Conformity and Speaking your Truth [Video]

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I’m going to speak about something that I think is pretty important.. something that I try and do but still constantly have to remind myself to do, and something I want you to think about whether you are truly living authentically with yourself and with your loved ones and other people you interact with. And that is speaking your truth.

There are not many places in this world where you can explore your truth…there are all these social expectations of what the “norm” is thinking.. what the group is thinking, etc. and you having to fit into what is expected.. what other people expect you to say, what they expect you to think, what they are conditioned to believe or what you are conditioned to believe.

I want to speak my truth… and yet, I’ve been brought up to follow the rules.. be a good girl.. not cause a stir.. conform… and I want to conform… I want to live in harmony with the world, with my community, with the people I engage and interact with. I am a good, law-abiding, conforming little Muppet, I’m a “never do the wrong thing” kinda person.

Ask my friends – I wait for the little green man before I walk across the road, I don’t run red lights, I obey laws and follow the rules. But then.. I’m also an observant little Muppet. I see some things in this world that others around me seem to ignore… not only do they ignore it but they seem to be numb to it – or blind to it… maybe .. because they too, want to be good little law-abiding muppets.

The shit that is going on in the world.. some of the things our governments are doing… and what we, the people are allowing to happen on a global scale… … what happens when a good little law-abiding Muppet doesn’t think the people who are running things have our best interests at heart… what if I think that dark forces have taken over – that the people running things are disgusting, corrupt… that they are harming us and are out of control… how does a good person who wants to do the right thing, who has always been taught to do the right thing, deal with this conflict of beliefs.. how do you do the right thing, when the people who are running things are doing the wrong thing… what is a good little law-abiding Muppet to do then? How does someone who wants to be a good law-abiding person, deal with what is going on in the world.

For me… it’s researching, staying interested in what is going on, but also… what can I do to reach the masses to do the right thing… I’m always seeking that.. trying to find a way for all us sheeple – the ones who want to do the right thing.. to actually DO the right thing… and I will talk about that much deeper on another video.. but today’s topic is speaking your truth.. not being afraid of seeking out the truth, discovering the truth, and then speaking your truth.

Because that is the beginning.. that is the start.. the first step in reaching the masses is to get them to think for themselves.. to remove the blinders, to loosen the shackles, and to do that, they need to get a tiny bit of freedom … they need to listen to that voice inside them, and they need to give that little voice… an actual VOICE… and not just to save the world, but to first save themselves.. people are living a life of misery.. some are happy living in a prison of their mind, but most I would guess are sick, sad, stressed out, really struggling to make sense of their lives.. they can’t even start to be part of the solution for humanity when their own lives are in total chaos.. & I have my own theories on whether that is on purpose or not, but lets not focus on either today – because that just gets us distracted from the first step in becoming part of the solution… they need to first get control of their own lives, over their own mind.. to become free thinkers..before we can even begin to get them to start giving a crap about what is happening to others that need our help.

And I know how hard it is, it’s something I have to remind myself to do and still get caught up not being able to do myself.. because I’m a good little law-abiding Muppet that has been brought up to please others, to obey.. to conform.. I’m going to share my experience of how I woke up to this.. and hope that it reaches who it needs to reach at this time.

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