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LeadsLeap & Wikipedia

There’s gotta be some ideas here for getting your link on Wiki.. you know.. ethically.. if not your main site, maybe to one of your social networking sites or your blogs, ie: Maybe you’ve favourited/have a playlist of some relevant videos on YouTube etc.


If you haven’t already, join Facebook and do the same. You might even catch up with people you haven’t seen in 20 years.. I was soooo anti-facebook up until about 3 weeks ago lol “I’m not joining another bloody online […]


Autoresponder Tips

Your autoresponder and followup content is meant to educate your prospects as well as build a relationship with them. Remember that it often takes several exposures to a product before a sale is made. When writing, use “YOU” more than “I”.

Setup Email Signatures

Setup your email accounts with a teaser and your URL in the signature. For example: Just when you thought you knew the Secret… http://thesecretuniversity.com p.s : I’ve been dying to share this with you… http://thesecretuniversity.com Learn the Law of Attraction […]

Expired Domain Search

A link like this: http://thesgrprogram.com/?affiliate_id=e023b89c Isn’t going to get too many clicks… … I wouldn’t click on it! … Would you? There’s no argument.. you need your own domain name! First thing I did when I joined is do an […]