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For the new children, the Crystal Children, as they’re called, the ones who are coming here for the first time, understand how sensitive they are. Don’t push them into any activities. They self-regulate in a way, but when they’re pushed into activities, it can cause a sensual overload.

Let them know that they are special and that they’re not required to fit in, because that’s what all of you tried to do is to fit in and the Crystal Children simply won’t. There’ll need to be new schools specifically for them. They are very intuitive and very clear, because they don’t have old karma. But yet, they’re extremely sensitive because they don’t have the conditioning and the experience in this reality that many of you have had.

QUESTION 2: Adamus, could you talk about the so-called autistic children. I work with them.
ADAMUS: Oh good. Good. I’m going to ask you – what are you finding about autistic children?
QUESTIONER 2: I think they really enjoy my energy balances.
ADAMUS: Yeah. What do you notice different about them than other children?
QUESTIONER 2: They don’t care about a lot of things, they are just not important.

ADAMUS: Yes. Yeah, because generally the Crystal Children, the new ones coming in, tend to have autism. They tend to be overloaded by sensory events. They tend to be very, very sensitive, as you know, to things, and they’re having a difficult time adapting to this rather harsh reality. Yes. But certainly not to treat them with medication, and one of the best things for them is art – to do art or song; creative.
Generally, with a lot – particularly the new ones that are coming in and have this thing called autism – they’ll go beyond that particularly after puberty when they reach their late teenage years.

Source: Shaumbra Magazine Aug 2013

ADAMUS: Yes. Autism often occurs because of the sensitivity that new ones have when they come to this planet. Sometimes an absolute over-sensitivity to this environment. I’m speaking of angelic beings who are here for the first time or second time. They cannot handle the density of this planet. They cannot handle all of the stress and the chaos going on. They wanted so much to come into the physical body, but now they can’t handle it.

Some of them are not going to do so well the first time. They’re going to pass when they’re quite young, and it’s important to become passionate to this. They just had no idea of how difficult it was going to be here. In other cases of autism – with these new ones that are coming in – and generally autism is with the first or second timers. In other cases, when they are young the parents are worried about them, because parents consider them to be abnormal. But as they mature, as they get 15, 16, 17 years old, they actually will prove to be quite brilliant. Not according to the current educational system, but according to special talents, special gifts. Magnificent memories, magnificent abilities to see energies that the ones who have been here for a long time cannot see. Phenomenal abilities to compose and play music. True symphonies, abilities to do mathematics in their heads that would normally take computers to do. So they come in with very unique gifts and talents, because they are very sensitive.

And now to your case. It’s important, first of all, for the parents to understand that they have a special child – its first time here on this planet. This child is extremely sensitivity, so they need to provide safety. What I’m seeing right now in the household is it’s not always a safe space. There’s conflict – there’s emotional conflict in this household. That the child cannot stand. It’s too harsh for them. So the child needs absolute safe space. The child needs to be aware that they’re not different, they’re not odd, they’re just sensitive. Again, the breathing helps one like this to adapt to the sensitivity.

The less outside influences that are inflicted onto the child, the better, because inflicting any electromagnetic impulses, inflicting even light sources, definitely chemicals or drugs, is going to have an adverse effect. So it’s basically the concept here cleanse the environment, cleanse the space of ill emotions, of too many outside interferences and distractions. Things like medications. But the first one to look at is an emotional issue going on at home that’s really causing this one to have difficulty. That’s why they will abuse themselves if they’re not restricted. Good. Thank you.

Source: Beyond the Mind February 2011

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