[RANT] Cheers to those who Question things when they Don’t Make Sense


Cheers to all those who:

  • question things when they don’t make sense (01) (02)
  • research new technology to know all the risks vs benefits (03) (04) (05) (06) (07) (08) (09) (10) (11)
  • don’t blindly trust a 95% figure without seeing how they came to that figure (12)
  • researched the risks of COVID-19 for themselves (13) (14) (15) (16)
  • are not manipulated by media still-frames – the oldest trick in the book to distract you from the truth & stir up your emotions and incite hate and fear into your hearts (17)
  • are actually looking into the reasons why people are protesting all around the world – and not just believing the headlines – (if you don’t know the real reasons – you need to get onto it and quickly). (18) (19) (20)
  • dare to question the so-called-experts when things don’t make sense (21) (22) (23)
  • realize this ‘virus’ has been the perfect absolute “masterful” opportunity – using our humanity against us – to implement a 2 year plan orchestrated and directed from central, global organizations and that we’ve all been hoodwinked by some very bad, very powerful, and very rich people who worked together each with their own stake in it (24)
  • “follow the money” instead of “follow the fake science” (25) (26) (27) (28)

Cheers to all those who know:

  • the tests are a fraud (29)
  • they changed the definition of a “pandemic” to get this to happen (30) (31)
  • they changed the definition of “herd immunity” to get this to happen (32) (33)
  • they changed the definition of “vaccine hesitancy” to get this to happen (34) (35)
  • they changed the classification of “certain biologicals” to get this to happen (36) (37) (38)
  • this is a global takeover that has been in the works for over a decade (39) (40)
  • they are willing to murder, threaten and injure people to see this plan through – “it must not fail this time”
  • could ONLY get this to happen with “emergency state powers” in place (41) (42)
  • that our gov has not been a democracy since March 2020, and they are literally following someone else’s plan – either blindly, complicity or under threat (- yet to be determined), and that this country was lost decades before that. (43) (44)
  • they tried this before and failed (AIDS, Swine, ‘variants of influenza’, & more, but “experts” weren’t censored back then) (45) – but this time they crossed their t’s, dotted their i’s, (46) (47) (48) and got it almost right – recruiting teams, and completely covering all their bases from “the science”, to the “word-spells”, and the perfect media weapon – a ‘misinformation censorship’ team globally controlling all media, big tech, and bribing/recruiting influencers, corrupt experts, bigtech and bigmedia (49) (50)
  • that our journalists are gagged and each employee has weekly meetings & weekly signing of NDA’s under serious threat, and they cannot report anything other than what is being scripted to them, that mainstream media has been used forever to influence political agenda’s and enslave us, and that bigtech companies are designed and controlled by DARPA – used as a weapon or tool to influence humanity (51) (52)
  • that wearing masks outdoors have NOTHING to do with protecting ANYONE and is more to do with gauging the level of compliance, to make you sick, to keep you ‘scared of invisible dangers’, to keep you from talking to each other and sharing the truth, and to keep a “deadly-invisible-virus” front of mind at all times, and keep you in a state of fear (53)
  • that our doctors are also under threat & being lied to (54) (55) (56) (57) (58) (59) (60) (61) (62) (63)
  • what’s happening and are trying to alert their friends – that if they continue to trust the gagged/corrupt-media, things are about to collapse “ON PURPOSE” – and life as you think it should be ‘after herd immunity is achieved’ is never going back to what you think it is (64) (65) (66)
  • that there are over a hundred thousand scientists, virologists, doctors and nurses globally who have risked everything to try and get the word out (67) (68) – and bigtech have destroyed their reputations, re-written their history, & censored and butchered their message. (69)
  • that they have been silencing and censoring vaccine victims and that it’s a lot worse than you have been led to believe (70) (71) (72) (73) (74) (75) (76) (77)
  • that the biggest threat right now is this disinformation campaign and those who don’t question it, and not what the headlines are telling you it is (78)
  • that there are over a million ‘pharma-politically-funded’ social media accounts ‘posting’ comments & creating meme’s to manipulate your minds (79)
  • that billions of content is being removed and hidden on social media so you never see the truth unless you are looking for it (80)
  • they are censoring and vilifying working treatments and keeping them from those that we are supposedly doing this for (because if they approve it – no emergency state powers can be in play when there are effective treatments) (81) (82) (83) (84) (85) (86) (87) (88) (89) (90) (91) (92) (93) (94)
  • that you can’t even publish peer-reviewed journal articles that go against this plan (95)

Cheers to all those who have seen:

  • the patents going back 10 years (96) (97)
  • how some ‘fact-checker’ articles pay $40k or more & that most of them are pharma-politically-funded/controlled disinformation campaigns in their own right – even those who are pretending that they run from “donations” – it’s all a lie (98) (99) (100)
  • how they can completely discredit an expert within minutes online so that anyone researching them will only see ‘bad things’ about people trying to warn us – no matter what language they are speaking, and that is another reason for lockdowns – to “keep you in a controlled-environment” All main sources of information are in their control. (101)

Cheers to all those who have risked it all to get the truth out:

  • to all those in parliament and in our police force and military that are trying to stop this – we appreciate you & hope you succeed. (102) (103) (104)
  • to independent media who are trying to get the word out (105)
  • to celebrities & individuals from all backgrounds standing up (106)
  • to the doctors, nurses, scientists, virologists, epidemiologists, lawyers, lab assistants, health scientists, funeral directors, and anyone else who has risked it all in every aspect of this – we are so grateful for your courage (107)

This is not an anti-vax thing – that narrative exists only in the media headlines. They were masterful in calling it that to turn you against each other – and if you don’t know that – I hope you want to ‘prove me wrong’ so bad – that you get those neuron’s firing again – to discover for yourself and verify it for yourself. But you have to go outside of the main channels of information because they are all compromised. (108) I hope you start to ‘think’ and question and realize what is happening so that you are at least mentally prepared for what is coming if we cannot stop it in time.

We care about all those who do not see it yet, and we know how hard – how impossible – it is to believe when ‘everywhere you look’ says the opposite, but what you are seeing is deliberate – they’ve thought of everything – and once you see, you are going to be extremely upset and we are here for you when you are ready. (109) (110) (111)

And as I’ve said a hundred times this week – I want to be wrong – I want you to prove me wrong – and if you can successfully do that – I’ll celebrate and book myself into a mental institution gladly because it will mean everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about and that nothing that is so blindly obvious to some of us will come to pass – so even if you do your own research to help pull me into your reality – I would be very grateful to you for doing so, because you’re reality is much easier to deal with than this <3 xo

Unfortunately the PDF option doesn't print citations or any text that needs expanding. Will find another PDF solution another day - I've already lost half the day trying to get it to work. ~ May 9th, 2023

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