[Paul Selig] Book of Truth 1 (The belief you are separate from Source)

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[Paul Selig] Book of Truth 1 (The belief you are separate from Source)

You can get the books or learn more about Paul Selig on his website: https://paulselig.com/ or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

  • The alignment each of you hold, every one of you here, is attained by you through expression and experience. You’ve been expressed in many ways over many lifetimes and the life you are living now in all ways is the agreement to be in the incarnation you hold and agree to move beyond what you’ve known.
  • The issue you all have, and we will say all of you, is that you replicate your history. You see something before you, you know it through what it was, you claim it by the name it as given, and you attend to it as you’ve known it. The landscape you exist in is full of things that have been named by others that you are in agreement with. “Because my father called it this, it will be that. I will know it as that.”
  • Now everything you see before you was created for a reason – the chair you sit in, the floor you walk upon, the structure you call a home. These were originally ideas that were imprinted in matter, made manifest, built or created to realize the need. Everything you see before you, high and low and in between, is of the same idea. It had a reason. It was made so.
  • If you can imagine for a moment that the life that you are living is actually taking place in a field, and the field is made of things that were constructed historically to fulfill the needs of those who came before you, you will understand that the world that you see is made of relics, some of them wonderful relics, perhaps, but everything that was made was made by those who came before you. The ideas you see manifested in form were created prior to your incarnation or perhaps during it through the intentions of others. What we will do in this text as we align through Paul and work with you directly – you the reader, yes – is support you each in a replication of a landscape that has not been known ye on the manifested plane.
  • The manifestation of the Kingdom or the Divine in all things already exists, but the claiming of it and calling it into form as truth will be the issuance of this work. And how we do this with you, individually and collectively, will be the operation, and a significant one, that we will work with you on.

The alignment that you hold in your own being is what is claiming your life into being, and the agreements you’ve made thus far about who and what you are, what it means to be a man or woman, a success or failure, even happy or sad, yes, is what claims you in all ways. The decree we give you by our authority is that this thing will be changed, this thing you’ve decided will be changed by your agreement to be in change. And already you are deciding to move beyond the known, or the codification of what was, to a new landscape where change will be possible.

If you can imagine for a moment that the being that you are is holding a vibration, and the vibration it holds is informing all it sees, you can begin to comprehend that the alignment to the vibration as truth, the truth of what you are, will then inform all you encounter. When a lie is encountered by truth, the lie no longer exists.

  • You are God in form. Each and every one of you is of the Source that manifested you.
  • When we say you are God, we say everything is. Everything is of its source.
  • The belief that you are separate from your Source shields you from truth, because if you accept this truth, you cannot be what you are not. You cannot be afraid. You cannot be frightened.
  • The vibration of you as it aligns to truth claims all aspects of your life into a new alignment, and those things that were held, that were conceived of in fearful ways, the things you believed to be you that cannot be you, will be dust.
  • All things that have been born in lies, all kingdoms and countries, all rules and laws, all things decided upon by man in fear to agree to stay fearful, will be rising to be met. And in the witnessing of them, in the seeing of them as truth, the lie disappears and what is left, finally, is the light of God.
  • Aligning to truth, which is the mission here. If you can all understand that the vibration of truth, which is available to you each, will not hold a lie, you can actually see that the claiming of truth as who and what you are by its very intention will disassemble the mask. What no longer works is pulling at it, investing in it as something that has to go, but aligning to the Divine Truth, which lives at an octave where the mask itself does not exist. Do you understand this?
  • Understand this, friends. The action of fear, as we have said many times, is to claim more fear, and a world made of fear is a world made of lies. As you align to the truth as who and what you are, the being that you are imprints itself in the highest frequency that it may align to, and the acclimation to the imprinting is a resolute self as truth. And as truth, the one that you are steps forward to liberate a world.
  • As a collective group witnesses anything, decides what is or means, the collective group invests that very thing with the properties it assumes it should have. And as you have done this in many ways, you are acclimating your own vibration to the object in the way that you’ve decided it is. When you witness something as the small self, what you witness is invested with the historical data that you perceive with. “My mother told me this was that. I saw this or that in a book, so it must be this or that.” And the replication of history in all you see before you is what is going to be attended to in this text.
  • Until human beings realize that they are creators and not living in historical data that must be remade every day as it has been, they will not realize that what can be claimed in new ways will be of greater benefit.
  • The only thing that will transform this plane from war to peace is a level of consciousness that cannot adhere to war.
  • If you’ve excluded God from the physical realm and placed it upon a cloud somewhere unreachable, you have affirmed separation. But when God is the tree, and the rug beneath your feet, and the man you see across the way, and in all those people over there that don’t do what you want, you will begin to understand truth.

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You can get Paul Selig’s books or learn more on his website or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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