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Psycho-Cybernetics was one of the most +1 recommended books in a forum post I read recently where someone was asking for advice on what to read to get into the right mindset. I was really surprised by how many people […]

Improve Health on Auto-Pilot

Power of Positive Habits – Lose weight & improve health automatically.   UPDATE: I’ve just found that Dan Robey is offering the Power of Positive Habits free ebook on his website, so even if you can’t listen to the audio […]

Email Smasher WSO

This was a WSO, but I can’t find the original source. There is Nothing new here for those who have bought 1000 WSO’s.. just.. pick a niche, build a squeeze page, get aweber, create a free giveaway, drive traffic, daily emails, and redirecting to an affiliate product. Don’t expect to learn anything more than my notes if you buy this WSO, it doesn’t go into any further detail about what you see here.

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