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Georgia Guidestones

These are the mysterious Georgia Guidestones, also known as the American Stonehenge. They are a set of granite monoliths constructed in 1980, funded by an unknown and anonymous group, and commissioned by a man using the pseudonym R.C. Christian.

On one legible side of the monument, it is written, “Let these be guide stones to an age of reason.” With this, we get a clue as to the spirit behind the structure. The “Age of Reason” happens to be the title of a book by Thomas Paine. Now, you can color him any which way you want to, but whichever way, one glaring color shines through: Thomas was a hater of Christianity. That’s the second clue to the spirit behind the Georgia Guidestones.

The third is the fact that the Guidestones feature what could be seen as a replacement for the Ten Commandments of the Christian God, with the new Ten Commandments of the New Age because “Thou shalt not steal, cheat, lie, kill,” and so on are just too narrow for the New Age, for the Age of Reason. Clearly designed to be a take on the biblical commandments being ten in number, they are all very vague, very vague indeed, but anyone can ascertain the horror that must first take place before this New Age can begin by looking at the first “commandment,” sorry, guideline, because this one’s not vague at all: “Maintain humanity at under 500 million.” That’s right, a reduction of at least seven billion human beings would be necessary.

This thing cost the equivalent of half a million US dollars to build, and the street it’s located on is named after it, so that tells you how much reach its creators had. Its presence alone is a disgrace and a declaration of execution to most living people alive today, but let’s go on to the fourth clue as to the spirit behind these monuments.

The monument is outlining the Age of Reason. The name “R.C. Christian” is a pseudonym, and anyone who’s versed in secret societies or is a high-ranking member themselves would instantly recognize the pseudonym as a reference to the secret society known as the Rosicrucians, which is just another secret society branch that exists under the umbrella of Freemasonry, which is an extension of all secret societies of the past and is now the mother of all of them.

In this Masonic website, Worshipful Master Wynn Westcott urges the Freemasons to consider their status as Rosicrucians. The “R.C.” stands for Rosenkreutz Christian. Rosenkreuz is the mythical founder of the Rosicrucian Order, and as impossible as it is for me to prove that Thomas Paine himself, the writer of “The Age of Reason,” was a Freemason, he did also write this book, “The Origin of Freemasonry.”

That is the spirit behind the Georgia Guidestones, the Satanic spirit, and a straight-off-the-bat view of this approaching New Age.

They will appear as your saviors and yet consider you profane, vile and vulgar

I told you the whole system is about to change, and it’s not going into the future; it’s actually going back into the past, into the old religion. That’s what’s taking everything over, and you’ll walk straight into it blind as a bat, thinking these people want to help you.

They will appear as your saviours forgetting or never being told in the first place that all this time there have been two societies in the world: The visible one which is the one we’re in, and the invisible one.

Remember that the invisible one considers you profane, vile, and vulgar.

Why on earth would they want to keep you around?

Useless eaters replaced by technology and smart machines by 2025

In a book I can’t mention, written by them, people are referred to as “useless eaters”. We’ve become excess inventory redundant and passed our use by date in their eyes

Think about this: according to a prediction by information technology and research advisory firm gartner one third of jobs will be replaced by software robots and smart machines by 2025 – that’s four years away.

By 2050, 80% of all jobs will be eliminated by automation

Google engineering director Ray Kurzweil anticipates that robots will have reached human level intelligence by 2029 and by 2050 80% of all jobs will be eliminated by automation.

What on earth are you and your family good for then?

What do you think the secret society will do to the vile multitude then?

Utopia is coming and you and the bulk of society are not invited

The utopia is coming but it ain’t your utopia. You still think that by the measure of the minds of international Satanism you should be kept around? This excess baggage that the bulk of society has become? No, no, no, the new age is dawning and generally speaking you’re not invited; it’ll just look like you are.

Remember that Charles Darwin, the Freemason, is listed as an influential figure in the Satanic Church, so mass murder and mass death are natural and necessary themes in the name of evolution.

An artificially induced evolution into this.

