Your “Carbon Footprint” is a LIE (and we all fell for it) [Video]

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Over the years, BP—and the fossil fuel industry in general—have greenwashed the world into believing they care about making a positive change for our environment. When in reality, they’ve been conducting their dirty business behind the scenes.

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Your carbon footprint is a scam. You’ll never guess where the term carbon footprint came from in the first place & that it was only created less than twenty years ago by one of the world’s largest oil companies, BP – so you’d take the blame for the problem of carbon; not them.

Carbon: a weapon of financial control?


How carbon could be used to control us. We’ve all heard about carbon, and how it’s the most important focus for the future of our planet. But could it have serious financial consequences for people in society, especially those at the bottom?

Many countries around the world have proposed Personal Carbon Allowances, otherwise known as PCAs. And just like a massive corporation that has to offset its carbon to negate the damage it does to the environment, the theory is that we as individuals should also have to do the same. However, there are some potential problems with this kind of system.

When combined with a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), your government could not only track your carbon usage, but also theoretically limit you from buying certain items, or bill you for using any carbon over your monthly limit. Which some argue takes away individual autonomy, and the right for a person to make their own choices.

0:00 – Carbon could create invisible shackles
1:17 – Carbon and Personal Carbon Allowances (PCA)
2:37 – How carbon usage would be tracked
4:19 – The first penalty: individual carbon taxes
5:11 – Skillshare insert
6:07 – The second penalty: removing purchase freedoms
7:15 – How elites won’t be affected by carbon
8:27 – The biggest losers of a carbon tax
9:09 – We only have one home
10:35 – Some final thoughts

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