Wearing the “Sick” badge is keeping you sick

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Everything happens for a reason… adjusting that to “out of everything that happens, there is an opportunity to learn from it”

Everything we go through is brand new. Every choice we make has consequences / outcomes.

Every choice we make leads us to the next experience, where we use the vast amount of information that we’ve gathered and discern what to do in this new experience.

From this new body of information which is filled with our past experiences, is in a situation where it has never been before. Because as you get more information, you’re actually changing the next choice.

Everyone’s “body of information” is different.
We’re all just “bodies of information” interacting with other “bodies of information”.

It’s all perspective.

Last night we had “Thunderstorm Asthma” in Melbourne and many with a low-functioning immune system couldn’t breathe. That would’ve also put me in hospital a few years ago, but not anymore. I haven’t even been back to a hospital or a doctor since I decided to take care of myself.

You can’t tell people to not eat pasta and bread and grains – especially Italians who have grown up on it. You can’t tell people to eat more greens or add more anti-inflammatory foods to their diet.

But I do tell people and I tell them that they need to take responsibility, that they can change their life, that it is possible to stop labelling yourself as “victim”. To stop putting disease-badges on yourself. Because when you label yourself as a disease – you’re walking around life with these labels “I am sick” and you are keeping yourself sick, small and limited, and you are telling your body that you will never change.

You need to somehow start making baby steps affirming “health” – even if it’s just half a glass of water – one little baby step to validate to your cells that you’re actually making an effort and with your intent to be well. Every baby-step leads to the next.
These baby steps are permission slips, they are tools, they are intentions.

Research what other “tools” or permission slips, and ways that “other people” have healed themselves when the doctors have said “I don’t know what else to prescribe you”.

You can outlive a doctors diagnosis and death sentence if you reconnect with your own body and start making positive intentions; “promises” and “proof” to your body that you want to be healthier.

I’m actually reprogramming my own “body of information” when I have health-rants like that. I don’t ever expect other people to get anything but the ‘seed’. I just try and let it permeate through my own body of information – my own database.

When you’re mixing and merging with other “bodies of information” that don’t believe it, you can unfortunately take on their limited beliefs – you can de-evolve.

Original (Longer) Version: Health Rant – wearing the “Sick” badge is keeping you sick

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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