I once believed we were an E.T. DNA Experiment

IN Dark Night of the Soul

Since I put all my beliefs back in it’s closet, I haven’t thought about this, but something I was so certain about at one stage was that we were all DNA experiments from different races of ET’s. And that the reason why we were all different, was because of different being’s experiments. Don’t know how to put that back in my world now. So many beliefs swimming around now. Another theory is that we’re all part of a computer system, not like the computer we are familiar with but something beyond our avatar’s current understanding, and that our memories and ideas can get programmed and we can access it based on our character’s alignment to it.

We’re like experiments mating with and birthing new experiments.

Found it incredible when I researched religions & cultures around the world and found how amazingly so many stories were the same. It could be a consciousness that’s been downloaded into our memories, or it could be different races of ET’s spreading the same stories.

Also, how do you explain things like 5 different people inventing the sewing machine at the same time. And how many times have you had an idea for an invention, only to find 6 months later that others around the world have launched that same thing. What if the idea is planted? No original thought, just what’s programmed in.

It’s a possibility – can’t prove it’s not.

What gives me pause to that, is when I think something is logical and obvious, but others around me can’t see it. So how does that work if we’re tapping into the same “shared consciousness”.

I don’t know the cause of the complete shift in myself, from my old views to the new. I don’t know why I was blind to it up until I was open to it. I don’t know why I was so sure of my life before – and then when everything changed – it was so hard to unravel all my beliefs up until that point, but when I did, I was so certain of the new… and then the same thing has happened…and everything has to be remixed again…

How many times do we do this? Do we do this forever? Will I be so sure of something now (which I’m not) but if I was … would I be so sure of something now and then the same thing again will happen? How many of these big world-changing life-changing shifts am I going to go through.. and does it end with this life or does it continue after this lifetime?

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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