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The Consequence of TRUTH being Suppressed, Lack of Critical Thinking, & the Censorship of Alternative Narratives is the Destruction of our Lives

Whether the people behind the global censorship had good intentions or not – they didn’t listen to non-pharma-funded agenda-driven experts, they didn’t listen to doctors who had working treatments, lives were needlessly lost or endangered, livelihoods irreparably damaged, and we will be paying for this gross error in critical thinking and unprecedented censorship for generations.


How the Globalists see the Peasant Slaves

Written over 10 years’ ago, this satirical poem about the hidden elite hand that controls our lives is as accurate and relevant now as it was then. Definitely worth 5 minutes of your time. Inside the mind of the New world Order, The power of the banks, Control through TV, Vaccinations, Eugenics, Sleeping sheep, spiritual development. Performed by Mike Daviot. Written by Craig-James Moncur.