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Frogs into Princes – Introduction

I’m currently reading Frogs into Princes that a friend recommended to me for learning the basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This book was written by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who are the founders of NLP – and I’m absolutely loving […]


Overview.. what Now?

Well you’ve created your website, your brandable report, have all the top pagerank sites linking to you from all over the net, have your own groups, mailing list, autoresponders, your articles are circulating, and your “out there” in the community. The next step is time-management..


Publish Your Way to Profits

You don’t make money writing your book, you make money explaining your book or from sales that come from the products and services you offer outside your book – Publish your way to Profits was a seminar I attended that really opened my eyes from the how to write your book quickly to the how to actually profit from your book!

Publish your way to Profits

Google Traffic

Utilize these Google sites to get a Lot More Google Traffic for Free All of these sites are owned by Google: Google News Google Images Google Sitemap Google Video Google Base Google Product Search (Froogle) Google Groups Google Book Search […]