Step into the highest version of you.

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Step into the highest version of you.

Sept 30 Morning Pages

You’ve already experienced everything before. If you want to experience anything in this dimension, you just pull/receive/download that energy into “this” you. Receive it and step into it, naturally, appreciate it, intend it, focus on it, receive it into existence, open your heart to receive it, this is the way you bring things into this creation, this is how you create it, you become aware of it.

And if you have any blocks to receiving this, the ego is still trying to run the show for you.

Everything can be released really fast for you, as fast as you can believe this is possible for you. Free your mind from this enslavement and step into who you really are, an infinite being having a human experience.

It’s hard to wrap your egoic mind around it if you have closed yourself off from anything outside of your conditioned programming, so if you find yourself struggling with these concepts, I recommend researching and familiarizing yourself quantum physics, consciousness, parallel realities, and releasing negative limited beliefs.

Following what feels right and good for you. Releasing your fears. Speak out your confusion and lunacy and crazy stuff. Write it down to get it out. You can’t understand an illusion, but we can prepare our minds to be able to try it on and as we come to a place where we can experience it actually working, then your egoic mind will be in a much more helpful place to be able to try things out without resisting so much.

You’re just stepping into another vibration. You are stepping into your higher self and communicating to other people’s higher selves. The vibrations / the energy does the talking. The words don’t matter. The energy matters. The energy moves you to the right frequency you need to activate for your own transformation and lights the way for others.

You work on yourself, you be it and then others will come to learn how you did it. In order for me to teach it, I have to be it. In order for me to help people love themselves more, I have to love myself more. In order to help people out of poverty, I have to help myself out of poverty. In order for me to help others overcome their barriers, I have to overcome my own barriers.

In order for me to help the world vibrate higher, I have to vibrate higher.
In order for the world to be the change, I have to be the change.
I have to be what I want to see.
And that is my motivation and inspiration.

In order for the world to be abundant, I have to be abundant.
For others to be happy, I have to be happy.
To inspire others to their dreamlife, I have to be living my dreamlife.

To raise consciousness of this planet, I have to raise my own consciousness.
To vibrate higher, I have to vibrate higher.
To heal the sick, I have to heal myself.

In order to release the stress in my life, I had to release the stress in my life.
In order to show the world there is a better way, I have to show them a better way.
I have to “Be” a better way.

If I want to empower people, I have to be empowered.
If I want to end suffering for the world, I have to end suffering for myself.

In order to give the world the gift of a fantastic life, you have to create a fantastic life.

In order to connect with your higher self, you just connect with your higher self.

In order to unbrainwash old patterns that no longer serve you, you need to reprogram new patterns than serve your new life.

In order to make massive contributions to this world, you need  to have massive value, you need to be vibrationally, compatible with money and abundance.

In order to create change in the world, you have to be be the change you want to see in the world.


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