks Elon, what a genius!)

Yeah we go to Devon island with our robot cars
And we convince you we got a rover on mars
And what about the incredible ISS
Is all of that fake… hell yes!
Haven’t you seen our harness mistakes
How many screw ups is it gonna take
Haven’t you noticed the bubbles in space
We film astronauts in pools for gods sakes

When are ya’ll gonna take the red pill
And realise that none of this is real
Space travel is the biggest lie
And deceiving you makes us feel so satisfied
Our only mission is to brainwash you
You make it so easy for us to do
Because nobody questions the authenticity
Making you believe in space is so easy

Yeah we love to convince you in infinite space
We love to put you in an insignificant place
Hiding the creator is what we do
Beating the divinity right out of you
We don’t want you to realise how special you are
We want you to think you came from a cosmic fart
We’re secretly converting you to our religion
satanism scientism atheism


Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the end of the show
Thank you so much for coming, what a lovely audience
Make sure you research some of the things you’ve seen tonight
But I know you wont, you’ll just go home, watch the news and believe it all
Look what NASA did this week son, wow that’s so amazing dad
you idiots, research bubbles in space, research NASA lies, research space is fake, for God’s sake!
Goodnight everybody, you idiots, thank you goodnight

Nasa is faking everything

Flat Earth Man – “Nasa is faking everything song” 


I met a man the other day
Who thought the earth was flat
I said man you must be crazy
Where the hell’s your tin foil hat
But he spoke with such conviction
And he believed the words he spoke
Something deep inside me
knew this couldn’t be a joke
But why would he believe this
why believe in such things
Coz everybody knows the earths a ball
and that it spins
You must be pretty crazy
If you think the earth is flat
Coz we all know that it’s a globe
And that’s a simple fact
So I said
What about the photographs
That nasa takes from space
He gave a knowing smile and told me
Man those things are fake
But what about the videos
That I’ve seen with my two eyes
What about them he replied
You heard of cgi?

nasa’s faking everything
That you have ever seen
and as for flying to the moon
Well they ain’t never been
Indeed my friend they’re lying scum
It’s there for you to see
Just take some time, look into it
The truth will set you free

Well I was kinda sceptical
But I have an open mind
What he said was interesting
And I’ve a got little time
So I grabbed my self a doobie
And started watching vids
If nasa’s really lying
Then they’re lying to my kids
As I watched I got angry
As I learned of the deceit
The global earth deception
Was right there at my feet
Well holy shit this could be true
What if we’re not on a globe?
The more I learned, the more I yearned
The more I started to probe

I upturned every rock
of information I could find
I started to unlock the truth
the war upon my mind
I had a thousand questions
I just couldn’t understand
I had to meet that man again
The flat earth man


I called him up that evening
And he agreed to meet
He was very welcoming
And showed me to my seat
He said
I see you’ve done some research
My open minded friend
I know you have some questions
Which we’ll get to in the end

First take a look at whats on these walls
Paintings of a globe
I painted every single one of these
Don’t you know
You see back in the day before computers
I was in demand
An artist painting everything
I saw upon the land
Landscapes where my favourite
I was awfully good at those
Many people told me that
They looked just like photos
And then one day I got a call
From a real important dude
He asked me if I’d like a job
Said the money’s good

What’s the job I asked him
Then I wait for his reply
You’ll be painting globes for NASA
Then he promptly said goodbye
Well I was sworn to secrecy
I could not tell a soul
That I’D just got myself a job
With NASA painting globes
My work was published globally
In every magazine
To fool the people of where we live
A truly evil scheme
See we don’t live on a globe he said
The earth is truly flat
I’ve been on the inside
And I know that that’s a fact


Well we talked until the sun came up
And my mind was truly blown
This man had challenged everything
That I thought, I thought I’d known
And finally it was clear to me
To why these bastards lie
Finally it’s was clear to me
About the reasons why
It’s all about control you know
To get inside your head
It’s all about the money too
They get an awful lot of bread
50 million dollars man
What could you do with that
That’s what NASA gets a day
To hide the earth is flat

You see
if they can get you to believe
That your on a spinning ball
Well things like god and creation
Just make no sense at all
It all exploded from nothin right
With their theory of Big Bang
It’s true satanic mind control
From the freemasonic gang
You see it’s only Freemasons
That get to go to space
They’re the evil bastards
Who are lying to your face
Yeah NASA pretty evil man
The whole things such a fraud
The only reason they exist
Is to hide a loving God


I Told You So

I Told You So


Everything from the September 11, Monsanto, the Media, 5G, Georgia Guidestones, & the Vaccine Agenda.

