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[Paul Selig] Book of Truth 10

You can get the books or learn more about Paul Selig on his website: https://paulselig.com/ or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Notes from Chapter 10: The Gifts of the Kingdom

All you have been through, all you have believed and known, will now be used in service to truth, you will understand and comprehend why you are here and what you have come for.

The alignment in these claims is deeply significant. They will restructure you because the agreement to be as truth will touch all things. The wave that we described earlier that washes away that which is unstable or out of alignment with truth is encompassing you now. And the joy of this is the release of the old and the claiming of the new, what lives beyond the threshold.

The life you are living now is the products of beliefs and things you’ve chosen.

The ones who listen and heed the call are being prepared for the work of their lives, not the work that they would choose as the small self, but the work of their lives.

The one who was told he would not be loved operates from that memory and the belief system that has supported it and claims it in his field as truth as truth when it has never been. The memory of it is stored in the physical self, in the body itself, as well as the field. And your consciousness imprints it on the reality before you, which makes it seem real because it is your experience here. But your experience here is simply giving you back what you have claimed. It’s entirely neutral in this respect.

If you believe yourself to be this or that, you will claim that in expression. That is how the world works, and that is how individual and collective agreement manifests. So, in truth, we say, memory may be restored to its truth.

What you require to move forward with is gifted to you in knowing and realization only in the moment you stand in. Everything else is the idea in memory projecting itself into the moment you stand and out beyond it.

On this day I choose to align memory and all memory I have known to the vibration of truth. And in this claim, I give permission to all memory I know, individual and shared memory, personal and race memory, to move into an alignment with the vibration of truth. And as I say these words, I claim it as so. I am in truth. All I have known and believed is in truth And all I will know and will believe is in truth. I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth. I am here, I am here, I am here.

The Christed Self, the what that you are, is the one that does this work, not the small self who thinks she knows everything. The Divine as what you are is the one who is lifting you to the level of vibration or alignment where this is even possible. The replication of memory will be released in this claim, which simply means that, because it was, it no longer is, because the True Self will claim what you need in the moment you stand in.

The realization that wherever you stand is sovereign, and wherever you are, you are on holy land, will support you firmly in this progress. How the ones around you attend to fear and their memory of it, which is what catalyzes them to move in one direction or another, will be entirely dependent upon their level of agreement and alignment to truth. The one who is easily deceived, who prefers deception because it allows her to hide in the shadow, may find herself screaming as the light comes. Others of you will welcome it with an open heart. There is no penalty here.

The ones who disfigure themselves by hiding from the light they truly are will be called forward in love, and the mirror placed before them will be in love. There is no human born, no man or woman born, who is not loved by the Source of her being. But the Divine as what you are has been shielded from you for so very long that you’ve forgotten what you are.

The choices that you make is always yours. How you choose is up to you as well. And as you claim your true inheritance, the Divine as you, the choices that you make will be in agreement to the truth of what you are, and herein your lives become effortless. You are no longer in a quandary about what to do because you operate from a place of knowing that is not embellished with the dictates of others, culture, or religion, but ascribed to truth. And in truth you may know and have your being.

The aspects of you that are not in support of your truth will be recreated or realigned or released, not by your efforts, but by the Source of your being.

As you are pondering the text, and questions occur, announce them and expect to receive the answers in your life. Your life has become your teacher now. Assume the answers come as the questions are asked, not through a voice, but through example and experience and what you see and who you see and how you see it.

To die to the old life you have known is to be born anew, and the death of the old self*, while not a death as you can understand it, is what is going on in a certain way. As we re-calibrate you each in your systems, in the vibrations you have chosen to operates as, what is null and void is in release. And some of you may be experience this in the physical self or the emotional self as weariness or pain or loss.

// * Penny note: This to me means “Dark night of the Soul” :) //

The temporary removal of the old is immediately replaced by the highest vibration that can be held by the student. And in this alchemy, the student knows herself in a new way. Give permission, please, to the process you have chosen to engage what you are in material form. It must be known in form.

In this choice to be as my True Self, I align all choices to the authority of the True Self so all that I choose may be in agreement to truth. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word..

The last thing we say to you each is progress at your perfect pace. Your perfect pace means there is no race to glory, there is no timeline for your truth. The Eternal Self, the truth of what you are, is here as what you are and will only be and always be. And so you don’t need to worry. The shifts you make, happen in accord with your ability to receive them. And the progression of the teaching in your experience happens as you can hold it.

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You can get Paul Selig’s books or learn more on his website or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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