[Paul Selig] Book of Truth 3 (Heaven is a higher octave)

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“On this day I claim that I give agreement to perceive a new world, and that the investments I have made in what things were is being released for me by the Divine Self know myself as and all the support that is present for me as an initiate on this wondrous journey. The claim that I make now is being imprinted in my field for the purpose of remembrance. As I remember who I am in totality, I give every aspect of my life permission to reflect the Divine truth that I know is in all. I say these words of my own free will, and as I say them, I say ‘yes’ to all that may meet me, all I may know, and all I will witness in Divine truth. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

You have all become so invested in looking at yourselves, deciding why you are the way you are and what you must do to correct what you perceive to be a problem, that you invest in all of the data from history that would support a kind of self-reflection that is ultimately a reinforcement of the personality and egoic structure.

  • The depiction of heaven as elsewhere has confused humanity for far too long. And the truth of the teaching “The Kingdom of heaven is at hand” is that it is here, has always been, and can only be.
  • It is a higher octave, a higher level of vibration – dimensional reality, if you prefer – that may be known through you, but only as you attend to it as the one who may perceive it.

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You can get Paul Selig’s books or learn more on his website or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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