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Wake up Masons, even you are deceived

This is also for the poor Freemasons who will make an appearance in the comments section, trying to defend their beloved fraternity.

This is 33rd degree Freemason Manly Hall, who was named “Freemason of the Century” by the Scottish Rite Journal in 1990. You would be surprised at how many Masons haven’t heard of him because they don’t bother entering the Masonic library and searching for the mysteries themselves.

These same Masons think they know something, and they parade themselves on websites and social media, calling people like me “just an anti-Mason.”

Blindfolds at best, deceivers at worst.

Well, the Freemason of the century wrote in this book and in this chapter: “Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity, an outer organization concealing an inner brotherhood of the elect.”

One visible and the other invisible.

The visible society is a splendid camaraderie of free and accepted men and women, joined together to devote themselves to ethical, educational, fraternal, patriotic, and humanitarian causes and concerns, such as hospitals and charities.

“The invisible society is a secret and most august fraternity whose members are dedicated to the service of a mysterious arcanum arcanorum.”

Meaning: the mystery of mysteries. Now, I wonder what that could be. So, once again, don’t listen to the lost or deceptive masons who will try to trick you into thinking I don’t know what I’m talking about or that I’m an anti-mason, because you just heard it:

There’s masonry for the majority of masons,
and then there’s the real thing:
the secret religion.

Which should shock you when it’s announced. These same lost or deceptive masons also love to repeat like parrots that “freemasonry is not a religion.”

So, what does the Freemason of the Century say about that?

In this book, he writes that “Masonry is essentially a religious order.

Not just a little bit religious but essential.

And here, in morals and dogmas, the iconic giant of freemasonry says:

“every masonic lodge is a temple of religion and its teachings are instructions in religion.”

So please sit down, masons, because freemasonry is a religion.

And soon I’m going to tell you what it’s really called.

Now look at this from the same book, speaking about fellow Freemasons being initiated in the lodge.

Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations.”

“Their true explication is reserved for the Princes of Freemasonry.”

The whole body of the royal art, which you’ll know all about soon, was hidden so carefully in the higher degrees.

So you see the whole thing is built on lies, and the ultimate liar lives inside the triangle above the pyramid so that even the highest masons are living a monstrous lie!

Wake up, masons; even you are deceived, just as the public is.

Unless, of course, you’re hungry enough to want to acquire all the power and climb up that pyramid closer to the eye that sees all. In that case, close your mouth, go back to your lodge, and good luck to you.

Or of course, grow some kahunas and be honest. But then you can’t, right? Because you’ll be breaking your oath. Sad. “Oh it’s good to be free; under the wing of the true master.”

Stick around if you’re interested, and you’ll get to see some wonder when I pull that cloak called freemasonry right off, and those that are still here watching will get to see the true colours of the nakedness and the horror of the masonic lodge and the religion that rules them all.

Masonic Symbolism on the US one dollar bill

Another thing that masons will repeatedly say is that this (the symbology on the US dollar bill) has nothing to do with freemasonry, and it’s just a conspiracy theory.

Well the 33rd degree freemason of the century also wrote this book “The Secret Destiny of America – Manly P. Hall) about a hundred years ago. Look at the front cover.

I’ll tell you why America is so important for the ultimate goal of the secret society. It’s disturbing but it’s also essential in understanding the new future and what’s going to take place. So for the freemasons that still say that this (on the dollar bill) is not a masonic design, especially this masonic website called masonic info (masonicinfo.com/eye.htm) insisting here that even the eye in the triangle or pyramid is not masonic – is completely laughable and pure disinformation for the stupid masses.

Try arguing against this:

This is from a 1960 copy of the New Age magazine, an official organ of the Supreme Council of 33rd Degrees – no higher authority in the United States to speak of.

The relationship between Freemasonry and the US one dollar bill—masonic symbolism in a one dollar bill. Look at them all: 13 leaves, 13 bars, 13 feathers, and so on and so forth. And of course, this: “the masonic all-seeing eye” located in the pyramid. So, do you think this is a conspiracy theory or just a plain conspiracy?

JFK - Freemason who had enough - Speech

So here’s JFK, a freemason, but one who’d had enough. When he wanted to print money that was disassociated from the Masonic central banks, just like Abraham Lincoln, he paid the price for it as well.

Listen to the speech; we never hear about it in school—more proof that they control the education system here and everywhere. Please just have a quick listen to this:

“Ladies and gentlemen the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies to secret oaths and to secret proceedings for we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covet means I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people […]”

All personalities of great influence are initiated members

As I said in the beginning you’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg peeking out from the ocean top

I told you all personalities in the field of great influence are initiated members of freemasonry otherwise they wouldn’t be there

Within 60 seconds of me telling you what international freemasonry really is I’ll prove it to you unequivocally within 60 seconds, and then I’m going to drive it home.

And then I’m going to show you what they’re planning with this New Age they’re implementing, and then the conclusion, which is by far the most important part of this presentation.

So when you hear me tell you the truth in just a moment, don’t switch off in disbelief because you can’t believe that your favourite idol or whoever could possibly be involved like you know them or something

You don’t know these people.

You do know that they’re under oath never to reveal their beliefs to you, the vile multitude. It’s time to trust your eyes now, not your feelings, especially after all that I’ve shown you. This is why the secret religion is so hidden; this is why it’s so ingeniously designed through layers of lies upon lies, cloak upon cloak, and oath upon oath, concealing the truth for its chosen few.

What is Freemasonry? What is the most secret yet most powerful religion in the world? Well, that’s easy. We live in an evil, evil world, so there’s only one religion that befits it.

Freemasonry is Satanism in disguise.

Lucifer - the light bearer

Now, start the clock. From “Morals and Dogma,” prepared for the Supreme Council for the 33rd degree, that’s the highest degree in Freemasonry, and written by the undisputed heavyweight champion of modern Freemasonry, Albert Pike. On page 321, he boldly states, ‘Lucifer, the Light Bearer,’ a strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness. Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light? Doubt it not.

Did you hear that? Lucifer is God, and do not doubt it. Come on now, stay with me.

Here, from the “Encyclopedia of Freemasonry,” written by a 33rd degree Freemason and beloved member of the craft, Albert Mackey, he tells us whose name represents the good principle in Freemasonry’s secret worldview. Writing under the Masonic meaning of the word “pentagram,” he says the pentagram, depending on its position, represents good or evil. See how he puts the positive aspect in the first position? Good first, evil second. Good or evil, light or darkness, victory or death, initiation or profanation, Lucifer or Vespa. Lucifer is good. Lucifer is light. Lucifer is victory. And Lucifer is true initiation.

See, if you’re not initiated, you’re profane. If you haven’t figured out that ‘God is Lucifer,’ you’re vulgar and profane. You’re stupid in their own words. That’s the beginning of their big secret: God is the Devil, and we’re already in hell right now.

Now, from the Freemason of the century, Manly Hall, and this will make it three out of three legends of Freemasonry stating the same thing in The Lost Keys of Freemasonry:

On page 76, when the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his craft. The seething, surging energies of Lucifer are in his hands.

Do you see the world’s hidden religion with its universal one eye symbolism who was revealed slowly and by degrees only to its dedicated members is Satanism or Luciferianism as they prefer to call it now?

All the oaths make sense don’t they now.

All the rituals make sense now.

All the penalties make sense and their secret signs and symbols and handshakes all make sense while the bulk of freemasons make the external image of the fraternity and know nothing of who rules over them and who or what they’re protecting.


But which craft do you think the freemason of the century is talking about here…. which craft… which craft witchcraft. Witchcraft you need to slowly wake up now.

Witchcraft is the royal art of freemasonry, jealously guarded and reserved for the few. I’ll show you, clear as day, that this is, in fact, true.

This is a symbol of Satanism, and this is the symbol of the Lodge of Female Freemasonry called the Order of the Eastern Star. Look at that Satanism, Freemasonry. Trust your eyes. This is the symbol of the Church of Lucifer, founded by a 33rd degree Freemason, which I’ll prove.

Look at the Masonic scoring compass in the design of the Church of Satan and Lucifer. Two sides of the same coin, nurtured and brought to an organized international level of power and influence by Freemasonry in secret, and all done right under our noses.