He is the same image in real life in Eilat, Israel, seemingly unrelated to the seal on the US dollar bill, right? But standing in glory with a Masonic squaring compass, telling you exactly who owns this pyramidal symbol, complete with the one eye on top.

Same symbol same designers worshiping the same God.

You should be getting goosebumps by now.

Is this a conspiracy led by international freemasonry? You don’t have to bet your life on it because your life has already been placed as a bet on your behalf, without your knowledge but with your permission, because all of the information is hidden in plain sight.

In your face is where it’s hidden.

You’re going to lose this battle unless you’ve been hidden in Jesus Christ, the only one who warned you that the new age is a trap and that it is the climax to this epic drama being played out on planet Earth.

The New Age - brought to you by Freemasons

Now hang on, brace yourself because I ain’t gonna let you down.

This is a magazine called “The New Age”, but if you press rewind you can find its source: Supreme Council of 33 degree freemasonry.

This one stretches way back to 1922.

See the twin pillars of freemasonry? Look: this is 19th century freemason and new age pioneer Helena Blavatsky on the cover of this edition. She’s the one who wrote that “darkness is absolute light” and that “Satan is the God of our planet” and that “we are in hell”, but do you think the readers of these magazines are told that no darkness is sold as light? Satan is disguised, and it’s him in the details.

This masonic new age magazine was the precursor to all magazines and trends promoting the great deception of self-love and spirituality meanwhile you’re feeding off the plate that Luciferians serve you

Look at how the Satanic bible in 1966 reveals the reality behind the curtain evidence of a new Satanic age a new age the new Satanic age all rigged and all propelled by freemasonry Satanism’s magic cloak.

Satanic takeover symbolism- Devils and Lions Paw

After all, and I think you should have guessed by now, that Anton LaVey, the founder of the Satanic Church, the one who vowed to help destroy Christianity, is himself a Freemason. I can’t prove it to you, but I know it because of not only his obvious fondness of the fraternity of the Freemasons and the mention of it in his Satanic Bible and its vital role in the Satanic takeover, but also because of the symbols. Specifically, this one, generally called the Devil’s Claw or the Lion’s Paw.

Freemason James de Rothschild displaying the Devil’s Claw or the Lion’s Paw. X-Factor’s L.A. Reid showing the Devil’s Horns next to fellow Freemason Avril Lavigne. The secret society sign for the Devil’s number and displaying the Devil’s Claw over and over.

The better example is with New Age guru Annie Besant, co-writer of Lucifer magazine and 33rd degree Freemason, also showing the Lion’s Paw here and here.

But the best example I have is with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, clearly displaying the sign of the Master of the Second Veil of the Freemasons, and right next to him Stephen Tyler doing the Lion’s Paw. Clearly, both Freemasons secretly showing their allegiance with symbols.

And here’s Anton LaVey displaying the same Masonic symbol. Yes, a Freemason founded the Satanic Church.

Looking past the love and rainbows - 666

Now that we know who’s really behind the so-called New Age, let’s listen to some of the confessions of the New Agers in their literature. Once you scrape past all the talk of spirituality, love, and rainbows, New Age author, feminist, and hater of Christianity, Barbara G. Walker writes in The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, “666 was the magic number of the triple Aphrodite.” She further compliments the number by:

Calling it the miraculous number 666, speaking of the New Age to come.

PhD Christopher Hyatt writes in Undoing Yourself, “As we moved closer and closer to the well-planned-for and long-awaited invocation of the Prime Minister unto the very King of Hell – the Grand Vicar of Lord Lucifer

Yes the very well planned for and very long awaited indeed do you see what’s coming? Mr. Hyde also enlightens us in the fact that opposites do not exist apart from the mind.

Evil and good are all in your head.

That’s why you should brace yourself because these are the minds creating the new world system.

He confirms this the new age will require new men.

Men of higher consciousness and fortitude.

All of our present dogma models will crumble.

He means the Christian and the Christian social structure will crumble.

In the introduction to the book another phd robert anton wilson tells you what the new age really thinks of the Christian social structure which you have more or less enjoyed your whole life Christian or not:

“Christianity and democracy have been among the worst disasters to ever before the human race I told you.”

Atheists you’re gonna miss Christianity when it’s gone.

