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Help a dying butterfly? I know this is weird but does anyone know how I can help a dying butterfly – I feel like I’m meant to…I’m really sad about a dying butterfly …

Yesterday afternoon, while sitting outside on my computer in the backyard, a butterfly landed on me, then flew, then banged into my face, then attacked me a little by banging into my head a couple more times, and then just flapped around the area a bit, swooping at me.. and I thought nothing of it, except.. “awww, silly butterfly”.. and I went inside.

But today, there is a butterfly dying on the kitchen floor. In the morning it was moving a little bit, but keeping to the same spot on the floor, I made my morning cuppa, went outside, and came back in and it was still there. I was feeling sad about it but don’t know what to do to help it, I started working and several hours later, everytime I went into the kitchen, it was still lying there. I put some water near it – not even sure if that’s the right thing to do, but it wasn’t interested and moved away from the water. A couple of hours later it looked like it had died. I blew on it and it started moving again, so it’s still alive. It’s now 8.30pm and it’s been on the kitchen floor all day. So I started Googling to see if there is something I can do.. I don’t want to risk picking it up and putting it outside if that’s the thing that is going to kill it.

But while I was looking, I found many articles about Animal Totems, and omg, the things I’ve read ring so damn true for me right now that I’m starting to be a “believer”. Or at least I’m curious enough to dig deeper. Anyone have any experience with butterflies as a totem animal? And why is it attacking me and then dying. I’ve zero experience and have never really believed in this kind of stuff before, it just .. seems like this time I have to pay attention.

These advice so far are so spot-on for me (albeit, I don’t know which one is for me, unless it’s all of them):

1.) that it has to do with a difficult transformation/transition in life and that I’m stuck – unable to get successfully to the other side or,

2.) that it’s a dead soul reaching out, or

3.) that I’m conflicted about reaching out to help someone who needs my assistance desperately.)

I hope that seeing a dying butterfly doesn’t mean anything bad… or that it’s something I can learn from. Also if you know how I can help the little bugger, I’d love to see it get healthy and fly away happy- that would actually make my day..

Animal Totems: The Power and Prophecy of Your Animal Guides


* It’s time to release your old self and move into a new chapter of your life.

* If a Monarc butterfly flies through your window today, then start packing for a long trip!

* Romance –
A butterfly’s meaningin this area signals a profound change in your marital status.

* Finances –
A time of change. Embrace new opportunities. Your ideas are flowing now and they are innovative and cutting edge. Let your intuition and instincts guide you.

* Work/Career –
A profound change is in the wind. This time you can reach for your dreams and achieve them, you can soar.

* Health –
You may be coming out of a challenging phase with your health. Your experience have caused you to realize what is really important in your life.

* Family –
Perhaps you moved recently. Or your household changed in some way. Whatever the change, it’s important that you embrace it rather than resist.

* Creativity –
Your creativity is entering a new phase. Now is the time to reach for your dreams and make them happen.

* Spirituality –
You’re on a new path now. Your inner guidance and intuition are exceptionally strong. Take up meditation or yoga. Go within.

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