Your Politicians and Idols believe Lucifer is good & that Jesus was a false messiah

And if you think that your politicians or religious leaders or favourite idols can’t be a part of this, you have to try and step out of it or suspend your everyday beliefs just for a moment and I will clearly show you how it’s not only possible but it’s actually…

Please, I feel like it’s now or never.

If you don’t get a glimpse of this now then when who else is going to tell you this?

When will you next be confronted with this?

This is reality and as much as you thought that ordinary people came into positions of power through hard work or concern for society or family connections combined with brains and talent.

That’s not the case that’s the fantasy this is the reality. They all go through freemasonry.

You think that Sam Worthington was so talented that he was picked over all those American actors to star in Avatar? Of course not he was a freemason and so was the director James Cameron of the highest calibre

You have to remember that to them Lucifer is good Lucifer is the liberator Jesus is the suppressor Lucifer is pure love Jesus is impure love Lucifer left heaven for you Jesus was crucified because he was a false messiah the world has always been deceptive and we have been magnificently deceived.

Charles Darwin - the father of atheism and rationalism is an initiated freemason

Here is an incredible example pay attention this should blow your mind Charles Darwin the father of atheism and rationalism was an initiated freemason doing the hidden hand of freemasonry in this picture and the vow of silence in this one.

This would have remained unknown to us because no one’s going to teach us this but now we have the tools to see his beliefs not through his words but through his signs and symbols.

I told you they can’t help but to show off their religions because they think we’re stupid vile and ignorant and I’ve proven that to you as well so once again are you going to prove them right by switching off and ignoring this well unfortunately more than 90 of you will what I’m giving you here was priceless knowledge because no amount of money or success can substitute its importance and I’m risking everything — everything but my own salvation — to share it with you; if only for the for the few of you.

Think about what you’ve just seen with Charles Darwin, because I don’t know if you got it. You cannot be accepted as a candidate of Freemasonry unless you believe in a Supreme Being, as exemplified here with Phil Collins, speculated by some to be an atheist. But this seems impossible because being a Freemason, he has to believe in a higher power, or more accurately, a Supreme Being. And I can personally vouch for that.

Look here in the Masonic oath itself, the candidate says, “I will not aid or be present at the initiation of an atheist, a madman, or a fool.” Freemasonry believes that to be an atheist is to be the equivalent of a madman, and they’re right. Yet while they propagate atheism around the world in universities and schools, Charles Darwin himself was a believer in an intelligent designer, a Supreme Being. He had to be because he’s a Freemason, and that intelligent designer that gave birth to us is named Lucifer in the highest degrees of Freemasonry.

See, never tell they lied to you, because that’s what Freemasons do. The whole thing is a giant lie that was carefully constructed by mutilating the truth, because mutilated truths make the most successful lies. This is the secret to their success, a lying tongue and a lying spirit from the first degree to the 33rd degree, to each other and to us. I’ve proven that as well.

And what did Jesus say? How did he describe their God? “The father of lies.” How accurate. “The one who comes to cheat, kill, and destroy.” How accurate again when I tell you their plans. Look here, Charles Darwin is noted as an influential figure by the Satanic Temple and proof for them, apart from the intelligent design that is all around us, that Lucifer is real and that is the God of this realm, is the power of witchcraft or magic.

Magic works because there’s a hierarchy or a pyramidal power structure in the spirit realm, a realm devoid of any love for you, and these spirits can be conjured up and summoned by the practitioners of the royal art of Freemasonry. They ask for something in return.

J.K. Rowling and the deathly hallows

Do you think J.K. Rowling isn’t a Luciferian? In this article, J.K. Rowling reveals the inspiration behind the Deathly Hallows symbol, and what is it? The Masonic scoring compass with the one eye that all the celebrities mimic. That’s the inspiration.

They’re all members of the secret society. If you think that doesn’t prove anything, here she is with her new tattoo. It says “solve et coagula,” also a song titled by fellow Freemason Marilyn Manson. And where does it come from?

Here, the Baphomet, the image of Lucifer as conceptualized by another Freemason, Eliphas Levi, in his book “The Doctrine of Transcendental Magic.” This horror thing with breasts, a penis, and a goat’s head with two horns has these words written on its arms: “solve et coagula.”

The impact of the meaning of these two words should disturb you to soberness when I tell you about them, because apart from other things, they involve the process in which the new system will be implemented at unbelievable cost to you and me.

Here’s a statue of the Baphomet at the Satanic Temple, complete with two little kids admiring it. That’s J.K. Rowling’s religion: Satanism, the sacred religion for the highly evolved and the highly successful.

Welcome to the real world.

The same sonic author writes in “The Doctrine of Transcendental Magic”: “In the ceremonies practiced at reception by all secret societies, there I found indications of doctrine which is everywhere carefully concealed, and that is witchcraft.” And in his “History of Magic,” he tells us it is the royal art, and that’s what Freemasonry calls it. And where did he get his inspiration for the Baphomet from?

Modern day Knights Templars

The Knights Templar, another secret society who were banned, and some of its members were executed in the 1300s for glorifying evil, as it’s openly stated here in the Satanic rituals.

And where do modern-day Knights Templar’s reside now? within a high degree of freemasonry. Right here again, from the encyclopedia:

Listen to this: “The continuing impact of speculative Freemasonry, which means modern-day Freemasonry, provided fertile soil in which new magical orders could grow.”

‘Magical orders’ meaning other branches of secret societies of which Freemasonry is the umbrella, because Freemasonry is the king of secret societies.

Just like JFK tried to tell us, it’s the prestigious channel that one must go through, and it is the reason that the oldest religion in the world has made a colossal comeback and is now on the brink of success; which, as I said, nothing can stop now.

Barack Obama, George Bush. Hillary Clinton.

Again, according to the encyclopedia, the groups wear ritual garb and meet in magical lodges. And where do Masons meet? In the Masonic lodge, like here, with a magical pentagram on their chequered floorboard. Are you believing your eyes or making excuses? Another Baphomet statue at a Satanic temple performing the sign of the horned god Lucifer, the hand sign mimicking the horns on his head, and the upside-down cross.

And here’s Barack Obama doing the same sign and the sign of silence with a twist. Who do you think he’s mocking here? You and I, but mainly Christians, because Christianity is the one force that has stood between you and the inconceivable horror that is awaiting us and is on its way. Here’s an article on Barack Obama, and that’s his hands adjusting his presidential seal. And this is for Sunny Green and the son of the Devil’s horns. Over and over, Freemasonry and Satanism are intertwined. Look at these masonic politicians throwing up the Devil’s horns. George W. Bush. Look how sneaky and sinister the look on his face is he and the manner in which he’s delivering the sign in front of the whole world.

Is he a fan of rock music? Is he saying I love you in sign language for the deaf, like some people like to say?

This is his fraternal order called Skull and Bones, also known as the Order of Death, where you lie naked in a coffin with what’s called a temple prostitute during initiation.

Stanley Kubrick's movies.

Clearly a Masonic order with this guy displaying the hidden hand of freemasonry in Stanley Kubrick’s last movie before his death. He’s telling you that all prominent members of industry, including politics, as the movie goes on to show, are members of a Satanic secret society. In it, he shows the members engage in an orgy and feast after the ceremony of dedication to their horned God.

To identify which secret society he’s referring to, he leaves clues in the artwork. Not once, not twice, but three times. The one-eyed religion.

With Eyes Wide Shut, look at the cover of his other movie, A Clockwork Orange: the eye on top of the pyramid, and on his shirt, the word “Devil” in Italian.

And to whom do you think the title of the movie is dedicated? None other than the stupid, ignorant, and uninitiated masses watching the movie. And you know it now, he knew that when we’d leave the cinema, we’d be commenting on the performance of Tom Cruise or giggling about the orgy scene, or just being disappointed because the movie went too long or some other meaningless critique.

Freemasonry and Satanism are intertwined. Freemasonry is Satanism in disguise.

Let me take it up a notch in case this isn’t registering.

Listen to the founder of the Satanic Church, Anton LaVey, tell us in his book “The Satanic Rituals,” which is a companion to “The Satanic Bible”: “Masonic orders have contained the most influential men in many governments, and virtually every occult order has many Masonic roots.” This was said back in 1972. Now, 40 years later, it should read “all governments,” not “many.”