Here’s a picture of robert with the masonic eye in the triangle on the wall behind him

Remember where the term new age came from.

So once again do you think that the new system, the new age, is going to be democratic? A system that respects you or gives a damn about what you think?

Once it’s in place, let me answer it this way: Christopher Hyatt quotes from one of his literary heroes and famed philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who said, “What is more harmful than any vice? Active sympathy for the ill-constituted and weak—Christianity.”

So to be a Christian and to actively have sympathy for the weak that’s the worst voice?

That’s backward and evil so the answer’s no.

This is what I’m warning you about, and look: Frederick’s work has exerted a profound influence on modern history. That’s from Wikipedia. You know what else Frederick said? You probably won’t find this on Wikipedia: the domestic animal, the herd animal, the sick animal, man that’s the Christian

And from what book of Friedrich Nietzsche were these quotes pulled? From “The Antichrist.” Nietzsche also wrote “Beyond Good and Evil.” That’s how the all-seeing eye sees things, remember? So does Christopher Hyatt mention mass murder and depopulation in his book? Sure, here you go: “Those who would survive can do so only by grasping the vision of what lies ahead: the new wave that will carry them into an interesting future.” Yeah, where the Vicar of Lucifer is God and Prime Minister. He openly admits the identity of this man, this Antichrist that most of you still think is a fairytale figure from a fairytale book.

More New Age and 666

Jesus calls him the man of sin, whose number is 666, the actual antichrist, beloved of the secret societies. Yes, people, the New Age is Satanic. Actually, and literally, on the front cover of this book in which Christopher was co-writer, you can clearly see the eye in the triangle of the Freemasons above the Baphomet. Christopher admits in another book that both Satanic cults and Christian fundamentalists are closer to seeing the truth than most normal people. Yes indeed, how true.

That is in coming world changes Harriet and Homer Curtis speak of a prophecy they received from a mysterious spirit titled “King of the World”. Now I wonder who that could be? Think not that any country in this broad world can escape, and they also speak of the long-expected great teacher, the king of the new one-world government.

The victors will remain as the seed of the new race to people the new land for the new sixth great race. This is the race that Luciferian Lady Gaga referred to. All part of the plan. In “Threshold Tomorrow”, New Age author Ruth Montgomery writes on page 206 that only those open to the reality of one world will be around to enjoy it. Sounds like another vague suggestion for mass murder.

The Vera Elder Stanley’s book title implies much the same thing: “Initiation of the World”. That’s right, it’s coming. You think Vera hasn’t been initiated into the secret one-eyed religion? What else has she authored? How about “The Finding of the Third Eye”, the all-seeing eye.

New Age author John Randolph Price writes in “The Planetary Commission”, in question and answer form: “How do you define the antichrist?” The answer is pretty amazing: “Any individual or group who denies the divinity of man as exemplified by Jesus Christ; the highest self of each individual which Jesus Christ never exemplified because he is God. If you deny that men and women are divine gods, you are unfit for the glorious New Age kingdom and you are the definition of antichrist in practical spirituality”.

He prepares his readers for a population drop of 2.5 billion people before the New Age era can begin. On page 32 of New Age author Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book “Happy Birthday Planet Earth”, she states that people will either change or die. That’s the choice, she says. Notice the New Age has a new gospel, yet all the while the world will be neglected of the information in the real gospels where it warns and predicts. For if someone comes and preaches another Jesus, not the Jesus whom we preached, or another gospel, you are most beautifully tolerant of them.

Enoch, Metatron, the Great Pyramid and the Constellation of Orion

In the book of knowledge, The Keys of Enoch, the writer has a “direct experience” with two spirits, Enoch and Metatron. They share “spiritually scientific” teachings about the “new system of things” soon to be fully manifest. This work is considered extra special because it was the first book to point out the alignment between the Great Pyramid and the constellation of Orion and the first book to show the direct relationship between DNA coding and the divine name.

The writer was told that those who govern the earth are the “masters” who “have fallen from the heavens” and were punished with penalties that were assigned to each. These are the fallen angels of the Bible and the masters of the Masonic New Age.

