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As you claim yourself as truth, the lies that you have known yourself through that have disabled your capacity to be expressed as love are released and you are aligned to your True Self.

Most of you believe yourselves to be capable of love. “I have this feeling or that, this way of knowing myself or that, so I assume this to be love.” But if you really understood love, you would also understand the depth of it and the breadth of it. And as you become as love, the one who knows who she is, you infuse the frequency of it in the landscape you exist in.

On his day I decide that any belief in love or any attributes to love that I have decided upon that are out of alignment with truth will be re-created in a higher way. And as I claim these words, I support my entire being in attuning to the frequency of love as may be known as and through me. On this day I claim that I am in alignment to love, and the vibration of love as what I am in its expression will reclaim a world through my being. As I say these words, I know them to be so. I know who I am in love. I know what I am in love. I know how I serve in love. I am here. I am here. I am here.

The presupposition that any attunement we give you can be deciphered by you and then explained will leave you witless, because the level of operation that we align you at actually has no language, and our efforts to imprint you with language are succeeding because of the intonation that we incorporate in your field.

If you can imagine that the claims you make with us are chords that play, and the intention is set in language so you have a comprehension of what is becoming as you, you will understand this a little better.

The testimony to truth will always be the light informing what is true and releasing what is not through its very exposure. The release of the fear-based self, which serves to obstruct the vibration of love as what you are, is being met in the claim of truth that we have announced. And the frequency as love that is supporting in this the Divine nature in truth, which is love, can then hold its expression.

You are love already. You all are. It is the truth of your nature as being of God. You don’t learn love, you learn behaviour. You allow love to be as you, and in the agreement to be as it, it is as you in all ways.

You become its shepherd. The being that you are in love teaches others by being as you what they can be and what they truly are. This was always the teaching of the Christ, and it always will be. The one who says, “Follow me,” and is in love is encouraging all to be as they can be in the same truth in union with its Source.

As long as you believe yourself to be bound by the laws of man and the exchanges of men that have decided what these laws should be, you will be tethered to the laws at the cost of the vibration that you truly are knowing its full expression.

The reckoning that we speak to – the self facing the self – is not punishment, it is glory, because when the self recognizes the self in its false structures, she begins to realize the magnificence of the truth of what she is. And so long as you’re all investing in what was invented yesterday, what was taught yesterday, what you believed to be true yesterday, you cannot know what is today.

Now fear, we have said, in its purview, will seek to reclaim everything and use it in her own way. “I must be fearful of a teaching that tells me I am Divine.” We would argue you should be terrified of a teaching that tells you, you are not, because that would be denying God as the Source of all things.

On this night I chose to be enabled in all ways to be in full service as my True Self, and in truth I claim this, and in agreement to truth I witness it. And as I say, ‘Yes,’ to this, all aspects of my being will be claimed in the higher vibration and all I have known and will know, all I have seen and will see, all I may believe and may known and may bear witness to from this moment forward is in truth, in alignment to truth, in agreement to truth. I am here, I am here, I am here.

Some of you come to us asking to be healed. Here is what we say to you. Let yourselves be known as you truly are. Let yourself be loved as you can only be. Let yourself be witnessed in truth by us so you may be known outside of the shell of the small self and her injury or her shame or her rage or her fear. The one you are is here to be witnessed and is always in truth when she knows who she is.

Claim your freedom as the one who chooses. This is the teaching of liberation. If you want to blame another, by all means do, but understand what it does. It puts you in a place of being a victim and it denies your authority. So know that you are the one choosing. The first responses most of you have are historical. “He stepped on my foot, I should punch him. He stepped on my foot, must have done something to deserve it. He stepped on my foot, maybe he wants to ask me out.” Your first response will be predicated by your history.

Now, the old self seeks to re-create the known at every opportunity and it includes your reactions to the things in your world. As you move to the authority of the True Self as what you are, while the temptation may be there to recriminate, to fear, to blame, to argue, the tendency will be moving away because it is not in truth. The True Self you see, will call forth what she requires to learn through. And if you are one who needs to learn how to manage your temper until you realize there is nothing to be angry at, you will call those lessons to you.

The Divine Self does not blame, does not shame, does not fear, does not punish.

You operate in history, you do what you’ve done, because it’s what you’ve been known to do. The choice you make now is to choose wisely, and that is choosing the True Self.

When you take an action in fear, you are calling more fear to you When you do something in frustration, you are agreeing to the thing that is frustrating you.

The Divine Self operates as you, but you’ve been gifted with free will, and the alignment that we speak to requires consent as the True Self emerges, at the cost of the known. And “the cost of the known” means the truth of what you are. The claims you make with us are in support of this teaching.

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You can get Paul Selig’s books or learn more on his website or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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