And why is the founder of the Church of Satan discussing freemasonry, the most honorable and charitable fraternity in the world that no one seems to discuss and that we never learn about in school?

This is why. Because the Satanic ritual is a blend of gnostic Kabbalistic Hermetic and masonic elements.

That’s crazy because freemasonry is a blend of gnostic, Kabbalistic, and hermetic elements too; any Mason will confirm that, but how can that be?

Because Freemasonry is Satanism in disguise.

On page 106 every right of the Black Order employed masonic principles.

Every right of these black orders – one of which was called Freunden von Lucifer which translates to “friends of Lucifer”.

And guess what? There are numerous manifestations of Satanism in masonic ritual including the goat the coffin and the death’s head.

Please awaken ol’ sleeper and let the glorious side of the truth dawn upon your sleepy eyes.

John F. Kennedy was brutally assassinated after he attempted to inform us

How did Freemasonry get away with this? Just like Jesus the greatest enemy of theirs said they would: By dressing the Wolves as a Satanic underground carefully cloaked in Christian trappings. That’s how Freemasonry got away with it.

We can’t find out about it because they run the media and the education system.

John F. Kennedy was brutally assassinated after he attempted to inform us that we are opposed around the world by a monolithic conspiracy.

Did he know that Lucifer was the God of Freemasonry? I don’t know.

The grand master of my lodge, who was the mayor of the city, was a 32nd degree freemason. That’s one short of the top one – short of the true beginning of the secret religion, and he had no idea what Freemasonry really was – after 42 years in the lodge they never invited him into the 33rd degree initiation, because he couldn’t see past the Christian trappings as they were designed to do.

That trap. The Christian or trap anyone else who was too sensitive to behold the truth. Thus Freemasonry could halt their progress at any time without suspicion because it’s a rare thing to reach the 33rd degree and every Freemason knows that, so that there are no rude awakenings that take place with those that aren’t ready to embrace Lucifer as the true God of freemasonry and the world.

This is an ingenious system birthed by what must have been demonic inspiration. Eliphas Levi says that this ingenious system serves as a rudimentary screening process for organized Satanism.

It’s a filtering process, as I’ve said earlier, an international filtering process from which men and women are picked and permitted to enter the world stage. I’m saying all this for those who naively think that politics and magic ritual do not mix.

That’s the founder of the Satanic Church, he admits that admissions that were never heeded because no one cares. How else did the Freemasons pull the wool over our eyes? The Companion to the Satanic Bible tells us that as well by filling the world with fools.

Who’s the biggest fool in the eyes of Freemasonry? An atheist.

From the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry: “One who does not believe in the existence of God, such a state of mind can only arise from ignorance or stupidity.”

All this time you’re laughing at Christians and the freemasons are laughing at you.

Drinking from a human skull

Here’s the founder of the Church of Satan again, Anton LaVey, showing the horn sign – the horned God of the witches, as illustrated by Oona Woodruff in her book “Witches.”

And here he is with a member of the Agora sect of Hinduism, partaking in a ritual of the oldest religion in the world – she’s drinking blood from what? A human skull.

Sound familiar? That’s right. That’s what all the high-level Freemasons do, except they use wine until they themselves are invited into the secret religion.

It’s ritualistically done to gain magical abilities, not a myth. And look at the hand sign – it’s also known as the “el diablo.”

Do you still think this hand sign is a joke or is misunderstood or misrepresented by people like me?

Satan Speaks and the Bible

Look at the cover of Anton’s other book called Satan Speaks. Look at the eye – he has one eye emphasized. Can you see?

What about the image of Lucifer in the Satanic temple. Look at the right eye, it’s darkened.

You ready for this? From the bible and this passage is thousands of years old:

“Woe to the worthless shepherd, his right arm shall be completely withered and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.”

Where do you think this hatred for Jesus comes from? Do you think it’s because we’ve outgrown it or because it speaks the truth? Who do you think this worthless shepherd with one eye darkened is and who said I am the good shepherd who said that Jesus Christ is the good shepherd not the worthless shepherd with one eye.

High-ranking Masons love the darkness so much, they define it as light

“Oh, but men love the darkness rather than light,” as the scriptures put it so solemnly. Look at how precise that statement is, with high-ranking Freemasons loving the darkness so much that they define the darkness itself as light.

Read an article on masonicworld.com by Worshipful Master John Alexander, who has journeyed from the lower degrees to the high and sublime degrees. This is the religion of our leaders and celebrities, so listen.

He writes, “Every ritual from the highest sublime degrees that I’ve ever read contains the statement, ‘I beg you to observe that the light of a Master Mason is darkness visible.’ I put it to you, brethren, that this is the most accurate description of Masonic light that you will ever find.”

Think about what you just heard, because this is what they learn. Masonic light is darkness, and this is before they enter the real religion of Freemasonry – Satanism.

That’s why in the high degrees, the ritual states to the candidate, ‘I beg of you to observe,’ meaning to ponder, to contemplate what they mean by the statement. My 32nd-degree Grand Master never understood, and they don’t push you.

Screening process to weed out those who can't handle their truth that 'Evil is good and good is evil'

Remember it’s all a screening process to weed out the weaklings who can’t handle the truth

The truth that this is how the all-seeing eye sees things: “Evil is good, and good is evil.”

Look at what he says immediately afterwards:

“… in keeping with our normal masonic practice of burying our important truths deeply the ritual sets out to immediately disguise this truth usually people bury their lies but masons bury their truths because their truth is that God is the Devil and that we are in hell, so everything has to be flipped on its head in order for things to make sense in this place where lust creates life, where might is right, where compassion is weakness,

and of course in order to succeed loki with another freemason of the highest degree Helena Blavatsky she writes in her book the secret doctrine

Doctrine means belief so the book is called the secret belief – the sacred belief of freemasonry she says the sons of God of whom Satan was one all those spiritual beings were called angels of darkness because that darkness is absolute light

Do you see how far they go to protect and glorify the darkness? Because men love darkness rather than light

Our heroes aim is to overthrow Christiaity and the world

If these were just randoms next door or some minor cult I wouldn’t be telling you about them, and I really wouldn’t care this much, but these are not randoms – these are our heroes, these are those who have crept into the power structure very slowly since 1717 when the first masonic ground lodge was organized to overthrow Christianity and the world

These are those who we admire trust and these are those who have perverted our culture with one hand the hidden hand while upholding it with the other hand so you can never call them out, because they’re on charities, nursing homes, and children’s hospitals in the open, while they propagate smart violence debt and of course atheism in secret while a plethora of everyday distractions are endlessly supplied to us through entertainment and news plowing through our lives

Bringing down our infrastructure so they can build their new world from the ashes

That’s political freemasonry.

Politicizing everything including entertainment supplying you with their heroes and their idols and now that 95 of the world have been spiritually disarmed by thinking “oh the world is a good place and Jesus is a myth” they’ve rigged our infrastructure and they’re about to bring it down so they can build up their new world from the ashes

A completely new system of life on this planet is coming, I promise you that.

Bright Morning Star

In a book called Satan’s master plan levay affirms his commitment to destroy Christianity.

Now check out Anton levay once again in perfect parallel with freemasonry stating in the Satanic bible waiting at the darkness visible for that bright and morning star

Bright morning star being a reference to Lucifer; the exact same expression as the freemason and worshipful master john alexander that we just heard describing masonic light darkness visible identical language because freemasonry is Satanism in disguise

Bulk of Masons don't know the full signification of their symbols

This is what the initiated queen of freemasonry, Helena Blavatsky, says of the bulk of freemasons in her book: “the knowledge of their members about the full signification of their symbols is nil,” and that’s of course true of the freemasons.

How do I know she’s a freemason? Because her diploma was reproduced on page 66 in freemasonry universal volume 5 part 2 in the autumn equinox 1929, and also because she’s displaying the sonic penalty sign like all these freemasons.