The worldwide catastrophe that is coming will bring about a complete reorganization of Earth’s life system, and like all high-grade initiates of the secret societies, every attempt is made to bring positivity to the number of the vicar of Lucifer.

The writer was given instruction to use specific light harmonics 666, 999, and 12 12 12, and the spirits informed the writer that the patent 666 is used to identify you with respect to the earth’s vibration. The number of the beast of the Book of Revelation is not only being glorified but also manifesting in the world.

This is the secret religion that has been influencing us for centuries, an absolute counterfeit of the truth. Christ is mentioned everywhere, but not Jesus Christ. This is the antichrist spirit that will eventually manifest and appear to the world as one man. The enemies of Jesus Christ and those behind the new world system use biblical terms and Christ to depict the antithesis of the real Christ, their saviour, and their spirits from the world we cannot see are the ones who taught mankind the sick art of witchcraft. The book is supplied online by sacredmagic.com.

You know what magic really is and what it really entails now. So, once again you can see the connection; the relationship.

Lucius Trust website - consultants to the European Union, depopulation and Lucifer

If you still think that the phrase “New World Order” is a conspiracy theory, you’re suffering from a medical condition. On the Lucis Trust website, the consultants to the European Union, you’ll find the statement that the New World Servers are occupied with the task of inaugurating the New World Order.

In the same article, this shocking admission is made: two-thirds of humanity will stand upon the path at the close of this age, and with that, one-third will die, or, to put it surreptitiously, will be held over for later unfoldment. That’s the Lucis Trust, the word “Lucis” being the replacement for the word “Lucifer”, who works hand in hand with the EU (European Union), stating that two and a half billion human beings are planned to be killed off, all predicted by Jesus and only Jesus.

And if you still think I’m joking or misleading you about what these people are and what they plan to do, here’s a book written by the founder of the Lucis Trust, the Freemason Alice Bailey: “Education in the New Age”, where she will educate you about mass population reduction. “When a form proves inadequate or too diseased or too crippled for the expression of that purpose, it is from the point of view of the Hierarchy no disaster. When that form has to go, death is not a disaster to be feared. The work of the destroyer is not really cruel or undesirable.”

Do you see? Did you hear that through the all-seeing eye of Lucifer, the destroyer for the purpose of the New World? Death and mass murder aren’t evil, they’re good. And Alice Bailey in “The Labours of Hercules” also tries to re-educate us and protect that godforsaken number predicted in the Gospels to be associated with evil: the number of the physical plane activity is called the number of the Beast. This idea seems to have a horrible fascination with many, but what it really means is that Virgo is the symbol of triplicity six on the physical plane, six on the emotional plane, and six on the mental plane, not “666” at all.

And one more time, from the consultants to the European Union, from their website Lucis Trust, to prove to you that these people are all working toward and waiting for the world leader: “The Coming of the Avatar and the advent of the Coming One are the keynotes of the prevalent expectancy.”

Mark of the Beast

After everything I’ve shown you, are you going to ignore this?

Or worse, are you going to trust these people who were predicted to receive this very condemnation 2000 years ago?

Right down to a one world system, depopulation, and to the man who will carry the number 666 and with it, implement a new system in which you won’t be able to buy or sell unless you receive a mark in your hand or forehead.

And what’s just been announced by Business Insider, cashless society due to this by 2024.

This is the manufactured trend for the world, and you better believe it’s fulfilling biblical prophecy.

You know, that book that’s been ripped out of schools and hysterically discredited.

George Orwell, Socialism, and Communism

Why do you think there’s a single eye displayed on all the covers of George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984? It’s because the one-eye religion is the one in permanent control, where democracy and Christianity have been utterly extinguished, and the remaining population lives in a whole new level of permanent communism.

It is well known that George Orwell himself had ties with the Fabian Society, which is a secret society complete with degrees of initiation tucked away neatly somewhere under the wing of Freemasonry.

The Fabian Society’s logo used to be this, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, which is exactly what Freemasonry is, and it was a metaphor for gradually advancing socialism.

And socialism is communism for slow learners.