Welcome to the Satellite Hoax

Welcome to the Satellite Hoax


Well I know it’s a really hard pill to take
When somebody says that satellites could be fake
But don’t you find it a little suspicious
That you can’t find any real satellite pictures
It might be hard to be believed
But maybe we’re all being deceived

If you think you’ve seen one up in the sky
Uh uh, you can’t see em with the naked eye
Coz a satellite is about the size of a car
At least 300 miles away you can’t see that far
whatever those dots are that move in the night
I’m telling you that ain’t no satellite

Welcome to the satelite hoax
Just another one of them NASA jokes
You can’t find me a picture of a satellite
Without bringing up a bunch of that cgi
Just a bunch of cartoons all over the place
When I search satellites in space
Yeah type that phrase into google folks
And let me welcome you to the satellite hoax

Now before all of ya’ll start getting pissed
I ain’t saying that satellites don’t exist
I’m saying that it’s theoretically obsurd
To think these devices orbit the earth
Coz I’ve seen em hanging from big balloons
Even google’s doing it too now man

(Have you seen that, yeah go check out project loon)

And every now and then a satellite crashes
But that information never gets to the masses
Coz then you’ll find out how these things really work
They’re just on balloons man they don’t orbit the earth
Coz once upon a time one crashed In Brazil
With the balloon attached to it still


How can satellites be in the thermosphere
When the temperature up there is way too severe
How can that type of equipment survive
How comes those satellites aren’t burned alive
I’m telling you man it’s just a pack of lies
There ain’t no orbiting satellites

Because 99 percent of our communication
Comes from undersea cables and cell tower stations
And GPS is ground based too man
Go check out a system called loran
It’s a military system for navigation
That uses ground towers to track your location
Are you seeing it yet?


See tesla figured out how to communicate
Without the need for satellites in space
It’s mostly ground based towers you see
And that’s how you get your “satellite tv”
They’ve monetised what tesla made for free
With their, with their fake satellite industry

It was Arthur C Clark that theorised these things
These sci fi boxes with solar wings
Another Freemason it’s no surprise
They make science fiction and they monetise
They’ve stolen teslas technology
And they get you to pay for your tv

Are you seeing it now people?!


So next time you see a photo of the earth from space
Look for satellites you won’t find a trace
They musta disappeared I guess
Can’t even see any from the iss
If you wanna have yourself a little enjoyment
Go watch a NASA satellite deployment

Oh man and let me welcome you to the satellite hoax

All You're watching is a Puppet Show - Whole World's a Stage

Puppet Show


Let me tell you something bout the space station
It’s only really there in your imagination
That thing ain’t real it’s science fiction
It’s there to feed your space addiction
Those astronauts are not in space
It’s written all over their stupid face

I can spot a liar from a 100 miles
I can spot a fraud from the way they smile
didn’t ya learn nothing from the fake moon mission
That puppet show from president Nixon
Well listen up they’re doing it again it seems
Check out the harnesses and green screens

You see I used to work a lot in film and TV
And I know a bit about the television trickery
to create the illusion that your somewhere your not
A green screen is what you’re gonna use a lot
Or if you wear a harness and attach it to the ceiling
The illussion that you’re floating is what they’ll be believing


All you’re watching is a puppet show
Yeah the whole worlds a stage
Astronauts are actors of course
And yeah they all get paid
Look at me ma I’m floating in space
No your not your lying to the whole human race

So let me tell you little something bout a zero g plane
This thing flies up and then down again
Some weird stuff happens If you’re on the inside
You start to float as the plane takes a dive
Simply add an actor that’s trained to deceive
And you got yourself an astronaut or so you believe

Plane flies up that’s everyone’s cue
Then ACTION we got some deceiving to do
Plane flies down then everyone knows
To start the iss live show
Floating in a plane with zero g
But you only see astronauts on your tv!


Another thing I noticed when I looked at these fools
They’re filming all the space walks in boyancy pools
NASAs gonna tell you that it’s just for training
To practice, for space station maintaing
Well I thought about that but if that’s the case
Then why the hell can I see bubbles in space

Take a hard look at the next space walk
And tell me if you can see bubbles at all
Open your eyes man, I’ll bet you a quarter
Those space walks are all filmed under water
I can see space bubbles everywhere
Hey NASA How the hell did those get there?


