Evolve to see the bigger picture – question everything

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Evolve to see the bigger picture - question everything

I feel we need to allow ourselves to be open to see things from different perspectives… evolve to see the bigger picture.

I take responsibility for my “own” thoughts, beliefs, choices, experiences. I choose what to bring into my being and when I focus on the doom n gloom, the hate, the rage, the inhumanity, the ‘wrongs’ in the world, whatever is shown on the media that brings in more ‘fear’ and ‘despair’… I pay for it by being no help to anyone. It keeps everyone in a state of drowning in a rage, bitterness, or despair, and you can see the life draining out of them. If I turn that off, I can bring myself back up and be a voice to the collective that is one of hope and solution-focused so that we don’t breed more hate/fear/despair; rather than always seeing the bad in things, the evil in things.. if you focus and put your attention only on the negative – you bring more negative into your world, your very being.

The world is already full of anger, hate, despair – that keep us all in a place of darkness and fear – the media, governments and all around us have this covered already – keeping the masses in a state of fear and helplessness so we can be controlled – telling us who to hate, what to think, what to feel, what will make our lives better, blah blah blah. There is already a “War on Everything”.

When you bring hate into your heart – that’s the filter you view the world around you in.

I personally believe that we change the things we don’t like by “being” the change we want to see. We can’t “tell” people what to think, how to behave, what to do, what to believe. We can’t change the lenses people filter the world in – that’s the wonderful thing about our human uniqueness – all these individual experiences and beliefs and thoughts that make up who we are & how we view the world and our lives / the collective realities that we experience. But when all around us is hate & fear – we have to be mindful of this – to take control over what we bring into our being. We can only be the example, share our own journey, and hope to inspire others to help themselves with something we have learnt along the way… hate begets more hate, violence more violence, love more love, compassion more compassion.

We can help people “think” again though. Even if first, it is a new concept to them because for the entirety of their lives, they’ve been told what to think and to “fit into the tribe” (their community, their work, their friends, their family, their daily lives).. they have never been “encouraged” to think outside of the box…. to explore their inner beliefs.. to try and find other solutions (cos clearly the current solutions are keeping things in a vicious circle).. or to even find out who they really are inside.

They create their own identity based on beliefs from being “told” who they are.. i.e. I am John, I am white, I am good at math, I am good-looking/ugly, I love my mum, I am Christian, I am a good, law-abiding citizen, I care about the world or I don’t care about the world.. I have had a good life or “that person ruined my life”.. etc. etc. etc… once they put-together these hundreds – thousands of little ‘identity’ traits.. little “I am’s” that make up who they think they are.. they live it unconsciously. Playing an old-record, not questioning all the things they told themselves, or that others told them they are, they are on auto-pilot – zombies.

When people start questioning their own identity and the world around them, something happens to them.. on an energetic level? on a collective conscious level? on a spiritual level? or for a more boring/believable level: their neural pathways start forming “new grooves”.. ones that can by-pass the lifetime of conditioning and help them become more mindful, more conscious of their true selves, or more aware of what we are experiencing in this reality, and help them realize that they are more than these skin-covered blood & bones, that they are greater than the “smallness” and “individuality” that we have been “told” to believe, that we are all in this together, that each of us has the potential to be part of the change to this reality to one where there is no suffering and fear.

But first they need to question everything (unless anyone has a better idea.. this is just what keeps coming up for me again and again and again.. question everything, ask the “big questions”… listen to your heart & gut instincts instead of the untrustworthy “logic” that was ingrained in us from “other people” who have never questioned anything – who are just as brainwashed as the rest of us… the universe “answers” you.. or your higher-consciousness answers you… or “something” answers you and it is in direct conflict to what we have been “told” to believe)

(and you start to look crazy to everyone else who is still running on auto-pilot, who are still playing out their automatic programming, still playing this record over and over again.. and who don’t want you to “change”.. so they start to “police” you lol.. try and get you back to “normal”.. this fake, normal.. wearing a mask, playing a “part” .. being a slave)

This is my view right now.. right or wrong, it serves me at this time, and to me it’s the solution for a lot of the world’s problems, but I do know that my unique point of view is from my own unique filters, my own ego/identity, my own perceptions and beliefs, experiences, thoughts, culture and conditioning hehe.. so I’m ever questioning my own beliefs too but taking on those that serve me and at this time – this one serves me xo

I just believe right now, that the solution is to help as many people start trusting their own intuition, and to reach that point, they first have to question everything, to realize that they have been told (or have told themselves) what to believe since birth – and before they ‘give up and just live out their old-record’… which millions/billions do.. to experience what it’s like when you start to discover who you really are, and I believe that as they discover more from what their inner selves or higher selves or something – whatever it is.. (I don’t want to name it because I believe everyone is naming it and causing ‘separation’ again when I believe we are all tapping into “the same thing”).. I call it source or the universe.. but that can cause “separation” as well *sigh*.

Anyway.. I’m up and down in this journey like a rollercoaster.. but I know that when I’m “feeling the light”.. whatever it is.. tapping “in” to whatever that ‘energy’ or ‘knowing’ or ‘feeling’ is… everything is connected, and you no longer fear death, actually you no longer ‘fear’, and you get a taste of what it feels like to experience and have unconditional love for all that is. I haven’t found a way to “stay” in that space, but once experienced, you want to not only help others experience it but to also find ways to help myself stay closer to it, because when “I’m out”.. I don’t like what I experience, and yet I know, I need only tap-back-in to get myself out of the bad thoughts and illness and anger and so on.. but I don’t know an easy way of re-accessing it at-will.

I want to help people question everything. That’s why I don’t mind what we talk about..(the crazier and ‘out there’ the better). For me, if it “makes people think”.. even if they don’t agree or know much about the topics we discuss… if it gets those new “neurons firing”, then it is serving it’s purpose of helping people wake out of their slumber. It helps them live life more consciously.. the light comes back on.


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