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To justify yourselves to anyone is to give your authority away. To decide for yourself that you have the right to be as you are is the claim of freedom.

When you are witnessed by another as they want you to be – that means they are holding an intention for you and expect you to meet them where they stand at the cost of what you are – you will be claimed by the speaking of the words we intone for you.

Can you decide on this morning that you are free from the desires of others’ intention for you, who they want you to be, need you to be, in order to support the identity that they have claimed?

Who you are is what you say you are, and what you are is the manifestation of the Divine in form. When somebody decides for you – “He is the man I want him to be” – in fact, what they are doing is deciding for you who you should be in their vibration, in collusion or agreement with an intention that may not be in alignment to truth. “I want that man to be my lover; I want that woman to give me the job” is deciding for someone else who they must be to you to meet the requirements that the small self has designed.

Now, you live in a world, yes, where these interactions are everyday occurrences. But what you don’t realize is that by moving beyond them to what you are, you are no longer in alignment to the small self’s requirement to respond as it has been instructed thus far.

When you decide that what you are, the being you are – is truly sovereign in her freedom, can agree at this level to be in any engagement with anyone you met, and you do not override them or their free will by claiming truth. In fact, when you honour yourself at this level, you are honouring them as well. You are free men.

The Divine Self is aware of the Divine in all you encounter.

Paul: “We expect people to do what we ask when we have that agreement with them. Are you saying that these things are null and voice now?

In a way, we are. Not that they don’t exist, but you are not empowering them through the command of the lower self to have someone do your bidding, meet your need. And please understand that most of these agreements are not of benefit to you.

Some of you believe that you will not be loved, so you encounter others with the design, “Do not love me, I will not be loved.” And that is the expectation you hold for them in spite of what they would give you.

Now, the claim we make about freedom is inclusive of free will. When someone has a design on you – “I would like to hire her for the job,” which is, in fact, a design – you may agree to it if you wish. You are always sovereign in your choice.

What we are actually saying is that the agreements that are made with others in intention to deny the Divine within them, or to circumvent their will, will not hold in the vibration we claim with you, “I am free.”

Now, if you can understand that the teaching you are receiving is not just an instruction, but a statement of fact, of what happens to one at the level of vibration of truth that we call forth as you, you will understand that what commences now is a new agreement, and that the relationships you hold that are not in alignment to truth will be re-created or released as needed under the purview of the Divine Self.

When you enter into an agreement, “You will be who I want you to be or I will not love you,” it is an agreement made in fear. “You will do what I say, or you will not be who I want you to be, and if you are not who I want you to be, I will not now you” is manipulation and debasement of the free will of the one you know.

The evolution of a soul requires that the soul have experiences. Some you may perceive as joyful; some may be very hard. But all of these things that you encounter in your world are there to support you, finally, we say, in knowing who and what you are. The truth of what you are, the Divine Self, or the Christ principle operating as you, is unchangeable. It is a fire that burns within your heart, and that fire, in its truth, will envelop you and transform all the matter that you encounter by your touching it in your perception.

The claims you make with us – “I know who I am in truth, I know what I am in truth, I know how I serve in truth” – will reclaim you in the octave of truth. And in truth there is no fear. When you are in truth and in your knowing, you are never afraid.

When you have someone, any man, any woman, who seeks to override the free will of another, you have a despot. You have a ruler who will assume the power of another at the cost of their free will.

Now the command to love one another is the most important command you may ever know. But you cannot love another when you are fearful of him, or fearful of his leaving, or fearful of her doing you harm. So when you feel that you love in fear, you do not love, you want. And these are the wants we are speaking to today.

As you move into your authority as the Divine Self, you will begin to see where you have claimed authority at the cost of another’s needs, and even more so, where you have given your authority to another man or another woman to give her the power to choose for you. You may do this in a marriage, yes. You may do it in a very simple encounter. You may also do it by rule and governance. You may do it in a war. You may do it in a playground. It is all the same principle.

When I know who I am in freedom and in truth and I have aligned to it, I must give everybody else the freedom they have as well. And in this is love.

See the ones before you, whoever they may be, the ones that populate your world. See them as they are in your mind’s eye, if you wish, and realize that each one you know is a brilliant and independent creation, and anything you’ve needed from them, desired of them at the cost of their own will, is now being released.

Well, I want that one to love me,” you may say. “I want her to know how I feel.” You may tell her how you feel. You may hope for the best. But you are not demanding that she attend to you in a creation or a lie. You may know her as she is, and love her as she is, and know that she is free as well.

As we attune you in the vibration of truth- not to but in the vibration of truth – all claims made, contracts made, agreements made to stay small, or to adhere to the violence against the self that you have all known, will be released because they do not exist in the higher vibration.

The belief that somebody else should have authority over you is ridiculous. It’s a ridiculous presumption. You may have an agreement to be in accord with someone who directs you, but they cannot wield power unless you give it to them. But you invest in this, which is a false structure, every day of the week when you pay the toll on the highway or do what you are taught.