Stop denying the existence of Satanism and secret societies

There is a fork in the road that’s approaching you and you can stay on the path which curves to the left by denying the existence of Satanism in the fullness that you’ve been shown or you can surrender to the truth and take the right hand path now where that road could lead is the sweetest risk you’ll ever take are you still pretending that this one-eye religion of freemasonry isn’t Luciferianism

This is the biggest obstacle you’ll ever face the very thing that could lead you to the prize is the very thing that will keep you from it the reality of international Satanism in the shadow of Christianity Satanism has always been there with every church that sprung up so did its invisible enemy the Satanic church growing out of sight and out of mind from this to this and Christianity has long been deprived of its power as clearly demonstrable by the absolute lack of preaching against the institution of freemasonry Satanism’s magic cloak

Satanism’s magic trick that’s freemasonry and how they are laughing for now

So freemasons are now are at the helm of the power structure of society which means Satanism rules and they’re making their move for the new order of the ages.

Are you that besotted by this evil world that you’ll even deny the existence of secret societies.

What about the American president John Kennedy? Was he just a nut job like me warning us about an international secret society with an international secret plot? A freemason trying to tell you and the world about freemasonry shot through the head.

I’ve shown you who they are.

I’ve shown you how they successfully operate with degrees of initiations and horrific and illegal oaths of secrecy and I’ve shown you why they are a secret society.

I’ve proven it to you and only now that I’ve done that I can show you in this many minutes what the shocking new order that freemasonry has so cautiously been guiding us toward actually looks like and of course you won’t believe that either by now there’s a 98 and a half percent chance that you belong to the world and in that case the world can do will do and is doing whatever the hell it wants to do with you and when all you have is the world you’ll do anything to hold on to it – Christian or not most of you will follow this world straight to the slaughterhouse in the name of peace, safety, and progress – clinging to it because all you love is inside it – blissfully ignoring people like me warning you of who’s really in charge of it.

Men women actors singers businessmen and politicians all interlocked whose God is named Lucifer.

You’ve seen it with your own eyes but now you can hear it with your own ears from this 33 degree freemason in person just in case the masonic literature wasn’t enough for you?

That’s out to help people Lucifer is yeah listen say that again L

“Lucifer is a pure holy virtuous”

Virtuous now see the Lucifer that God created that’s the same one

“oh man this is great I’m going to put this on the internet”

God bless you brother

because that’s exactly what the shriners of masons teach is that “Lucifer is light and your water comes”

Biggest lie ever told is that Satan doesn't exist

Jesus said, “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, did we not do these good deeds in your name?’ And He will say to them, ‘Away from me, you workers of iniquity, I never knew you.'” Jesus said in Matthew chapter five.

You have been bred from childhood to fall for the biggest lie ever told, that Satan doesn’t exist. And if Satan doesn’t exist, then neither does Jesus. While your heroes and idols know full well that they do exist.

Bred from Childhood, (Walt Disney 33 degree Freemason)

And when I say you’ve been bred from childhood I mean just that.

Walt Disney was a high-ranking Freemason. Here’s a stamp dedicated to him and his very exclusive Club 33, which stands for the 33 degrees of Freemasonry. Who’s the guard of the 33rd degree Freemason? Walt Disney. Well, Walter hides the answer in plain sight, because that’s what Freemasons do. Firstly, the mirror-word of Mickey is wicked. See how they veil evil with a cloak of innocence?

What does the word “veil” itself conceal? Secondly, Walter’s god is horny, symbolized by the horned god of the witches, and we all know Walt Disney loves magic, which is witchcraft. So, the depictions of sex are hidden in plain sight as well. Remember, lust produces life, not love, so lust is purity, and lust is love for the high-degree Freemason. And thirdly, he hides the number of his god’s name in the open as well. No, no, that’s not a triple six he’s saying interwoven in the design.

That would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it? Not even when they separate the sixes from the name, all three of them, and place them together for you like this in plain sight. People will not see it even then. Do you think things are any better 50 years later? Here’s the Eye of Lucifer in the Nickelodeon Channel and his lightning flash.

Who is Satan to them? He's an angel of Divine Light

Remember what they actually believe about Satan from Freemason Helena Blavatsky’s book, The Secret Doctrine, which means the sacred belief. Who is Satan to them? He’s the angel who was proud enough to believe himself God, brave enough to buy his independence at the price of eternal suffering and torture, and beautiful enough to have adored himself in full divine light.

Helena Blavatsky is suggested as recommended reading by the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry right here, and the Grand Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry speaks of Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil on page 407 (Page 102). To the initiate, the Devil is the instrument of liberty or free will. That’s who Lucifer is to them, okay?

Lucis Trust (Lucifer's Trust) - consultant to the United Nations

To show you how little you know of who you’re dealing with and the extent of this religion’s influence and power not to mention their plans let me jump ahead for a minute.

Watch this. This is Lucis Trust. The Lucis Trust is a non-for-profit service organization incorporated in the United States in 1922, and its objective, according to the Lucis Trust website, is the dedication to the establishment of a new and better way of life for everyone in the world based on the fulfillment of the divine plan for humanity.

The divine plan is a new way of life, like a new world system, or a new order. Now you want to see for whom they work. The Lucis Trust has consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

The United Nations consult the United Nations of the world; they advise the United Nations of the world. Now look at this: the Lucis Trust’s publishing company was founded in the early 1920s as Lucifer Publishing Company. The Lucis Trust says that the name was probably chosen to honour Lucifer.

What on earth does a modern-day consultant to the most powerful and progressive force engaged in uniting all nations under one banner, the UN, have to do with the fallen angel of the holy bible, the one that Jesus Christ told us would manifest on earth as a world ruler to deceive the entire world into a new world system? Yes, that angel. Why on earth would they honour that angel?

Finally, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find an article on their website about the esoteric meaning of Lucifer – on a modern company website – with consultative powers to the United Nations of all things. Wow.

 In the article, it is stated that Bailly’s had enormous respect for H.P. Blavatsky, who stated in her renowned occult book “The Secret Doctrine” on page 245, in a chapter called “Holy Satan,” that it is Satan who was the God of our planet and the only god. The article goes on to say that the Bailly’s sought to elicit a deeper understanding of the sacrifice made by Lucifer.

Everything has been reversed: evil is good, Jesus is the enemy, and Lucifer sacrificed himself for you, not Jesus Christ, the one who washed the feet of his disciples, and the only one they fear. Modern progressive atheists do not influence world events; people Satanists do.

Remember the goal of the Lucis Trust: the fulfillment of the divine plan for humanity, exposed by Jesus Christ in the Gospels. Hence their war on the Bible and the abolition of it from the school system and even from modern Christian churches who dare not preach from the Book of Revelation. Your most highly evolved and contemporary leaders of society secretly believe that in the Theosophical perspective, the descent of these solar angels was not a fall into sin or disgrace but rather an act of great sacrifice. They believe in the fallen angels and their revolt against God as revealed in the Bible, led by the Devil, the chief commander of freemason Bob Dylan.

These people make contact with these fallen angels with the royal art of freemasonry called witchcraft. From the Gospels again which expose these people every time, “do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels and who has access to some visionary world beguile you of your reward.”

You still don’t believe that the false humility of the charitable fraternity of the freemasons is behind it all?

Well, Blavatsky also published a magazine called “Lucifer” with a woman named Annie Besant, and here’s a letter written by Annie herself with the official Masonic letterhead, and here Annie signs off as a 33rd-degree Freemason, printed also in the left-hand corner.

Annie Basant 33rd degree and a member of the supreme council, undeniable and undisputable. These are all Freemasons, high ranking, and they’re all buffeted by a plethora of Masonic Jews who don’t know any of this because they can’t decipher the symbols, and they don’t care to try. They’re proud and boastful and defensive of their beloved fraternity in which they get to rub shoulders with the most important people of these suburbs, cities, and towns, and in which they got on their knees to take blood oaths of death, calling other old decrepitated men worshipful master, yet still they think it’s innocent and has nothing to hide, delusional and lost, almost beyond hope.

Some of them still think it’s a Christian organization, just like the founder of the Satanic church described. “What do you get when you carefully conceal Satanism with Christianity? You get Freemasonry.”

People, Satanism is at the core of our world, and it is behind the new order that will be implemented soon enough. It will be all done through deception. You’ll be tricked.

