Iching: Law of One, Seth, Abraham, Thoth, & Our Own Truth

Expanding Spiritually with Iching – Questioning things via Iching hasn’t given me an unclear answer yet.

The Law of One, Thoth, Abraham Hicks

What part they play in humanity’s consciousness.

Our own path is valid, our own truth, is what we contribute to this reality.

And each has their own purpose and not necessarily relevant to everyone or me.

My deep inner truth is of most benefit to myself.

Abraham hicks = postive influence
The law of one = would bring great things to humanity
Thoth – not relevant for me
Seth – needed for it’s purpose, but no longer relevant to me

Quitting Smoking, etc.

Human Nature = You can only understand things from where you’re at.

Iching / Tarot forces you to look at aspects of situations that you may never of looked at before, therefore expanding your awareness about different possible perceptions and clarity and muddyiness that surrounds every circumstance.

If done in a positive way (Personal development / expansion / awareness)

Stay humble, keep your ego out of it.

Original (Longer) Version: Tapping into this extended consciousness of ourselves using Iching (Tao)

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Penny (PennyButler.com)

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