“I am doing as I was told.” We do not tell you to do as you are told. We need you to know that you are doing it. If you know you’re doing it, you are in your power and your own authority.

Your truth, we promise you, the truth of what you are, will set you free.

What we are telling you is that you’ve made something in low frequency. You now stand up on the mountain. What you do not do is trek back down the mountainside to the low vibration that the thing was initially claimed at and try to fix it there. You lift it to where you stand on the mountainside and you perceive it in truth. This is the remedy for the dance of up and down.

We would like to continue with a lesson in sovereignty. And by the very nature of what you are, you are sovereign and cannot be other. By this we mean any belief that any of you hold that you do not have free will must be attended to once and for all. And by this we mean that the agreements that you have made to be taken over by another are still agreements, whether or not they may be perceived as such.

Now the gift of this teaching is to release you from obligations made in fear. “If I don’t do what they say, I will be put away. If I do as I wish, I will not be known.”

Now the catalyzation of this, what propels you forward in this expression, is truth. Truth is the catalyst. If you can imagine a system that has been running poorly, the clogs in the mechanisms slow it down or push energy in the wrong directions, you will begin to understand that the claiming in truth that we are offering you will actually shift you and clear you so that the knowing that you have may become present where thinking was paramount.

We will ask you each to make a decision now. Decide one human being in your life stands before you, anyone in your life, a friend or a parent, a coworker, perhaps, and you see them as you see them. You decide who they are based on your prior experience. “Oh, she is wearing the sweater I bought her. Oh he is looking angry again. He will do such and such.” You are prescribing behaviour or an outcome or assigning history based on what you’ve known about them.

Now would you look at this person again and make a new decision? “Everything I know about this person is wrong, is my idea of who he or she is, and I have been projecting an identity upon them based on my prescriptions – perhaps through my experience, yes, but I am knowing them through the intellectual self who has history or ideas about who someone is.” This is the second step. To realize that you may not know is a precursor to knowing.

Now the third step, is realization. You realize that the one you see has knowing of her own and a way of operating in the world that will support you each in a higher way. The listening you do with your ears and the decisions you make with your mind have been invested in prior knowing or experience.

Now we will ask you each, you who attend to these words, to imagine that one before you as if she was never born, had never come in the form she is in, had never been invested in a physical self, but is just vibration What you are doing here is disassembling form or the requirement of the form to be the rendering of the construct of frequency that they express as. If they have no body, are they still themselves, or have you mistaken them through the flesh to resemble what you think they are based on prior intention? If they don’t have the body, are they still in love, in the frequency of love that I have placed them in? Are they still beautiful or ugly or old or young? In fact they are not. They are just a they are in the vibration of truth.

Now what we would like you to do is witness that energy before you and make this claim for them. “I know who you are. I know what you are. I know how you serve.” And as this claim is made for them, what you are agreeing to is their Divinity in place of all other things – the relationship you’ve had with them, how you have prescribed their behaviour or intended it to be, how you’ve known the body or the sex or the age, how you’ve known the energy in a certain way, now you witness in truth.

Your ideas of who people are, are always false. They are just your ideas and they are prescriptions you hold based on your history.

The idealization of others, or what you prescribe for them, or how you intend them to be as the small self, is always in denial of their inherent truth. When you begin to operate as truth, you no longer prescribe as the small self, but you do realize them outside of what they may have claimed for themselves.

Here is the new claim: “Every aspect in my life will be reknown by the True Self.

This is alchemy. This is not self-help. “Alchemy” means transformation, “self-help” means you tie your shoelaces differently and you wear a better cologne. Do you understand the difference between transformation and cosmetic change?

Each day you leave your home, you are going to begin to realize that you are not what you think, and you are not what you thought, and consequently how you see the world will be new, because the new eyes you hold do not prescribe meaning to what has been there.

As you witness one in truth without their knowing, you will be welcomed by them. The physical self may not be in response, but the wink of the eye that the field itself holds will come as an acknowledgement that they have been met and seen. Once this occurs, you have supported someone else in realignment by nature of your witness.

The challenge here, for some of you, is you believe you must be special to be worthy of this. The truth shines brightly without explanation. The truth does not seek to explain itself, just as God does not need to, because it is. In fact, everything you see right now, the hair on everybody’s head, the windows, the sky, is only God. When you understand that, the idea that you could be special becomes silly.

Now what is not silly is that you are unique, and that you have unique ways of expressing your truth. But to vilify another is not truth. To place yourself above another is not truth. Or to conjure for show is not truth.

The song you sing is the glorious song of the Divine Self. It is a humble song, but you don’t understand humility yet. To be humble is not to scrape and crawl.. It is not to hide your true light. I is to be in celebration and in wonder and in a knowing that you are of the great Source – not specifically you as the small self, but you are of the greatness that has made all things so.

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You can get Paul Selig’s books or learn more on his website or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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