Remember how I told you that the all-seeing eye sees that we’re in hell? Well, the massive witch and freemason Helena says sir right here, “Satan is the minister of God, lord of the seven mentions of Hades, the angel of the manifest worlds.

Hades means hell, manifest worlds means earth. This is who you’re dealing with.

Masonic Sex Cult

This is the religion and the beliefs of the rich, powerful, and famous, and yes, politicians.

Do you want to go back to sleep? You can sleep after this.

Wait till I show you what they’re going to do to you. Coming up in just a few minutes. For those who simply refuse to believe that Bono, Scott Morrison, or Prince can be Luciferians because they all go to church, let me show you another Masonic ritual they do. And this is before Satanism or Luciferianism is revealed to the candidate. Then you tell me if Bono or Scott are capable of secretly believing in Lucifer.

It all starts here with the Masonic apron. Different kinds signify different grades. Have you guessed what it’s hiding yet? The genitals. Pretty obvious, like everything else they hide. Once you can see, the genitals are the true working tools of a Mason. Freemasonry is foundationally a sex cult, like Satanism. Because it all starts with sex, doesn’t it? Life itself starts with sex.

So, the mystical force of the true God Freemasonry hides in the hidden part of the human body. That’s the Holy of Holies, covered by the Masonic apron – the seat of God, the seat of Lucifer.

See, he was a Satanist. King Diamond’s artwork: the eye is attached to the horned god. But look at where the eye starts – from the waist down. That’s where the apron of a Mason begins, and the one eye of Freemasonry is also the one eye of the penis, where life generates and springs forth.

See the openly hidden secret of the Masonic scrolling compass? Now you’re looking at the sex act. That’s the female in missionary position, and that’s the male mounting her.

The sex act and the eye in the middle with these emanating rays is the orgasm and the ejaculation of the penis. See life shooting forth? That’s how they see the sun and the earth too. The sun is the visible penis of their true God, shooting forth life continually. The light itself is the mystical sperm of the God of this world. The sun and penis generate life, while the earth and female womb produce life.

The letter G, when replacing the I in the middle of the square encompass, stands for generation – sexual generation. The practical aspect of Freemasonry and Satanism’s religion is that of a sex cult. You see Rod Stewart telling you he’s a Freemason by displaying the hidden hand of Freemasonry, also known as the master of the second veil. And look at his other hand taking the Masonic apron’s place for covering his penis, which is the Holy of Holies, the seat of God for the Mason.

And from the Grand Pontiff of Freemasonry, Albert Pike, hence the significance of the phallus – the penis – or of its inoffensive substitute, the obelisk. Straight from the horse’s mouth, the erect penis graces us – or should I say disgraces us – with its presence in every country in the world, marking its territory. The Masonic obelisk in our face everywhere, making its bold statement, yelling, screaming in silence.

This is another reason why we’re considered the ignorant and stupid masses.

Another example of “hidden in plain sight,” and here’s an erect penis on the front page of the female freemasonry magazine, the Eastern Star.

I once stood in front of this obelisk in Sydney, and I must have asked 30 people what they thought it was. Not a single one of them knew. To the Freemasons of the higher degrees, the whole universe is, in fact, one giant and continuous sex act. This is the structure of freemasonry.

You can take this path to the top, or this path, and way up here, you have the Order of the Mystic Shrine. The Mystic Shrine is what’s found behind the masonic apron, because that’s where life comes from. That’s the Mystic Shrine. You have to be a 32nd-degree freemason to be asked to join the Order of the Mystic Shrine, and then once you’re inside, you can be invited to join this order, the Royal Order of Jesters.

See, freemasonry is like Russian dolls, and Satanism is at its center.

Look at some of the pins and lapel designs for the Order of the Jesters. You can only join them unless you’re at least a 32nd-degree freemason. Sex and debauchery, erections, the adoration of the phallus, masturbation, devils, demons, and fallen angels. This one here mocking holiness, reference to the anus and sodomy, anything to mock the bible.

This disgusting one has King Momos sitting on a female’s face, and hidden in plain sight are the square and the compass for those who have eyes to see. Bestiality. Yes, indeed, this bagpipe player has an erection, and the sheep is running away scared. Self-explanatory. This character has an emphasized eye, if you can see that, and the skull has an emphasized eye, as well as the wink and the one eye of the Indian, and the secrecy.

The symbols of secrecy on the far right here. The monkey covers his groin area symbolizing the masonic apron, and the black and white dogs, well, they symbolize the chequered floorboard of the masonic lodge, which is sexualized male and female principles. The horned God, where evil and good don’t exist, and in the first degree, masons are given a bible stamped with the squaring compass, oblivious to the inherent mockery and the foundation of the whole fraternity.

As alluded to here with a genuine Royal Order of Jester’s private lapel, this is a certificate that a jester receives after his initiation, and you see here their patron is named King Momos, and he was a God or a demon, which is a variant of the word “demon” who was expelled from heaven, as the legend goes. Sounds just like Lucifer because it is. Did freemasonry disassociate themselves from the tax-exempt branch of freemasonry known as the Jesters?

Well, no they didn’t, because I mean, this is rare footage of an event within within the lodge and I’m sorry about the quality of this but this is a Masonic Lodge. So for masons that want to say that the Jesters are contrary to masonry, well look look at these dirty old men; Masters of the lodge with sublime morals all married, probably all have daughters and granddaughters, yet still this inside the lodge.

For you, it should be obvious because you can see the squaring compass, the sexual act, and the all-seeing eye right in the middle.

I told you that Satanism was the oldest religion in the world. The sex act was ritualized and organized as a religion before we called it Satanism.

But Satan has always been the horny, horned God of these sex cults, from Samaria to Egypt to Greece. That’s called paganism. The real bible of the Freemasons and the pagans, the one not written by hand, the one that’s older than any book, the one that supersedes all the rest in age, thus making it the purest and most unadulterated word of God in the eyes of the Freemasons, is nature.

Nature is their bible. And before you think there’s nothing wrong with that, wait a second, because you’re not thinking straight.

Ask a Mason, whether he be a first degree or a 33rd degree, what is freemasonry, and the universal go-to answer is this: a peculiar system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.

Now, why would you need to veil your morals?

Because in their peculiar system, evil is good and good is evil. That’s Satanism. One, a peculiar system of morals. That should tell you something. That should tell you everything. Why would your morals need to be a secret? Because their deeds are, in fact, evil, glorifying the laws of nature where cruelty and self-obsession are virtuous characteristics. That’s nature.

Nature is as cruel as she is kind. The checkered floorboard where everything is legal, it’s Christianity that lives in reverse. The first shall be last, love your enemies, the meek shall inherit the earth. These are unholy and unnatural concepts in the eyes of visible nature, the nature of Freemasonry, which is Satanism.

What the Freemasons really mean by this morality veiled in allegory is that they’re allowed to steal because nature allows it. They’re allowed to kill because nature allows it. They’re allowed to commit adultery because nature isn’t monogamous. They’re allowed to lie, indulge in all their God-given senses, especially sexual because nature encourages it, as long as no one finds out.

Under oath, Jesus said, “Narrow is the road that leads to life, and broad is the road that leads to destruction.”

The Freemason of the century says, “No true mason can be narrow, for his lodge is the divine expression of all broadness because broad are the divine laws of nature.”

While they glorify those laws, Christianity breaks those laws. It becomes supernatural because only then can you love your enemy. And so it goes that Christianity is despised by Freemasonry, the real Freemasons, because their bible is nature. And by nature, they know the personality traits of their God Satan because he’s the God of this world, just as the Freemasons, the enemies of mankind say that he is, and just like Jesus said he was too.

So they believe that Jesus is evil because he denies human nature and burdens us with the knowledge of sin. Observable nature, that’s what guides the masons’ ethics, and the masons’ morals. That’s why they’re called free masons, believe you me, because they’re free from moral obligations, free from sin, from guilt, they’re free from Jesus Christ.

These people are introducing this new system of the world, this new age. You’re gonna miss Christianity when it’s gone, mark my words because you have no rights in the eyes of nature, which is the bible of Freemasonry and Satanism. And soon, that will become painfully plain as a fact of life.

Now please, I give you a fair warning of what’s to come in this presentation.

