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In your Autoresponder and in Email marketing in general, don’t use Dear! .. use Yo, Hiya, Hi, or Hey.

The official affiliate site has some templates for autoresponders that you can borrow and modify. I also highly recommend setting up a free gmail account and signing up to everyone else’s autoresponders to get ideas on how they are promoting. As well as, make sure you actually sign up to the free 5 lessons on your website as there may be some text in there that you can use too.

What to Write in your Autoresponder

Your autoresponder and followup content is meant to educate your prospects as well as build a relationship with them.
Remember that it often takes several exposures to a product before a sale is made. When writing, use “YOU” more than “I”.
Your followup content is designed to foster this relationship by demonstrating your knowledge and credibility.

How to Generate your Autoresponder fast without hurting your brain too much!:

  • Step A: Print out all of the content about SGR that you can find online.
  • Step B: Pick out the best features and benefits of the content.
  • Step C: Re-write content in your own words.
  • Step D: Use problem/solution formula of pre-selling… what is their problem? why is SGR the solution?

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