Just BE what you want to create

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Just BE what you want to create

Thurs 1st Oct morning pages.

Just BE what you want to create. Just gotta believe it, how? By overriding with new or releasing old. Every modality in the world is the same. Whatever modality you find believable in your “world” will work for you, but you don’t need anything really except focused intention and belief to create anything in this world.

Even the people that “know” this, don’t use it to it’s potential because of their beliefs. Even though “I” know this, I don’t use it to it’s full potential because of where I’m focusing my attention and beliefs.

Last night I had an epiphany about it but I’ve been saying the same thing since I started this ride. I just still have beliefs to unlock.

But once you know they are beliefs that can be changed; like chains, once you can see the cage, you can escape. Once you can see the lock, you can pick it. Once you see the prison, it’s no longer a prison. It’s a toy.

Every single thing I’ve been searching for has been here the whole time & that is: Just BE what you want to create.

See every part of creation as supporting you and how do I put this? A pain you have, is a creation all of its’ own, a pain to experience, learn from and release to have a new experience but it directly matches your beliefs. So you have a pain somewhere and this has been created as a direct manifestation of your beliefs.

We are expansion who never wants to stop expanding, who never stops expanding.
That can’t.
Expansion only knows expansion. Infinite.
So expansion “limits” itself to expand.

Imagine experiencing expansion as a whole, you can’t – it’s infinite. You expand and expand and expand and expand and create and expand – it’s infinite. What else can I create, experience, expand?
Just goes on and on and on into eternity.
But what if I can stop and observe expansion slowly?
Totally mind-boggling for us. But let’s make this awareness work for us.

I’ve had a taste of what it’s like and now I wanna know just how far it can go, and help other expanders create because it is so much fun to play around in this experience with other parts of ourselves co-creating and observing the experience, experiencing expansion.

So back to tools and modalities.

What you use as tools for your own creation doesn’t matter as long as you put intention and belief in it, and creating/believing a reason why it will work gives it more intention, more power. Seeing other people use modalities and having it work for them, gives “you” more belief in it, which gives it more power. But make your own tools. Guide yourself to the life you want. 

You can forget “other people’s” beliefs and limitations and come into your own ‘awareness’ of the power of your creation. You’ve got to remove the limitations that you are creating. Nothing you are doing when you put your beliefs in the shackles of other creations is giving you unlimited power. No more guru’s, medication, tv, other limited beings.

You want to create it? Just create it. Be it.
If you feel like you can’t, then a belief you have taken on is allowing you to experience that version of creation, the “can’t create it” experience. It’s really quite something. It’s really quite amazing.

I believe I am living in the poor suburbs, struggling to live week to week, trying to find a way out, and “that” is my prison. If I believed I was already free, there would no longer be struggle. If I believed that I didn’t “need” to go to a job I don’t like just to “survive”… it’s the very beliefs that I have helped create by being this part of the creation that allows infinite expansion to witness/experience/expand in this version of intention.

I sneeze in Spring because I have a belief that pollens affect me. I eat and drink food that “intends” me to get fatter and sicker by my beliefs in the types of foods I am eating and what they will do as a result of eating them. If I programme/intend a belief into the food, it will serve my body. This vehicle that I have created to experience this part of creation.

The ENTIRE THING is a Placebo!!
Every industry, every part of creation is a placebo.

It’s all “awareness”. It’s all “expansion”. It’s awareness experiencing expansion. It’s expansion experiencing awareness.

I needed to go through this version of creation to know what I know today in this experience of expansion that I’m currently having right now. And now, to use it to harness the magic wand.

Now, this expansion is “energy” and vibrations.
Every molecule, cell, atom, everything you see and feel in this illusion is made to feel real because it is a creation of energy vibrating on different frequencies in order for “expansion” to experience “awareness” of it’s “expansion”. In order for infinite expansion, infinite creation, infiniteness to experience “finiteness” – to experience being limited, to enjoy another aspect of itself. I see it now.

Those aren’t the right words, we cannot comprehend the entire thing, human vehicles cannot hold that much data but our souls know it, can see it, experience it, and can guide our vehicles through it. Our souls are also a creation of expansion to experience expansion. Our souls are another aspect of this expansion.

Infinite Expansion >> Never-ending creation.
>> Unlimited, Infinite parts of creation, awareness, expansion, observable expansion
>> Aliens, Multi-Dimensional beings, worlds, dimensions, parallel realities, universes, non-universes…
>> all that has ever been created and is continuing to be created
>> Souls
>> Humans

All of time.

Limited vehicles to experience creation.

Yes, yes, yes, we have limitations in this experience. Yes, this is what we are here for. But what could you do if you knew that was truth? What part of this creation are you experiencing that you wish to change, what do you want to “create” in this experience?
You are part of this creation, you are creating.

Could you now see this whole experience as a toy to play with? A game? Would you help other parts of you be aware also? And create something they want instead of endlessly re-creating what they don’t want?

How can I prove this to you and to myself? By first stepping away from the reality you don’t want, to find stillness. Turn off the tv, don’t read the newspaper, don’t allow other beings to influence you, don’t allow other parts of creation to tell you what is true or real in your reality. Go inward. Find your own truth, find yourself, and work out what you came here to experience.

Then Create. Be.

Step into what you want to create.
What is holding you back from creating is just the thoughts and beliefs and where you focus your intentions and attention.

Create tools to “power up”. Power up your food and drink with your intentions.
Find a better reality at every turn and you will create a better reality at every turn.
Marvel at creation and come into your own true power.
Create what you want to by intentionally focusing on what you want.
Don’t dwell in “where you don’t want”, what do you need to believe or learn to create what you want?

Body not working as well as it should? What part of creation in your body is signalling to you something that is not in alignment to what you want to create? You created this pain/disease/sore/condition/ailment for you to experience. No longer wish to experience? What beliefs and intentions and focused attention do you need to hone to “uncreate it”? What message does it have for you. What are you doing or thinking that is out of alignment to who you are and what you came here to experience?

This is how fucking magic and marvellous we are.
What do you do with this wisdom now that you have it?

Fucking master that shit! Purposefully create it!
Become a master of your own destiny and experience here.

Right now, if you want to experience just how powerful you are, become unlimited, create tools or use the already created tools to create and uncreate. 

Build your own magic wand.
Create your own experience.
Create your dreamlife.

Become awareness experiencing itself.
You are expansion being awareness, you are awareness experiencing expansion.

Oh how small and limited we have lived up til now.
But now we are dynamic co-creators of this reality. Now we are “aware”.

Shit’s about to get real!

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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