It’s very disturbing or at least it should be but cause to celebrate follows the disgusting things you’re about to see this is precisely where my own life and well-being come into danger so let me say this right now if you hear of my sudden death or of my possession of half a kilogram of cocaine or child porn or my overdose or my suicide remember this video and if something so unfortunate should happen to me may it serve as a catapult to you and as a remembrance of the conclusion to this presentation which is this many minutes away do I really think they’re going to make me pay for this video for breaking my oaths well seeing as people are so far gone lost in the illusion that secret societies have constructed around you and inside you and seeing as they can simply pull this video down close my account and whatnot no I don’t think they’ll come after me but if they do let me say this to the grand lodge that orders my demise right now: Jesus wins

Is Scott Morrison is a Satanist?

So in saying all that, here we go. Is Scott Morrison a Satanist? I’ll let you answer that. Here is a ritual that Scott and every freemason from this guy to this girl have performed.

There is one Masonic apron you’ll never see being worn – this one. When I bumped into it, I thought it was a fake until I found this in Richardson’s Monitor – freemasonry official Masonic literature written for masons only. On this page, what is that head doing there? You’ll find out in a sec.

Let’s read the description of the apron worn in this degree. Speaking of the initiates, it states they wear white aprons sprinkled with blood red and lined and boarded with black. On the flap of the apron, a bloody arm holding a dagger, and on the apron, a bloody arm holding a bloody head by the hair. Now, this is why there’s an illustration of a decapitated head, and this is going to become a bone-chilling conclusion. So during this ritual, the candidate removes the blindfold and discovers a basin of water with a tumbler beside it. He is also astonished to find a human head lying on the floor. The master of ceremonies returns and directs the candidate to take up the knife in his right hand and the head in his left. Yes, this pope, this rock star, this pop star, this actor, this actress, and this beloved prime minister – this is what they’ve done. All of them, hands down. And you thought all you needed to be is talented to succeed? No, you need to belong to the secret society called freemasonry. And believe me, when you belong to them, you belong to them.

Now you tell me, can these people end up believing in Lucifer? Is that really a stretch? Carrying around a bloody head, swearing to have your brain cooked, tongue torn out from the roots if you ever reveal anything? No, the stretch is that you think they couldn’t believe in Lucifer. That’s the stretch. Lucifer, the one who sets you free from sin by sinning.

Can you now see the bloody spirit of freemasonry lurking behind the veneer of charity and the veneer of Christianity because Scott Morrison goes to church, apparently? The pope is a Christian, apparently? But look at these people. So-called Christians, or Christians gathered around a giant erect phallus in the middle of the Catholic Square.

This is freemasonry, the demolition of morals, the creation of hypocrisy, and the demolition of true virtue. These minds are directing the future. Now, to be fair, I don’t know if these heads are real heads. I never got that far to find out. But I will tell you this: all the skulls they use are real, all the skeletons they use are real, and they run every single noteworthy funeral home in Australia and the world. I know that personally and for a fact.

Celebrate Death in Ritual

Once again, you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg because I can’t bring myself to tell you about what I really know of the rituals that come after the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. For as much as they celebrate life in various grotesque ways, they also celebrate death in ritual form, which are the things I can’t speak of to you. They have to celebrate death in order to prove that they can see things through the all-seeing eye, the one that sees above evil and above good. The checkered floorboard where things kill each other to live, where life is cruel, where morals are broad, there is no sin, there is only nature. See, these Masonic rituals are designed to desensitize the candidate further and further in preparation for the raw truth of Satanism.

The truth, which is plainly stated by the Grand Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry, is that Lucifer is the light bearer and you should not doubt it, as per their own literature and words. Finally, the candidate is introduced to the royal art of Freemasonry witchcraft, the ancient craft. Why do you think that witchcraft has disappeared? It never disappeared; it was hidden and forced to go into hiding by the appearance of Jesus on the human scene. This is another reason why he is passionately hated, and soon, he and his ways will be done away with in this new world, and so will your rights.

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you still don’t believe me you’re still doubting all the evidence like the freemasons are counting on you to doubt well remember from the encyclopedia of American religions the continuing impact of speculative modern freemasonry provided fertile soil in which new magical orders could grow

watch this two-minute clip

I can vouch for every single thing you hear come from the former mason’s mouth in the initiation in freemasonry we had to be recommended by another mason well in order to join witchcraft you have to be first screened you have to be recommended by somebody currently in witchcraft well when I was initiated I was blindfolded and bound by a rope and on your bare chest was just the point of a spear in witchcraft we were initiated through a a very involved ritual initiation ceremony wherein the candidate was led blindfolded bound by a rope to the edge of the magic circle and the rope is around your neck and your lid forward and up front the eastern end of the building is a person who’s a worship a master and you kneel down before him as if he were a God you were met by the high priest or high priestess at that time usually with a sword to your chest when I went to enter the lodge a shirt object was put to my left breast and I was warned that should I reveal any of the secrets of freemasonry to know what to expect when you’re presented before the high priest a sword is held against your chest and you actually take a blood oath promising to remain faithful to the secrets of witchcraft when you are in the room this blindfold is taken away from you and this is a time when they say that you’re coming from darkness into light during the initiation ceremony the initiate is led by the lieutenant of the high priest and is challenged at the edge of the circle by someone saying who goes there and the answer is one from the world of darkness in masonry the prayers are ended with someone to be oh and one of the other aspects of uh or distinctives of the craft was that we would always end any spell or ritual where we released the powers where the power was released with the word soul motive by now this should sound like a stupid question but why do you think that the initiation ceremonies into witchcraft are almost identical to that of freemasonry I’m not even gonna answer that come on people wake up with me he’s calling me oak a freemason okay he didn’t handle freemasonry and the one-eyed symbolism of the God of her religion now here she is giving the vow of silence but what the masses fail to see is what’s written on the book she’s holding witchcraft the royal art of freemasonry this is what her valve silence is referring to in the picture yes kylie Minogue is a witch and if you’re still that deluded by the magic wand that is television entertainment movies media and whatnot then you’ll no doubt fail to use the incredible eyes that God gave you from which to see the real world with the evil world where Satanists are at the helm the ban on witchcraft was only officially lifted in england in the fifties after more than fifteen hundred years so that tells you who’s in control now and when I give you a glimpse into witchcraft in a minute you’ll see why it’s evil and why it should be anything but legal even when using it for so-called good because the well they draw from is poisoned but thanks to propaganda the craft of the witch has been absorbed into the realm of fantasy Justin Timberlake here is also referring to magic in this cover art with the all-seeing eye looking through the number of their God magic magic is a much smoother and more acceptable word than witchcraft that other word that word still retains its ferociousness it’s true character but that word has been sterilized that word isn’t real to you anymore you can’t feel it for what it really is or if you do your mind has isolated it confined it to some small groups of unimportance scattered here and there over this diverse world and so it’s nothing to be feared or concerned about but that’s the furthest thing from the truth now some witches want to say that witchcraft isn’t Satanism that’s either more delusion or misdirection as confirmed here by Anton lavey in the companion to the Satanic bible when speaking of the followers of the witchcraft not Satanism school he writes very accurately that they cannot afford to admit to an affinity with anything that bears the name Satan he knows where the power of witchcraft comes from now does that mean that Justin Timberlake is a Satanist because of his symbolism and the use of his word alluding to witchcraft and his artwork well yes actually that’s correct he is here’s a quote from his one from one of his songs you want to see who else is in good company with these famous idols Suzanne Atkins same sign same religion Satanism do they all have to admit it in the English language for you to believe me or can the symbols they use finally be enough for you look at what another legendary freemason Arthur e waite states out of evil comes good and the confusion of tongues gave rise to the ancient practice of masons conversing without the use of speech out of evil comes good so it’s good to do evil that’s what he’s saying see I’m trying to include you into the conversation that the freemasons are having with each other in public via symbolism unbeknownst to you listen to what famous us footballer tom brady said regarding his wife so man I listen to her and right after the game she said see I did a lot of work you do your work I do mine she said you’re lucky you married a witch I’m just a good witch well this is tom brady and this is his wife both initiated into the secret society of course they are wait she’s not displaying the one eye symbol of the freemasons is she that’s just art isn’t it well no it’s not she’s a witch and her husband just told you she was here’s Steve miller’s front cover to the famous song abracadabra and he covers his eye because he’s a member of the one-eyed religion and abracadabra is a legitimate word used in witchcraft here it is in the 100 year old encyclopedia freemasonry why would the word abracadabra be in the encyclopedia freemasonry the fraternity that runs charities hospitals nursing homes and that secretly supply us with popes presidents prime ministers kings and queens and the bulk of our entertainers why you know I really think it’s time to show you what the Satanists dressed as freemasons are going to do to you and the world to finally establish their new world their utopia and this is going to be the segue into that this is my last practical example of freemasonry’s Satanic roots and then I’ll close this presentation with the most shocking thing you’ll see or hear you probably won’t care but to the precious few who remain I will send you off with the greatest and most beautiful shock of all this is jay-z inside his masonic lodge you could see the masons and aprons in front of him this is where jay-z takes his sick oaths of silence kneels down in front of other men and calls them most worshipful master an appalling title to give to a man on this planet jay-z the freemason writes songs like this this one’s called Lucifer and in empire state of mind he writes Jesus can’t save you life starts when the church ends oh but he he can save you jc he can even wake you up just before you collide into a concrete wall doing 120 kilometers an hour I should know this is fellow member of the craft alicia keys who sings on the track here she is showing her allegiance and wearing the broken and bloody cross of Jesus christ the occult peace sign pure hatred for Jesus there is peace when your conscience has been killed seed to sin and you can indulge to anything a false and temporary kind of peace no doubt here’s a shadow of Jesus clothing line purely masonic the craft well this is the craft he’s referring to this is him with well-known witch marina abramovic also showing her sign of allegiance to freemasonry now here we go here’s jay-z wearing a most revealing top and the dead giveaway that you need to see behind the curtain of freemasonry do what thou wilt do whatever you want that’s the adopted motto of the most notorious Satanist of the 20th century 33rd degree freemason aleister Crowley here is his certificate of appointment known as the 33rd degree inscription and the double-headed eagle of freemasonry and here next to his name on the certificate including the symbol for a grand commander of freemasonry as shown in their encyclopedia but to really confirm that he’s a freemason here he is doing the masonic sign of the master of the second veil now here’s a legitimate letter from from alastair again the addition of his uh inscription to the 33rd degree and he signs off with a symbol of the past commander freemasonry what is he right beside it Baphomet this Baphomet

