Are you awake?

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Are you awake?

Ever unlearning and learning and attempting to find an interpretation of this reality that harmonizes all beings, accepts all including ourselves for who and where we are in our journey..

I don’t like these meme’s that encourage “separateness” instead of flowing with what is, and yet, I find this so helpful personally – not as an attack or criticism of anyone that is not choosing to live in the ‘awake’ column (because we’re ever experiencing new-levels based on wherever we’re at & the newness we are constantly experiencing from our individual interpretations of an experience we have never had because this moment has never been lived before by us – our unique slice of this universal pie — there is noone like you, you are uniquely experiencing the same movie screen with your own unique lens)…

and there is not a “right way” of knowing the smooth path to navigate this life because … we are here to experience this newness, not with “all the answers”… after each cycle we find out “afterwards” what might of worked better – what we liked and want to “take with us” into a new cycle and what caused us or others some kind of suffering that we don’t want to bring with us “learning to discard from old cycles what will no longer serve us moving forward into the new… but the experience itself is the joyride of this physical life – the ‘not having lived this moment before’ and ‘not knowing yet how to navigate it with the least amount of suffering lol)

… but I like this meme as a representation of the differences that are very noticeable coming out of this current changing of global or universal consciousness… that this is a common theme that is noticeably coming out in this current cycle/level (whatever it is we are experiencing collectively “now”) because it is what we seem to be collectively learning that does make each level a more smoother ride because we can learn that we can only change ourselves not others and that the responsibility for our own perspective – on how we navigate each level – on how we choose to perceive reality – is on us, is ours to choose.. and that when we choose the ‘awake’ column traits.. it makes us own our own shit and work within on any perspective of life that is not “all that we hoped it would be”…

and yet we each have our own individual, unique interpretation of the movie screen we are sharing.

I like meme’s that make us think on how we can be more sincere and authentic to who we are… whilst also providing a perspective that incorporates living in harmony with others… and yet accepting that the imperfectness of each of us, is the diversity that is actually the coolest thing about this reality.. all different flowers of the same garden – with new/different/unique perspectives to share and experience… to create ‘newness’ with the coming together with the uniqueness of the difference perspectives experienced by what each unique expression has explored so far on their journey… rather than all trying to be the “same” as each other, but incorporating our differences into the newness.. and learning – every moment is about this new moment.. and we’re always balancing/harmonizing with the newness that has been created by the expanded diversity that has come together in the same movie scene..

ponder ponder… really working on that “humbleness” thing… wanting to share my crazy perspectives that are also changing every moment and never quite seemingly able to put it into words, yet also wanting to balance and incorporate different beliefs where “other people’s” perspectives are brought into the picture for “newness” to be explored…

I think I lose another mask I didn’t even know I had every week… there’s always something to unmask – another belief from an old-cycle that I didn’t know I was still carrying around unconsciously creating havoc for my union with others in whatever current cycle of newness that I am participating in.

This .. “us and them” thing is part of a phase I think we just go through at the beginning. I think it’s just a phase that we go through when our beliefs get flipped upside down after a cycle where the old beliefs no longer fits into the newness that is being experienced, and so at the beginning of the “shedding” of that which no longer applies… we come to realize that everything we thought was true was b.s. and at the beginning we get angry about the lie because of our own programming being disturbed with the newness that is constantly being revealed that doesn’t match what we were brought up to believe – we look externally for something to blame…… and then… after we have pointed the finger externally….. I think we learn to harmonize with that too, to learn to see it more as an unfolding – an unmasking of all of us.. we’re all still students of life, noone “has all the answers”… none of us know the whole picture.. so our role seems to be figuring out where we’re at right now in this moment knowing that we have the blinders on to “all that is”… and returning to our sincerity/authenticity for this particular moment and to ever learn to stop judging where we are at and where others are at..

it’s hard.. cos even this meme encourages seperateness.. a right and wrong kind of mentality of which I don’t think there is a right/wrong, just a “this is owning my shit vs this is not owning my shit”.. and having a more benevolent mentality; as in not harming “on purpose” but being more understanding that we’re all ‘newness experiencing newness’ – ‘uniqueness harmonizing with uniqueness’ – we’re all bringing diverse aspects into a new moment that has never been lived by any of us before.. so being more gentle about that… enjoying that.. accepting that… trusting that is “creation”.. .that is life.. it is what it is.. until more is revealed… which might not happen whilst in physical form.

Maybe within us we are all wanting the best of what creation can offer.. and to enjoy the ride whilst we’re on it… even the dips in the rollercoaster that are just exploring a cycle that teaches us more about what has remained unexplored within us, so we can choose to take part of what we learned from that experience into a new cycle – bring what serves us into the next… not linear but just … exploring all aspects of being in the physical… and doing it with others – our relationship with those around us – gives it a more dynamic and challenging and something tangible to help us transform, the ability to communicate and explore with others – that’s another aspect of this physical life that we can choose to explore…

What am I blabbing about anyway… heheh.. should be enjoying this beautiful day instead of expressing my off-the-cuff opinion about a particular meme that I randomly saw on Facebook lol.. I can hear the birds singing and cars buzzing by in the distance… there’s nothing humbling about posting our opinions on facebook.. I think I’m ever learning to hold back more.. and so it must be one of my masks that wants to express itself right now.. and then maybe after I post.. maybe another aspect of me will want to unpost it because the moment is new again..or because that aspect has a different perspective because that aspect of me is still running a programme – a memory from another cycle that remembers expressing itself and not being received – an aspect of me that still wants to be validated by others, that is still exploring the fine-balance between modesty & humility vs sincerity & authenticity… after that part of me that was so eager to express itself – that part of me that now feels “heard” because it got to express itself, will be forever changed now and may even dissipate or be transformed into something new because there is now a new perspective being created from that moment… that is also struggling to incorporate all of those parts of us that has remained unexpressed still swimming around in there.. that hasn’t yet surfaced… and all these underlying beliefs that are still running on autopilot within… all wanting see the light of day lol.. so humility is something I’m still ever-learning how to balance – I have always been “extreme” in one way or the other and this cycle of humiliation has been teaching me so much, maybe my biggest lesson in my current cycle… is how to harmonize with my surroundings without “needing” to express those little voices within.. or without needing to justify anything.. yet we do seek to understand and be understood.. and that’s all part of it too.. this harmonizing of the coming together of our unique exploration of this physical experience.. we’re all like these individual cells swimming in the same body of consciousness.. each has a role in both creating newness, exploring what has been created, and then balancing of the waves and rhythms that exploring the newness from a particular perspective created.. we’re all part of it, so all of us are actually responsible for what we have created, what we choose to learn from the experience, and what we keep bringing into each new cycle.. ponder ponder.. walk time.. this will never end lol.. never.. everyday is awakening us to newness that remains unexplored by whatever current aspect of our perspective is currently viewing the show…

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