Consciousness – the Dance of Creation [Mooji]

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Where do the root of problems stem from, & how do they exist? When you understand this, you crack the code – you have the masterkey, you understand the mechanism of the functioning of consciousness through the mind.

The dark nature of the mind only comes into play for the person, it is the person that is experiencing all these waves and conflicts. It is not directly the consciousness.

Once consciousness shapes itself into the shape of a person, troubles begin there; aspirations, desire, attachments, fears, projections, resistance and selfishness – all of that is coming out of the compost of personhood.

It is a state that consciousness intended to experience, because in actuality it cannot do it, because it is pure and one. In order to experience the sense of otherness, it had to create a mechanism to do that, and that is called dreaming.

In the broad sense, it is the play of God, the dream of God, it is the dance of creation, it is not the ultimate truth.

It is a creation of the mind, and we are creating also.

Our source is consciousness. When we’re not aware of our own source, then we come into Time, and become creatures of time and change.

Actually, factually we are the consciousness.
Experientially, and phenomenally, we are the person.

We are the body-mind. We are the entities of person and personalities. Individuals doing our own thing, finding our own adventures, making our way through a world that we are desperately trying to understand, and understand our place in it – all of this is the drama. All of this is happening inside the theatre of consciousness. It is possible to take a seat in this cinema, rather than to be sucked up into the crime scenes created by the mind.

That is the relationship – the very functionining, active, good relationship that you form, that wakes you up to come to the recognition of what is true and what is not true. That is called awakening.

If there is an urge arising in you to go beyond the shallow, narrow field, the restricted field of personal identity, then come to Satsung and Satsang will be for you.



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