[Rant] Not a slave to my phone (or you)

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Restore your dignity & give people space. Society’s obsession with instantaneous communication has gone too far.

“People-pleasing” by ensuring timely-responses to every single email, text, & social media notification used to be my life … and my death.

When you have self-worth, you don’t need other people’s approval of you, you don’t need to try to control people or attempt to use verbal-force or guilt-tactics to get attention or soothe your ego.

If you respond to everyone, you are basically a slave to them, and it’s stressful having to try and “pre-amp” people’s tantrum’s – when you are an adult, not responding to a text message shouldn’t be a trigger for a 5yo temper tantrum – sheesh. Can we allow people to respond when they want to respond, do we need to add extra stress to our friends & relatives over “not answering a message in your expected timeframes”? It’s ridiculous & over-bearing.

Ease up and allow people the space to be free to contact you – forcing people or guilting them to pay attention to you only makes you look like a creepy stalker that makes others feel like that your friendship = no freedom, hard work, and unnecessary dismal energy & drama.

My happiness is not reliant on people responding to me once you allow people the space & freedom to live on their own terms, without force or expectations.

Original (Longer) Version: Restore your dignity & give people space.

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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