now listen to this man to get a clearer picture of the truth behind the secret religion of the stars and the leaders of the world alistar was the founder of a Luciferian church called the ordo temple orientes and he named himself the beast 666 straight from the bible depicting the number of wickedness in human form in his what’s called libertas writings he says

with my hawks head I peck at the eyes of Jesus as he hangs upon the cross do you see the hatred you think that I hate you too keep watching and from the equinox with the all-seeing eye of freemasonry this illustration what does it mean the writer himself explains the picture is symbolic of the new eon the new age from the blasted stump of dogma hangs the hag with dyed and bloody hair Christianity there’s a massive glimpse into the new old order that’s coming keep watching and down here do what thou wilt is the true nature the true nature remember the broad morals there is no such thing as evil so do what you want can you see the masonic future yet can you see the hidden hatred that pulses through its veins if they believe in do what they will what do you think they will do to you and what do you think they’ll do in order to build this new world this is from a commentary on his book of the law the beast 666 advises that all children should be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act do it thou wilt and what about the royal art of freemasonry magic is the highest most absolute and most divine knowledge of natural philosophy what a statement the highest most absolute and divine well let’s have a closer look into some of the more hidden secrets of the most divine natural philosophy known as magic any living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity according to the size and health of the animal at the death of the animal this energy is liberated suddenly the animal therefore should be killed within the circle within the magic circle so that energy that’s released can be captured and directed to serve the will of the witch male or female this is a science a hidden science

but now hear this coming from a 33rd degree freemason

and don’t you forget that for the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force a male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most suitable sacrifice can you see this is who jay-z is quoting on his top this is who this Jonas brother holds in high esteem this is who the Beatles have on their front cover as a figure they admire no worse they put at the top this is the same picture of the front cover in a mirrored form and after some kaleidoscoping you’ll find this fellow freemason aleister Crowley sits at the top and down the bottom there even appears the phallus with the testicles and up here the vesicle Pisces also known as the vagina does this picture make more sense now all freemasons yes indeed and by the way that’s where jc got his symbol from from Satanism as portrayed here by Satanist and freemason alistair Crowley and by Satanic church founder Anton levay

does anyone still think that freemasonry isn’t Satanism in disguise let’s finally take a peek into the royal art of freemasonry and this is the briefest way I can show you from the complete book of magic and witchcraft this is a practitioner’s manual not from some bogus author trying to expose witchcraft just so you can get it through your head that this is real and this is protected the writer or compiler of this God forsaken book warns the reader that the recipes may seem disgusting that the knowledge revealed has been forbidden and has caused suffering and death to witches and the victims of witches you don’t think which witchcraft was a serious menace in times past and present come with me and I’ll show you how bad this menace actually gets as the world’s most powerful and secret religion moves ever closer to fulfilling its biblical destiny and it will close your eyes or not it will fulfill its destiny firstly let’s connect this sick art straight to modern freemasonry with the word abracadabra both written in triangular form from the manual of witchcraft and from the encyclopedia of the secret society that your prime minister belongs to and just like high-ranking freemasons male and female witches also drink out of a human skull but here the practitioner drinks wine in which they first dissolve or boil the brains or heart of an animal before consuming it all from the human skull in this ritual the initiate is instructed to drink in the night at spring water out of a skull of one that hath been slain that’s right out of it the skull of a human who’s been murdered or sacrificed otherwise eat a pig with a knife that slew a man please don’t turn away look straight ahead and open your eyes to the planet you are on because the real monster under your bed doesn’t actually go away when you close your eyes in other rituals of the craft you burn a rooster while he’s alive with the use of a poisonous plant used in ointments and potions of witches you can assure death and destruction on a victim you want to make a female enemy sterile or a male enemy impotent for the rest of his life otherwise you can just kill them the hand of glory is the severed hand that is dried and preserved to be used in black magic yes a dead human hand a black circle is most effective for operations of evil the use of blood and sex in ritual was considered helpful for obtaining the necessary energy to successfully work magic or achieve mystical insight but here’s where the darkness thickens even further animals such as black cats or children may be sacrificed and participants may drink the blood of the sacrifice and just so you know that Stanley Kubrick wasn’t joking an orgy of participants sometimes follows the mass no remorse just science the science of witchcraft the royal art and here what’s necessary for the working is the fat of young children dead children how many children do you think go missing in Australia every year

that’s how many

and what about the world? is it one million?

well according to the international center for missing and exploited children it’s 8 million children per year

do you think that the highest most absolute and most divine knowledge of natural philosophy has anything to do with that any chance of an international secret system that is bolstered by initiations and degrees and bound under the most brutal penalties that the human mind can ever devise do you think that has any involvement any chance at that am I saying that this freemason has sacrificed children no I never said that but did he ever even remotely mention the secret societies did he ever tried to warn you educate you

no he was under oath

am I saying that these freemasons have sacrificed children

no I never said that either

but have they ever warned you about the secret society that believes that Lucifer is the savior the society functioning right under your nose

that secret society no not a chance

Julia Gillard admitted she belonged to one but that’s about it because they’re all under oath

so where does this ancient craft originate from originates from the spirit realm from spirit beings that’s who taught mankind the royal art before civilization began in this chapter the rights of Satanism witchcraft the manual explains that a typical Satanic sabbath was number one a homage to the Devil usually performed as the osculum infamy also known as the kiss of shame which is so shameful that we’ll just put it this way the ritual involves kissing the hindquarters of the Devil the re surely this is far removed from anything to do with freemasonry people the original order of the Knights Templar were found guilty of this very same obscene ritual and where do you find the modern variant of the knights 10 plus of today

