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[chatGPT] NBIC (Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno)

Although chatGPT is basically another propaganda device and it’s answers can’t be trusted without further research, sometimes you can get a clue about where to go next for your research by having a little conversation. Today I asked chatGPT about NBIC.


Using ChatGPT to condemn Catholic Jobs requiring Covid Jabs

I started creating this post after getting triggered when applying for jobs that still “mandate” boosters, in the hopes that employers see the ridiculousness, dangers, and evilness in their ways, but it ended up being a pointless argument with computer code over the fraudulent information it was spewing out at me keeping to the bullshit “praise Pfizer, praise the FDA, and praise the holy grail 1,000,000,000% safe and effective lie”. God helps us.