D.I.Y. Conditioner (Apple Cider Vinegar)

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Tip 1 – use with Bicarb shampoo
The Apple Cider Vinegar conditioner is a great companion to the Baking Soda shampoo as the Baking Soda “opens” the cuticles and the vinegar “closes” the cuticles.
Tip 2 – Essential Oils
After your shower, smooth a drop or two of essential oils on your hands, and run your fingers through ends of your hair to get that freshly-washed smell. (I use Peppermint, Lavender, or Lemon oil from DoTerra.)
Tip 3 – Once per week max
With this natural alternative, it is suggested that you wash your hair just once per week, and after about 2 weeks, your body will re-adjust to normal and you will have beautiful hair.
But for the first couple of weeks, your hair might get oilier than normal, because it is used to re-oiling after normal shampoo.
Tip 4 – Chlorine Filter
It’s also recommended that you get a chlorine filter for the shower to remove even more toxins from your hair & skin.
If you find after a few weeks, your hair has not improved, then it’s probably the quality of the water, or your diet that you need to look into.
Tip 5 – Squirt Bottle ideas
Any bottle will do – an old tomato-sauce bottle, plant sprayer, old conditioner bottle, old hand-soap dispenser, etc. I use a flat plastic squirt bottle that I got from Bunnings which allows me to lay the bottle on the shower floor to “warm up” with the shower water while I shampoo (image to come).

DIY Conditioner or Hair Rinse

Makes your hair really shiny


  • Squirt Bottle
  • 2 TBSPs Apple Cider Vinegar closes cuticles
  • 2 Cups of Filtered Water or Shower water


  • Put Vinegar and water into squirt bottle.
  • Get into shower.
  • Apply (spray) the Apple Cider mixture all over your head, try to avoid scalp.
  • Concentrate on the “ends” of the hair to condition. (I usually pour the rest onto my ends).
  • Leave on while you wash your body (couple of minutes is fine), then rinse out.


Hair feels like crap when you are washing it, but it turns out really shiny when it’s dry. It’s not like normal conditioner – it won’t feel “good” while you use it.. a comb would be hard to put through (I keep a wide-tooth comb in the shower to gently comb while the warm water is running to make it easier).
Smells gross but it won’t smell that way when it’s dry :)
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