I told you in the highest degree of freemasonry right here here’s a couple of them now and what’s on this templar’s head from the masonic encyclopedia remember a symbol of the Baphomet according to 33rd degree aleister crowley and we could confirm that in the Satanic bible that’s exactly what’s hiding deep inside of freemasonry I’m only showing you this to show you the reality of Satanism and the demonic realm the world you can’t see on this earth and this earth we can’t see look here the hierarchy of demons occupies a more important place in both black and white magic rituals both black and white this is where the power of witchcraft comes from and this is the reason these bizarre rituals actually function and actually work because after the ritual is performed on earth its effects are carried out to their conclusion in the spirit realm by spiritual beings or demons actual demons the reality that is hidden from you because if you found out that Satan was real then that would have to make Jesus christ real too and he is the one they hate and if Jesus christ is real that changes everything and this is how much they hate him the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples is performed backwards the high priest is sometimes naked a prostitute assists him and a naked virgin who may later be deflowered is the altar everything that is sacred is defiled and everything that is filthy is on it as pure because of their burning hatred of Jesus christ just as he’s hated by the fallen angels that they worship it gets worse when you hear what they use as a substitute for the bread that Jesus broke and told his disciples to eat in remembrance of him a wafer which initiates me with this this and this or the name of Satan may be written upon it and this isn’t even witchcraft this is just a ceremony announcing who they love and who they hate so is Satan real it continues to stay in the hierarchy of demons at the very top satanakia whose title is the commander-in-chief what did bob dylan the freemason call the one he made a bargain with should I ask who you made the bargain with with you know with the chief chief commander same title commander-in-chief chief commander are you following but watch this in case the darkness is getting a little too thick and encompassing for you let’s shine a little light the true light that only the gospels can supply speaking to us humans and revealing something about Satan the gospel state you follow the spirit of the age in this world system as dominated by the commander of the spiritual powers of the air Satan the God of this world the commander you still think the gospels are wrong or fake see Satanists know that the spirits also live in the air just as the gospels reveal you can summon any of these demonic spirits by name if you possess the royal art who do you think this figure on the front cover represents a magician who is inadequately prepared and cannot attain his desires may seek the aid of Satan that’s who this is now that you know hopefully for a fact that these are people at the top of the human food chain do you think they’d be fooling around with stupid fairy tales no witchcraft and Satanism is absolutely real hence their earthly power this demon here fifth in the pyramid structure holds the title of inspector general and what’s the title of the highest degree in freemasonry who exists in every local lodge in every suburb a suburb near you inspector general same title as the living demon do you believe me now you can even conjure Lucifer himself or be bilsabath who the gospels call the prince of the Devils both of whom are listed as superior spirits in this book of witchcraft and magic I can show you so much more from this disgusting book but I’ll cut it off here with the seal of Saturn a demonic sigil from the complete book of magic and witchcraft and this is his seal can you see do you see this is the society that lives amongst you above you the one-eyed religion of freemasonry hidden right in front of those who have their eyes wide shut I’m going to now show you what that world that they are building from the ashes of the one you’re currently living in looks like but lastly to drive this business of blood sacrifice home here’s American rapper azealia banks with the triple six hand sign and now over the all-seeing eye the all-seeing I know video the eye in the triangle of the freemasons on her shirt and the Devil her liberator her master her commander and now displaying the secret society of our silence along with that the last brief glimpse into the highly concealed royal art of of crap freemasonry about to come off my floor right now guys oh my God three years worth of bruja yes you know I gotta scrape all this [ _ ] up you know what it means witchcraft azealia banks the witch with her eye in the triangle shirt and the logo of for example the grand lodge of freemasonry in spain one and the same symbol the logo of the fraternity of the freemasons and the logo of this church of Lucifer the one eye one and the same symbol freemasonry has deceived you yes people now you know how Satanism has functioned out of sight and out of mind you still think there’s no such thing as witchcraft or that it only existed in the olden days you still think that blood isn’t a part of the royal art you still think that local masonic lodges of the world are not filtering systems for Satanists and a cloak for organized Satanism with a grand master plan for the world you think there’s nothing to the blood sacrifice of Jesus christ after seeing all this and the azealia banks clip and after realizing that there exists a hidden and guarded signs of the art of blood sacrifice you think there was no science behind Jesus’s crucifixion a deeper reality that we can’t see or understand you think Jesus didn’t know what he was doing or are you one of those who still think he didn’t exist tell me how can they hate something that doesn’t exist if only you could hear from some other freemasons who have the courage to break their oaths but she won’t you won’t this is probably it but I once heard from a freemason and honest one in about 2016 after I posted this picture on facebook. He knew he knew the truth just like you do now or just like you should and he wrote to me and he said by the time we are done every church will be a brothel

well in case you think that that’s impossible this is a fashion show that was held in a church a real church and it was organized by high-ranking freemasons who you will see now to be Satanists designed to be a heart-wrenching mockery and a colossal sign of the times this event just so you know it’s a sonic production here’s the inside of a lodge see those twin pillars well here they are see them as sonic checkered floorboard well there it is see the masonic squaring compass well there it is and do you see the eye freemasonry

Society at large must be incrementally introduced and seduced into initiation - degree by degree

Yeah, there they are, lower square in the squaring compass has been disfigured so as to not make it too obvious. But now that we’ve established that, here is the spirit of Freemasonry as displayed through just a few of the models. This one wears the horns of the Baphomet, the horns of Satan, with his all-seeing eye in the background. More horns, this model wears the all-seeing eye, as does this one, and this disgusting thing with another huge all-seeing eye of Lucifer in the background. Then there’s this with a Satanic pentagram on her face, and finally, this male model in a skirt with two Satanic inverted crosses of Jesus Christ on his top in a church over morbid victory of the Freemasons.

Unstoppable for now.

People like Lady Gaga cover one eye while wearing an inverted cross, and you don’t see the connection of the one eye symbolism to Satanism? Your observational skills have been compromised.

In the span of two days, I saw these ads in my local shopping centre, and that alone tells me that the Satanic age is here; manifesting all around us; seemingly invisible, while you look straight ahead through the symbols.

Just like the initiation process of the secret societies themselves, society at large must be incrementally introduced and seduced into further depravity and self-love, and haven’t we been slowly but surely been perverted over time? Degree by degree.

Until we think that men dressing as women is beautiful and healthy, anal sex is a form of expressing love, and the sick world of pornography is considered as liberating for women and men, and protected by free speech.

In California, babies are allowed to be aborted after birth because it’s a woman’s choice and that’s not considered murder.

A world where we should applaud young children like Desmond – cross-dressing while he dances for gay men at a gay bar on a podium because he’s paving the way for the kids of the future, and we should get shamed fined and even jailed if we point out that this is sick sinful and dare call it evil. Which is what the spirit is behind Desmond is. An evil spirit no doubt about it.

The appearance of Jesus pretty much destroyed their religion and drove it underground

You think freemasonry and their peculiar morals aren’t behind the decline of Christian morality and morality worldwide?

It’s all by design – the masonic war on Jesus and the Christian social structure generally undetected by human perceptions and still people will write to me and comment on how absurd what I’ve said is a cloud over the eyes of their heart

Well I’ll tell you this there is no bigger axe that has ever been grinded than the one freemasonry grinds
because the appearance of Jesus Christ pretty much destroyed their religion drove it underground and they will have their revenge soon. You’re gonna see it. We’ve all been initiated into the lowest levels of materialistic Satanism under the banner of secular humanism.

Darkness is coming to your door

I know guys who think: “Life’s great, mate! Life’s terrific! Life’s what you make it!” “Evil Lucifer Satan? These are just words that Christians invented to help them sleep better at night. There are no cults. There are no conspiracies. John F. Kennedy’s speech about secret societies plotting against the world? That’s not relevant anymore: That’s history. There’s no such thing as Satanism amongst civilized people.”

Oh, children, when darkness comes to your door, takes your wife, your health, your job, your home, your freedom, and your children, then you call out, “Oh, my God, my God, this is evil. Why is this happening to me?”

Well, here comes the darkness. Here comes the evil. You want to know what the new world order looks like. You want to know what the future holds. You want to know what horror is coming to our planet.

As Jesus told us, ‘For then there will be great distress, unequalled from the beginning of the world until now, and never to be equalled again.‘ Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Masonic New World Order.

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