[5 Day Challenge] Setup an Automated Webinar

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automated webinars

automated webinarsHow to create a webinar “system” so that you can create webinars quickly and how to turn them into automatic webinars that you can consistently promote (via your podcast, your blog, your social media channels, ads, and more) so that people can find and learn from you from tomorrow and even 5-10 years from now.

  • Structured Signature Talk + Your Irresistible offer
  • Is a System – a Formula
  • 5-Part course as your first product
  • Give them what they need to make a decision
  • Recorded questions – submit questions online
  • Your STORY
  • Scripting your webinar
  • The technical part – recording your webinar
  • Setting up the automated webinar
  • Integrating the webinar into your blog
  • Integrating an autoresponder to the webinar
    – registrations, reminders, we are live, recorded
    – Next Week, Tomorrow, 1 Hour, Last Minute
    – didn’t show up, recording



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Penny (PennyButler.com)

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