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Chapter 6: Structure & Truth

Belief in what you know because it was taught to you by another must be understood now. An inherited belief is not the known, and this is the biggest challenge you will face as you encounter this teaching. You believe the world to be a certain way. There are books written about how the world is, and you have inherited knowledge through religion and science that prescribe a way of being in the world. This history of your world is understood by you only in reference to what has been understood by those who assign themselves to be the ones deciding for you what history should be. You don’t know your history, you know the metaphors for it, you know the aspects of it, but in fact what you are doing is piercing together a puzzle with many missing pieces and assuming it is whole.

  • What we wish you to understand is that the claims you make of the visible world – we will call that the known world because you think you know it – are in fact collective agreements about what you think is there and what is truly there, what informs the structure may be quite different.
  • Now if you have a gift to give of any kind – the song you sing, the writing you do, the muscles on your back that support you in lifting things that the one beside you cannot – you are honor bound in some ways as the one in receipt of the gift to give it away or to share it. If you don’t give away the gifts you have, you will grow stingy, and the gift that you think is so special will shrivel and die. Anything many has that can be shared needs to be shared with the ones beside you.
  • Now we will explain this for you. There is nothing wrong with wealth or poverty. They are different ways to learn about the manifested world. But to realize that each one before you is sovereign and has a right to be as they are can imply that it’s every man for himself. And that is not the case.
  • Each one here who hears these words is called to act in truth. And to be in truth means you know your Source, the Source of all that is, and not at the cost of anyone else receiving what they need. If you deny bread to the man that is hungry, you have cursed yourself in your belief that there is no more bread to give. Do you hear these words? These are words of truth.
  • “Well, it all sounded good,” you say. Perhaps it did. The motivation to do good deeds may be covering another agenda. “I must be seen as the one doing good deeds. I must be seen as the one who has evolved. I must be known as the most helpful one so I will be approved of.
  • “The next thing we would like to discuss is what is not your fault, because you blame yourselves at most opportunity for what you have not done. Because you have inherited a world that is in change, and perhaps were participatory to the circumstances you see around you, you feel that you should be motivated to attend to things from some kind of guilt. “If I don’t do this, I am not doing my part. I am not a good man or woman”.

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You can get Paul Selig’s books or learn more on his website or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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