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2010 Graduation Dinner

2010 Graduation Dinner Me and Mamoun “Twins” Don’t photograph me while I’m eating Mister! :) Mamoun and I intended the graduation of 4 students at the University of Ballarat. If it looks like we’re in the Middle East, instead of […]


The Matrix has you. Want out?

Dr. Doug explains how we are living in a program we all created together, not unlike the famous one from the film “The Matrix”. This program says we cannot have it all, but he speaks of how he can help people reprogram themselves to heal their body, emotions, relationships and live more success and happy in the now.


NLP Works By Definition

Today we’re going to talk about NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Do any of you already know anything about Neuro-Linguistic Programming? You’ve probably read books, taken courses or maybe seen my video courses. In some way you’ve formed an idea of what […]