Conspiracy babble – Collective Consciousness, ET’s, Parallel Realities, Multi-Dimensional Beings

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Conspiracy babble – Collective Consciousness Clusters, ET’s, Parallel Realities, Multi-Dimensional Beings
0:00 – 2:00 Getting into conspiracy stuff again. Don’t care about where other people are at, just where I am exploring, now I feel free to share what I think even if it’s not resonating with others.
2:15 – Different consciousness, ET’s, parallel realities, multi-dimensional beings.
2:30 – Feel like people are becoming more open to at least conversing, that most of the population actually do believe but it’s not ok to talk about.
3:30 – Unless you are open, you don’t see it. Expected social response is “don’t believe”, protecting their ego or out of fear. Or not open to being wrong.
4:30 – Different perceptions. Clusters of collective consciousness who believe in ET’s. Mass population do believe all is not as they are told, but dismiss it as they are “too busy” or their focus is on their daily woes. Collective Mass Population = Standard Control Model = Job, Mortgage, Kids, Retire, Die.
5:30 Other clusters = experiencing different realities.
6:00 Fine line = imagination before experience
6:30 Cluster needed to experience that reality. I feel like this year will be the year that the masses will find out that all is not as we are told.
7:30 Will become common knowledge & whether you fear/accept/deny will depend on how much research you’ve done and how much you’ve been exposed to it.
8:00 We’re kept so busy on purpose perhaps so that we don’t recognize that we can as a collective change our realities & improve the entire world. Taught to conform.
8:50 Vaccines big concern. Why people don’t question it? Gen. pop. think they are bad parents if they don’t vaccinate but never research. Touchy subject. Trusting BigPharma.

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