The Primary Purpose of your Business is to Serve your Life

IN Life Purpose & Income
Dream Business

Questionnaire from various book summaries and notes that I’ve made from notes in my notepad to help create a dream business to serve your life. Maybe I’ll make a poll/questionnaire out of this to help us really answer them rather than just look at the questions :)

  • A.] How much money do you want to make? $______
  • B.] How much will you charge? $______
  • C.] How many sales will you need?  $______/$______ = ______ (A/B = / per week/month)
  • How many hours will you need to work? ______
  • What are the expenses? $______
  • Your annual income? $______
  • Your annual contribution? $______
  • When you reach your target of $______, what does that mean? (What will that provide you?) ______

Commit to a date when your “__________” will be finished.

  • Funnel Products/Services:______
  • Upsell/Backend Products/Services:______
  • Marketing:______
  1. Revenue Strategy #1: ______
  2. Revenue Strategy #2: ______
  3. Revenue Strategy #3: ______
  4. Revenue Strategy #4: ______
  5. Revenue Strategy #5: ______

Action Drives Revenue:

Daily Tasks by Hour:

  • Mon – 9am, 10am, 11am, 2pm, 3pm:
  • Tues – 9am, 10am, 11am, 2pm, 3pm:
  • Wed – 9am, 10am, 11am, 2pm, 3pm:
  • Thurs – 9am, 10am, 11am, 2pm, 3pm:
  • Fri -9am, 10am, 11am, 2pm, 3pm:

Delegated To: ______
By When:______

  • Ideal Customer:______
  • Typical Self-Image:______
  • What do they Really want?______
  • Why do they want it?______
  • What does it Represent to them?______
  • Once they get it, how do they FEEL?______
  • Once they get it, what is their typical self-image?______
  • What Interests your market?______
  • What will trigger Anticipation?______
  • What causes Excitement?______
  • What causes Curiosity?______
  • What Hopes do they have?______

They have a desire to:

  1. Be:______
  2. Save:______
  3. Gain:______

Which of the above desires apply to your customer? ______

  • My Inventory of Achievements: ______
  • My Strengths/Abilities: ______
  • My Weaknesses (things I’ll need to outsource or learn): ______
  • What does your dream business provide for customers? ______
  • What kinds of experiences do you see your customers having as they interact with your business? ______
  • When they do business with you, or use your products/services, what kinds of feelings does that elicit in them? ______
  • How does it change their lives? ______

My One Year Goals:

  1. Purpose: ______
  2. Numeric Targets: ______
  3. Meaning: ______

My Affirmations: ______

Affirmation that you STRONGLY want as a new belief: ______

  • Powerful, Positive, Emotional Events: ______
  • Vision Statement: ______
  • Dream Board: ______
  • Gratitude Board: ______

Feel the doubt, and do it anyway.

  • How do I get more IDEAL customers? (The kind of customers you want)
  • What does success look like to me? ______
  • What is it I love to do, that lies at the heart of my dream business?______
  • My dream business is a vehicle that allows me to: ______
  • What feelings do I want to experience as a result of my dream business? ______
  • Because of my dream business, I get to feel: ______
  • Because of my dream business, I arrive at the end of everyday feeling:
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