[QA] Conformity vs Morality

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[QA] Conformity vs Morality
Beautiful! I think Morality is doing what you think is right, regardless of what everybody else is doing.i think we all have different realities and moralsBP

CONFORMITY is doing what everybody else is doing, regardless of what is right.

MORALITY is doing what is right, regardless of what everybody else is doing.

~ Evette Carter

Totally, cos we’re all brainwashed and conditioned, and have different interpretations of the experiences we encounter – but I think we all have a moral compass – our gut instinct.. just a lot of people living in modern society – learn to ignore and disregard it. trusting their emotions/feelings or their flawed logic/heart over their internal gut alarm bells.

And who knows – we know so little from our tiny perspective – who knows how it’s supposed to play out or what is really going on.. hehe.. but I do believe most people have the ability to at least be kind to others, themselves, and the planet, but they choose to own a “story” instead – about what the “world has done to them”.. and become “reactors” and “victims” instead of students of life – that everything can be a learning experience – choosing to be aware – to take responsibility for what they “do” have control over (what they choose to do & feel in this particular moment in time) and be part of the positive change instead of part of the problem.

But then again.. who knows what is going on, what to think.. but that gut thing – we should trust that one a bit more often than what we do, at least in my interpretation at this time, from my tiny ant-like perspective of the universe

What is someone in his warped head thinks killing is right? Does that make them morally right? Just being the devil’s advocateGC

^^ read my comment above yours for my interpretation of that (& I don’t know if I’m right – it’s just my interpretation at this moment in time).

I think people just ignore their gut instincts and let emotions & brainwashing take over their inner alarm-bell. When you are filled with hate, rage, craziness because of your interpretation of a situation – because of what you have been conditioned to believe – because of what you let become “your story” of how the “world has done you wrong”.. etc.

It’s a constant struggle to get out of our own heads – to undo a lifetime of social conditioning & generational brainwashing, to be able to be here, right now and choose how to be in control of how you feel in this current moment – as in, we need to try and have more awareness of what our actual perceptions are – how much of our minds have been messed-with by our lifetime interpretations of those moment-to-moment experiences… what movie we are playing out – whose words are actually coming out of our mouths – our parents? our teachers? our friends? what you think “society” wants you to say? Are they really your own thoughts or have you taken on someone else’s belief?

In other words, I don’t think we’re born with a “killer mindset”.. that comes to us through our interpretations of all the combined experiences, brainwashing, and conversations/environments we have been in, where we didn’t think for ourselves – didnt trust or even know to trust our gut.. we just downloaded the information that was given to us and then lived our life through these warped belief-systems.. creating either a reality where we choose to be angry & fearful – hateful / judgemental / victim .. or a reality where we choose to be kind & experience love.. most people don’t realise they have a choice on how to interpret an experience in this moment – they think everything is “done to them”

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