“The Hero” has to level-up

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Ramble about the day-to-day moment-to-moment choices that we make that shape the life that we experience. “The Hero” has to constantly level-up – Choice Points shape your life.

Morning pages: 11:44am

Be yourself and ignore work people who think differently. Rightness of you is your comfort zone. Wrongness of you is your lesson/challenge/level you are evolving/growth lesson.

Every choice point we adjust the direction of our movie scene and the life we experience. You may not think you created the life you are experiencing, but the choices you have made have contributed to the life you are experiencing.

When I choose to walk instead of drive, when I choose a juice instead of a latte, when I pickup my guitar instead of load-up facebook, when I choose kindness & understanding or seeking to understand the level of awareness that another is operating from, rather than being frustrated or angry or upset about the so-called ‘wrongs’ another is ‘doing to me’, when I consciously choose the highest place that I can operate from, when I’m using this life to just level-up my own evolution of my soul. When I understand that noone has reached a ‘there’, there is no end point life is a constantly evolving and changing experience where there is no end to our unique paths, each of us operating at our own level of the game.

Every choice point adjusts the experience that your unique aspect of creation is experiencing, and has validity for its own version of experience that has been created from your ensemble of choices thus far and beyond. How can I level-up from my unique lens of creation?

Think of life like a thorough ‘spring cleaning’. Be aware of consequences of your actions. Exemplify the new self you desire.

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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