If you haven’t already, join Facebook and do the same. You might even catch up with people you haven’t seen in 20 years.. I was soooo anti-facebook up until about 3 weeks ago lol “I’m not joining another bloody online […]


Autoresponder Tips

Your autoresponder and followup content is meant to educate your prospects as well as build a relationship with them. Remember that it often takes several exposures to a product before a sale is made. When writing, use “YOU” more than “I”.

Setup Email Signatures

Setup your email accounts with a teaser and your URL in the signature. For example: Just when you thought you knew the Secret… http://thesecretuniversity.com p.s : I’ve been dying to share this with you… http://thesecretuniversity.com Learn the Law of Attraction […]

Expired Domain Search

A link like this: http://thesgrprogram.com/?affiliate_id=e023b89c Isn’t going to get too many clicks… … I wouldn’t click on it! … Would you? There’s no argument.. you need your own domain name! First thing I did when I joined is do an […]