Mass Propaganda and everything has been weaponized to work against truth

This level of denial on our part has been brought on by mass propaganda, because everything has been weaponized to work against you and God’s truth: education, entertainment, and economics. You’re a slave to each one, and Freemasonry is the slave master.

Listen to the Grand Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry tell you about it in Morals and Dogma. “The blind force of the people is a force that must be economized and also managed, as the blind force of steam. You are just blind energy to them, made to be enslaved. This force must have a brain.”

Who do you think the brain is? Freemasonry is the brain, obviously, and he’s saying that we’re just the body parts that move to its will.

Erect Phalluses in plain sight and the One Eye Sex Cult of Freemasonry

Look, these are some pictures I took of the local obelisk in my town. An erect phallus hidden in plain sight. See how the cube at the bottom is rough? In freemasonry, it’s called the rough ashlar stone.

Watch this from Morals and Dogma: ‘The rough ashlar is the people, rude and unorganized.’ Once again, you can see what this secret society secretly thinks of you.

Now, see how the stone built on top is smooth? That’s called the perfect ashlar. The perfect ashlar is the state, the rulers, yeah, the one-eye sex cult of freemasonry, which hides its master Satanism. Now, where is this brain taking us?

Remember, this guy is the general who fought against the United States forces to uphold the institution of slavery and the grand pontiff of universal freemasonry who calls you the vulgar herd and the ignorant multitude and admits that, yes, unbelievably, Lucifer is the light-bearer. This is the highest authority in freemasonry, the sacred religion of all our leaders and idols. Believe it!

It will look like a natural occurring event

Now listen to this: ‘The papacy and rival monarchies, all that will become the heritage of the Temple,’ meaning the Temple of Freemasonry.”

The world will soon come to us for its sovereigns and pontiffs. We shall constitute the equilibrium of the universe and be rulers over the masters of the world.

They’re going to own it all, and it’s true.

The papacy and the monarchy have fallen into their hands, all three maces.

Now, this is a 150-year-old book, so you can see how far ahead they plan while we stay ignorant.

How do you suppose that they won’t achieve the New World Order of death, a combined and systematic movement and effort? The great revolution prepared for by the ages will begin to march. The future is all planned for by then, and the revolution prepared for by the ages is coming, and it’ll look like a naturally occurring event, just as current events seem natural.

Lastly, from his other book Legenda, and reading from the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Albert writes: ‘And thus, the warfare against the powers of evil (meaning Christianity) that crushed the order of the temple in the 1300s goes steadily on, and freedom marches ever onward toward the conquest of the world.’

The conquest of the world, guys.

Two Heads always serve the same masonic beast

And this is their method, ingenious as it is: the double-headed eagle, the left and right paradigm. Whether you are pro-abortion or pro-life, prefer McDonald’s or KFC, Ford or Holden, vote Liberal or Labor, shop at Coles or Woolies, go for the Parramatta Eels or the Canterbury Bulldogs, always the two most opposing forces. The result always feeds the one belly, the two heads always serve the same Masonic beast.

Do you get it? That’s number one. Number two is the horribly magnificent motto of their double-headed eagle: Ordo Ab Chao. That means ‘Order out of Chaos’.

Order out of chaos - nobly look like the hero whilst destroying and perverting with the hidden hand

It’s the ultimate way to achieve your sinister goals while looking like a hero. With one hand, they create beautiful and noble things. With the other hand, the hidden hand, they destroy and pervert. Then, the helping hand comes back in to save or fix things again, alternating from one to the other while nudging toward a predetermined goal until finally reaching that goal that set in the mind in the first place. All the while, you never knew that the same hand that’s saving you is the same hand that was destroying you in the first place.

Order out of chaos, their order out of their chaos.

Another way to look at it is this: ‘Z’ creates or exploits a problem, then attributes blame to others. ‘Y’ reacts by asking ‘Z’ for protection and help to solve the problem. ‘Z’ offers the solution that was planned for by them long before the crisis occurred. Order out of chaos.

Now you can change ‘Z’ and ‘Y’ to suit any scenario.