So when you see an astronaut aboard the ISS
Take another look at your TV set
They’re pretty good at faking so you gotta look close
Pay some attention to the way the actor “floats”
If you ask me that ain’t zero gravity
But Hollywood effects that I see on my TV

Take a good look at the whole damn thing
These lying bastards are puppets on a string
It’s all a big science fiction puppet show
The games up assholes coz we all know
Thanks for the show NASA it’s been a blast
Now take your fake station and shove it up your *%#^

Don't Believe in Gravity

Don’t Believe in Gravity


I remember when I learned in school
‘Bout Gravity man, it was all so cool
I had a teacher that knew it all
She taught me how water can to a ball
How buildings stick to the underside
Of a ball that’s spins like a carousel ride
Man that all sounded crazy to me
But I loved learning bout Gravity

I could wait to tell my dad
About the amazing day that I had
he picked me up I was bursting with pride
He opened the door and I jumped inside
He smiled at me and said how was your day
I said dad, I was blown away
I learned about this magical thing
But it’s kinda got my head in a spin

I learned about this Newton guy
When an apple fell on his head he surmised
That there must be a force that’s pulling it down
And everything’s being sucked to the ground.
A force that sticks us all to this ball
The people the buildings, the oceans and all
And so it was written in history
Newton had discovered Gravity

Well he just looked at me and said


Don’t believe in Gravity
Don’t believe in fantasy
Don’t believe coz a theory’s all it is
It’s never been proven but they teach it to the kids

Well my dad felt a little bit sad for me
When I mentioned that word gravity
He said, have a little independent thought
And question what you’ve just been taught
I mean, how the hell can a ball that’s spins
Make a force so strong that sucks everything in
Yet birds and insects fly uneffected
Gravity must be selective

Think about it logically
Coz that don’t make no sense to me
Question all those preachers preach
question all those teachers teach
You see Gravity’s just a bunch of bull
That Newton guy is just a lying fool
These guys like Newton shouldn’t be trusted
Their freemasonic lies have been busted

In fact my boy it’s density
And that’s why things fall down you see
An object always falls to the ground
If it’s heavier than the air that surrounds
If it’s lighter than air then it’ll rise
And will keep on floating up to the skies
Thats what’s known as boyancy
And that makes more sense than Gravity


He said I’m sorry son for bursting your bubble
But that kinda thinkin can get you in trouble
These theories they try to put in your head
It’s all just pseudoscience he said
They’ll have you believing in all kinds of crap
That Gravity nonsense belongs in the trash
Believe me when I say to you
There ain’t no Gravity and that’s the truth

Well my daddy made me think that day
He made me think in a different way
I did some thinking for myself
I put that theory back on the shelf
that gravity crap is indoctrination
Not truthful trusted information
People need to wake up and see
That there ain’t no such thing as Gravity

Do you still believe we went to the moon?

Do you still believe we went to the moon?


A funny thing happened on the way to the moon
That’s the title of a video that I watched on YouTube
You can see astronauts hanging from wires
Proving that astronauts and NASA are liars
They analyse photos and highlight mistakes
With the moon landing missions they show it was faked
You can see ’em faking the photos of earth
They use a round window to fake the curve

I watched another documentary called astronauts gone wild
Astronaut Buzz aldrin gets a little riled
All he was asked was to swear to god
That the he went to the moon but he would not
He was faced with a moon landing denier
Had a chance to show that he ain’t no liar
But buzz decided to punch that dude
Just for asking him to swear if he went to the moon


Do you still believe we went to the moon
Do you still believe what they tellin you
Connect the dots and pretty soon
You’ll find out what I found out too
But I If you question this stuff you’ll be labelled a loon
You’ll be called a conspiracy theory buffoon
But I don’t care man, I’m stil gon’ make this tune
Coz I know that we didn’t go to the moon

And how bout the moon rocks They gave to museums
And thousands and thousands of people did see em
But one museum took a closer look
And soon realised that something’s afoot
The rock they were given turned out to be fake
Just a piece of old wood not a rock from space
When god made the moon he saw it was good
But apparently made it from petrified wood

In another museum sits an astronaut suit
Take a good look at the tread on the boot
It doesn’t match up with the prints on the moon
And y’all still believe what they’re telling you
Or how bout that phone call that Nixon made
To the moon that’s a quarter million miles away
When I can’t get a signal on my cell phone line
I guess phones were better in 69


Yeah you went straight through those van Allen belts
It wasn’t a problem right and nothing was felt
But now you say it’s a problem and you can’t get through
This problem needs to be solved according to you
But didn’t you solve that problem back in 69
You flew straight through em 5 more times
You wonder why I think it’s fake
When there are so many apollo mistakes
Like the telemetry data that’s all gone missing
13000 reels are you kidding
A giant leap for all of mankind
But you lost all the data
And no one can find


There’s no blast crater from the lunar module
Probably coz that thing was a model
Or the flag that flutters with no atmosphere
Don’t you think that’s a bit queer
Intersecting shadows means another light source
Do I think it’s fake, yeah of course
The whole thing was filmed on a Hollywood set
Directed by Kubrick is my best bet
The moons so cool we love to explore it
But we can’t get past low earth orbit
Do the research people I think you’ll find
Nasas admits that a bunch of times

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