[Paul Selig] Book of Truth 5 (You made fear)

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[Paul Selig] Book of Truth 5 (You made fear)

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There is no cataclysm here, but there is truth, and truth will unmake a lie or overtake a falsehood. It will reclaim one who in her ignorance is responding to a world in answer or fear and reclaim her as what she truly is.

The wave will release the very things that need to be moved. What is never moved is that which is born in truth. And the dance, we say, is to try to maintain or stay afloat in the midst of a tidal change, a change of being, a change of being in an encounter with truth that has not come until now.

If you can understand that truth itself is impartial, as is the sunlight which shines upon all, whoever they may be, you will realize that what is encountered by truth may be reshaped as the wave gently touches the shoreline, or may be left without what it thought it needed or may be swept away itself to be re-known in light, in God itself, and be re-created in the higher octave.

When what you perceive to be transformation is not attractive, or does not appeal to your sense of what should be; you go into fear.

The challenge for so many of you is you believe than an outcome that is not to your liking is punishment, and that has never been the case. “Oh, woe is me, we will be punished now for our attachments to false teachings.” Leaving the teaching is a gift, not a punishment.

What faith is, is knowing, and knowing and realization are one and the same. And as you are realized, known as what you are in your truth, you become the vessel of great change.

Now don’t justify anything because you think you’re supposed to. This includes your attitudes, your behaviour, your history. When you justify, you defend, and the time of defending things must end now if we are to progress in this teaching.

The lineage you hold as human beings is a very distinct one. You have come into form for the distinct purpose of remembering what you are, and this has been going on since you first incarnated upon this plane.

Now what you truly are is of the earth and not of the earth. And this has been the dilemma since the beginning of time. The aspect of you that identifies as form knows itself in relationship to others things that have been manifested at the same dense level, and this is the three-dimensional world that you exist in.

But what you truly are, which invests all these things, is spirit, and the knowing of this, and the knowing of the true identity that informs each cell of what you are and all things you see is the claiming of the inheritance.

Now “Why has this not happened?” is the great question.

As mankind identifies in fear, it re-creates or replicates that energy in its creations.

We have said so many times that the action of fear is to claim more fear, but what you don’t see is that the creations of man that were made in fear are also assuming responsibility for the same action.

Now are you talking about evil?” Paul is asking. “This sounds like good and evil or a teaching of duality. We don’t do this, do we?

Well you don’t, actually, but you believe you do. If you can understand this, that the fear that you see all around you is your accountability to your own creations, you have claimed this as a lineage. It is yours and nothing else’s.

So the idea of a battle between good and evil is also a fear-based structure. It is not true. The only battle you have is with your own self or the identity that is claimed in fearful ways that has produced the structure that you have inherited and, in fact, reinforced by naming them as fearful.

You made fear. You make it every day by claiming its identity.

The other opportunity you have is to lift beyond it. Now you do not do this by force of will. It will not be done by effort. What you’ve claimed or made, you are accountable to. To know what you are implies that you know what everybody else is as well, and everything else. And the shadow of fear is banished by the light of truth that it would attend to.

You came here to learn, and you learn through the choices you make. And the desire to learn through separation, or the forgetting of what you are, was done by you as well.

Humanity has a choice of how it proceed. The Divine as you is in a new agreement The Divine in all men, in all beings, is awakening to its true nature as expressing through the forms that it has claimed. And the rejoicing, we say, of what can come will be heard throughout the universe.

The choice remains your own.

You hold vibration in every cell of your being. As you lift in frequency, the dense energies – those things vibrating at a lower level who have become accustomed to being what you are – are going to be challenged. And you may experience this in changes in the body itself that are productive but unexpected.

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