For example, your best friend who wants to sleep with you creates or exploits a problem, then attributes blame to others. You react by asking your best friend who wants to sleep with you for protection and help to solve the problem. Your best friend who wants to sleep with you offers the solution that was planned by them long before the crisis occurred. Each time, your best friend gets closer and closer to you until eventually, they’re in your bed.

How about your employee creates or exploits a problem, then attributes blame to others. The employer reacts by asking the employee for help to solve the problem. The employee offers the solution that was planned by them long before the crisis occurred. The employee eventually gets the promotion.

But this is the way I really want to put it: The government creates or exploits a problem, then attributes blame to others. The population reacts by asking the government for protection and help to solve the problem. The government offers the solution that was planned by them long before the crisis even occurred. This is how the great revolution prepared for by the ages by the Freemasons will begin.

Hill Song and modern-day Christian Hero Pastors won't warn you - they're Freemasons

So who’s going to warn you? Even modern Christianity is steered by Freemasonry. Hillsong won’t warn the sheep about Freemasonry and the one world government. What about the Hillsong Sydney pastor who wrote these books and lives here? No chance.

Did modern-day Christian heroes like Billy Graham warn you about Freemasonry? Well, no, because here he is giving the Master Mason grip to other Christian giants like Paul and Jan Crouch, all Freemasons. Here he gives the same third-degree handshake to former President Harry Truman, and here to a Muslim Freemason. Billy is listed as a Freemason in the 33rd degree Albert Mackey’s history of Freemasonry by the publisher on the inside flat. Billy’s son Franklin Graham also won’t ever expose Freemasonry because he’s too busy eating at Voodoo Doughnuts, where they sell these donuts and these pentagram donuts.

More Christian heavyweights like John [__] or Hagee throwing up the Devil’s horns. He’ll never preach against Freemasonry. Neither will all these world-famous pastors throwing up the Devil’s horns.

The very popular Ray Comfort even stated that he wasn’t a Freemason. Well, here he is giving a perfect Masonic handshake with pastoral giant Joyce Meyer. Do either of them expose Freemasonry or the fact that it’s the driving force behind the one world government, all predicted by Jesus? Of course not.

What about Christian radio or the Christian music scene? No, not a single word of warning whatsoever regarding the Satanic church that lives and breathes all around us.

Bono & the Masonic Pope

Freemasons like Bono wearing the Christian name tag, his whole band of freemasons. Bono should know better than anyone that a one-world government is a trap, as foretold in the Bible, but Bono supports it. Oh yeah, he works for it, just like the masonic pope does.

Even if, by some freak chance, they didn’t know any better, no disciple of Jesus can bend their knee to another man in the masonic lodge, calling him master and swear to keep secrets. Look what they call each other.

Serving the most eminent and most worshipful grand master

According to the freemasonry encyclopedia, master mason, grand master, most eminent grand master, and the most appalling title of all, “most worshipful master.”

Most worshipful.

Do you see how extra deluded the Christian freemason has to be when Jesus said do not be called “master” because “one” is your master.

Never put yourself under oath

And what about all those oaths? Don’t worry; Jesus covered that as well. “What I tell you is this: Never put yourself under oath. Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no.”

Yes means no in Freemasonry. They all swear to lie and conceal from the first degree of initiation all the way through.

“What is whispered in your ear, proclaim it from the rooftops!” That’s Jesus.

You see the contrast? How precise he was and still is?

Masonic Calendar

Do you think Bono and the Pope don’t know about the masonic calendar and how it’s not the same calendar as ours?

From the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry:

The real date of the world is found by adding 4 000 to the vulgar era. This whole Christian era is vulgar. So the year in the masonic world is actually 6021.

The vulgar era beginning since the year of the lord since the year of Jesus Christ.

That’s how they feel about the current age, which is coming to a mind-blowing end by design.

The mind of Hitler surrounds you.

The mind of Hitler isn’t isolated to some portion of the world anymore. It now encompasses you.

Hitler is everywhere. Far more clever than you can imagine. Evolved and sleeping in your bed.

It’s easy to say “that’s impossible.”

Once upon a time 70 million Germans adored him

Once upon a time, Hitler was named man of the year by Time magazine.

You’ve been fooled by the Satanic machine.

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